I Am the Monarch – Chapter 95: Poskein Exodus (6)

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The atmosphere of the conference room was complicated.
A calm and excited feeling pervaded the area.
It was the place to set up plans for the subjugation, but most of the nobles were thinking about other things.

‘I have to go to another region that’s not the region of Tale.’
‘If I remain here, I will be commanded by a commoner.’

Originally, they tried to be next to Simon.
They wanted to at least flatter him in someplace that he could see.
But now, the situation had changed.
Nobles above the rank of Count had a strong arrogance.
They thought that it to be difficult to receive Roan’s orders.

“I will be in charge of the west of Pavor castle.”
“I will take responsibility for the Peltin region.”

The nobles started to say that they would be in charge of the rear regions.
Because of that, five nobles with the rank of Viscount and Baron, who didn’t have any forces or strength, remained in the region of Tale.
But of course, there was one that proposed to remain in the region of Tale.

‘Viscount Delph Blick.’

He was a noble that was now 40 years old, was the size of a bear, and had a fierce temperament.

‘He was the one that followed the mad monarch until the end.’

Thanks to that, Roan could clearly remember him.

‘He excels in strength, but his problem is his hurried temperament and hot-bloodedness.

So to say it clearly, he was similar to Semi.

‘If I can control him well enough, he will become a commander that would be of great strength.’

While Roan was thinking and pondering of several things, the conference was soon reaching it’s end.

“Fine. Then, let’s end the conference now.”

Simon nodded with a satisfied expression.
There was no way that he didn’t know about the plots and displeasures of the nobles.
But he was still satisfied even while taking that into account.

‘It’s because of Roan.’

This was because there was already a solid defensive line set up in the entire region of Tale.
Simon said while looking at the nobles.

“Each of you will perform your roles as the day brightens.”
“Yes. Understood.”

All the nobles stood up and bowed.
Their expressions were pathetic.
They were also very familiar with the meaning that this subjugation had.

‘I certainly have to raise a large merit.’

This was the method where everyone could stay alive.
Roan felt the heat of the nobles and bitterly smiled.

‘I thought that I just had to stop the exodus well-enough to take the upper seat in the competition for the throne.’

But the future didn’t flow that easily.
Roan took a deep breath.

‘The really fierce and cruel competition still hasn’t start.’

He had to prepare for that moment.
He had met Simon faster than what he had thought.
Because of that, he had to hurry in his remaining preparations.

‘I am confident.’

He had already polished some of his base.
Now was the time to stand up on that base.


The morning of the next day.
As soon as the day brightened up, most of the nobles led their troops and left Mediasis Village.
The ones that remained were the five viscounts and barons.
Along with Simon’s army and Io’s soldiers.
Roan sent the leaving nobles off as the one responsible for the region of Tale and the HQs.


Roan let out a short sigh when the nobles left with their troops.

“It’s not easy, right?”

Then, a familiar voice was heard from the back.
It was Io.
He approached with a proud expression and grabbed Roan’s shoulders.

“They are all nobles filled with useless pride.”

Io bitterly smiled and shook his head.
He looked at the nobles that were moving farther away and continued saying.

“Congratulations in getting the commanding and strategic rights for Tale. Now, you will be able to properly do your thing.”

Although many nobles had left, just by combining the number of Simon’s army and the soldiers of the other nobles, that number amounted to more than 20,000.
For Roan who had faced the monsters with only the 1,000 soldiers of Amaranth troop, it was a force just like a thousand war horses.
The opportunity to execute the several strategies and tactics he couldn’t utilize because he lacked the numbers were now possible.
But of course, it wouldn’t be easy.
Io looked at Roan and asked in a low voice.

“Although the nobles that remained are only viscounts and barons, a noble is still a noble. They won’t be easy to handle. Are you confident?”

At those words, Roan had a faint smile on his face.
It was a look that was full of confidence and leisure.

“Now that I became the one responsible…….”

A red light shined in his eyes.

“There’s no differentiation between nobles and commoners. They are all soldiers.”

He spoke in a voice filled with strength.
Io slowly nodded.

‘I can already see the look of a commander.’

A proud expression could be seen on his face.
Roan and Io both faintly smiled and faced each other.
Their sights became interlocked with a strong heat that flowed between them.


After Roan returned to the HQ’s, he ordered Austin to gather all of the nobles that remained in the Tale region.
The gathering place was a secluded building outside the HQ.
It was because Simon was using it as an office and a conference room.

“Tch. Already pretending to be a commander.”

Among the nobles that remained in Tale and had the strongest force, Baron George Ant complained with an expression of displeasure.
This was because he had received Roan’s order to gather while he was setting up a camp and placing down his stuff.

“Hmph. Even if he’s outstanding, how outstanding could he be…….”

George had also read several of the reports and knew how outstanding Roan’s merits were.
But it hurt his pride to recognize him.

‘Tch. I dare you to make a mistake. I will kick you out from the seat as the one responsible for this region.’

He spat on the floor and kept moving.
He saw the gathering building from far away.

“You came.”

The guards that were in front of the building saluted once and then opened up the closed doors.
The soldiers that belonged to the Amaranth troop had manners and dignity in their actions.


George smacked his lips for no reason and entered the building.
As he looked at the respectful posture of the guards, he felt his mood loosen up.
He moved up a few more steps and opened up the door of the conference room.
At that moment.

‘Damn it.’

His relaxed expression became rigid again.
No, instead, it became flustered.
His line of sight moved towards the upper seat of the conference room.

‘So you’re the commander, huh?’

Roan was seated at the head of the long table.
Next to him, the nobles and knights of Simon’s army and the nobles that remained with George were seated.
They also had scowling expressions like George.
He knew that he had to take orders from Roan because of Simon’s orders and he agreed to it because he had no other options. But as he was facing the situation itself, it didn’t feel that good.


George cursed inwardly and then moved.
He sat down in an empty seat with a heavy thud.
He had a feeling that his situation with Roan was being changing on a moment’s notice.


Curses came out once again.

“We are all gathered here.”

He spoke in a low but composed voice.
Roan stood up and had a faint smile on his face.
He looked at the faces of the nobles and then bowed.

“I am Roan that was put in charge of the region of Tale with the orders of the 1st Prince.”

There was no applause.
There weren’t even any friendly gazes.
But Roan didn’t mind.

“I know that you are all displeased with this situation. But it’s time to concentrate on making the subjugation become a victory rather than focusing ranks.”

It was a completely true statement.
But the expressions of the nobles still hadn’t changed.

‘It’s just like I had expected.’

Roan bitterly smiled and sat down.
He took out a thick roll of paper and grabbed a pen.

“Shall we grasp the number of the soldiers first? Exactly how many soldiers are in the army of the 1st Prince?”

Right before he finished his sentence, the leader of the knights that was sitting at his side spoke with a blunt voice.

“15,000. 2,000 are knights and 500 mages.”

It was more solid and amazing of a force than what he was expecting.
Roan kept asking about the forces of the nobles seated at his side.


They spoke in short replies.
The number of the forces was generally similar.
In the case of the nobles that had a territory, they didn’t bring as many soldiers as they still needed some to protect their territory.

‘Adding up the soldiers of Count Lancephil, I have about 28,000?’

It was an army nearly 30,000.
Roan’s mouth slightly rose up.
‘This much is enough.’

Several strategies and tactics he couldn’t use until now sprang forth from his head.
He took out a scroll from his chest.
It was the map of the region of Tale.


The map was spread out on the table.


The nobles let out low cries.
They had heard from the conference that Roan had made a map.
But as they actually saw it with their own eyes, it was kind of perplexing.

‘He really made one.’
‘For a map to be this detailed.’

Everyone had surprised expressions.
But Roan didn’t care.
He spread out the map and raised up a pointing stick.


The tip of the stick pointed at the troop’s HQ.

“This is Mediasis Village.”

The nobles unconsciously nodded.
Roan smiled faintly and moved his stick.

“This is Poskein Lake.”

An outline appeared even when he only pointed at places.
Roan continued to speak.

“We are going to set up a defensive line in the south with Mediasis Village as the base.”

The stick kept moving sideways on the map.

“I’m planning to set up a perfect defensive line that goes from the east to the west to block the path of the monsters.”

Roan pointed at the several dots drawn in the map.

“These are camps that are already set up. If you use this camps actively, it will be of big help in setting up your own camps.”

The nobles unconsciously nodded.
This was because the camps, traps, and obstacles that Roan had prepared were more solid than what they had expected.
Roan smiled faintly and continued to speak.

“Then, I will speak about the dispatchment of the troops.”

The stick moved quickly.

“First, as the army of the 1st prince is the strongest……..”

Roan calmly laid down the plans that he had thought up.
It was a solid plan.

‘He’s just as amazing as the prince had said.’

Viscount Tío Ruin, who was ranked amongst the heads of the nobles, was greatly amazed.
But the expressions of the other nobles weren’t as excited.

“Lastly, I hope Sir Baron George Ant sets up a formation at the back of the eastern region of Tale.”

This was his last order.


George snorted with an expression of displeasure.
He could endure everything else because it was Simon’s orders.
But he couldn’t do so for this one.

“How come I get to set up a formation at the rear?”

He spoke with an upset voice.
He stood up from his seat and pointed at a certain part of the map with his finger.

“I will also be placed near Mediasis Village.”

Now that he had the chance to remain in the Tale Region, he wanted to stay near Simon.
He had to raise up merits where he could be seen.
Roan shook his head with a composed expression.

“That’s impossible.”

At that moment, George’s face became red.

‘This bastard!’

To ignore the words of a noble.
His anger was building up.

“Amongst the nobles that have remained in the region of Tale, I have the greatest number of soldiers. So isn’t it obvious for me to defend the center, that is Mediasis Village?”

This was the truth.
George had done the unreasonable by bringing soldiers from his territory to raise enough merits at this opportunity.
Thanks to that, he had greater numbers than the other nobles.
But Roan shook his head once again.

“Baron Ant has to guard the eastern region.”

He spoke with a composed voice.

“This is the moving route of the monsters.”

That’s why he had dispatched George, who had the greatest numbers, over there.


George smacked the table with a red face.

“It seems like you became unable to see things properly because you became the commander through the prince’s orders! I am a noble of the kingdom……”

When he talked up to that point.


Roan pulled the dagger out from his waist.
It was the Regate dagger.
The fierce and sharp dagger showed itself.


The nobles were surprised and stood up from their seats.
Roan didn’t mind and stabbed the dagger down onto the table.


George looked at the dagger stabbing towards the back of his hand and gulped down some air.


It was like a heavy sound that resounded in your ears.
The dagger was precisely stuck at the tip of George’s fingers.


George trembled and looked at Roan.

“You bastard, what are you doing right now?!”

Even his voice was trembling.
Roan properly looked at George and spoke with a fierce voice.

“This dagger is the Regate dagger that the 1st prince granted to me.”

The dagger moved to the sides while being stuck into the table.

“The prince had certainly said to follow my orders like it was his own.”

His fierce voice became stuck in the ear of the nobles.


George had a displeased and stiff expression on his face.
But now that Roan had taken out the Regate dagger, he had no way to rebuke him anymore.
Roan was staring down at George.

“Will you disobey my orders?”

George stepped back.
He wanted to grab his throat and raise him up, but he couldn’t do so because of the Regate dagger.

“Damn it.”

George cursed aloud and sat down with a thud.
And the expressions of the other nobles weren’t good.
There were also some nobles that had complaints in their dispatch locations but Roan’s actions just now was ignoring the title of nobility.
Roan read the looks on their faces but he didn’t care.

“Then. I believe you will all follow my orders.”

There were no reactions.

“With this, I will end the meet……..”

When he talked up to that point, some nobles stood up and left the room.

“The world is spinning backwards!”
“Damn it!”
“Does this make sense?!”

Some nobles complained loudly on purpose.
At the sudden situation, Roan smiled bitterly and finished speaking.

“I will end the meeting here.”

The conference ended like that.
Even the other nobles that had remained, they slowly stood up and left the room.
Roan stayed in the room and sent them off.
The conference room became empty in an instant.

“Did the meeting end up going well?”

Austin appeared with a familiar voice.
He had a somewhat worried face.
Roan smiled brightly and nodded.

“Better than I thought.”

A short and thick reply came out.
Austin bitterly smiled and shook his head.

“Will those high-nosed nobles follow your orders?”

He had a really skeptical reaction.
Roan smiled brightly and nodded.

“They have to. My orders are the prince’s orders. But……”

He stared right at Austin.

“It wouldn’t be bad having one or two nobles not following my orders.”

At those words, Austin tilted his head.


Roan just smiled instead of replying back.
His mouth rose up and his eyes dropped.
He had a soft look on his face.
But there was a red flame in his eyes.
That was the revelation of a strong determination.

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