I Am the Monarch – Chapter 98: Poskein Exodus (9)

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“Look over there!”
“Isn’t that Baron Ant?”
“Is it because he pulled back the camp as he wished?”
“He looks really messy.”

The HQ of Amaranth troop that was located in the center of Mediasis Village became really noisy.
Commanders and soldiers poured out and they all looked at one spot.


It was a group of people holding the troop flag.
Roan was in front of them.
Behind him, one warhorse, that didn’t have a person on it, was moving.
A thick and taut rope was tied to the saddle.
The rope continued for a long way behind them.

“Pant. Pant.”

Rough breathing could be heard.
At the end of the rope, one man was walking exhaustively as if he was being dragged while he had his two arms and his body tightly tied up.
It was George Ant.
He looked really bad, but it was certainly Baron George Ant.
Right now he was a sinner who had committed a crime.
He had been dragged from the eastern region of Tale to Mediasis Village while he was tied up.
Behind George, two companies of the Amaranth troop were showing hostile looks.


The closed gates opened up.
As Roan went in first, the soldiers that were gathered up scattered to the sides.

“Even if he has the commanding and strategic rights, can a commoner troop commander treat a noble like that?”
“Don’t speak what you don’t know. The damages to our side is really big because of Baron Ant.”
“Even so, treating a noble like that is a bit….. Will the other nobles stay still?”
“I wonder. We have to check that.”

Worried expressions and mumbling sound roamed the HQ.
Roan didn’t tilt his ear at those words.
He had already decided what to do with George.

‘Because of George Ant, the entire defensive line crumbled.’

He had to set up a new defensive line to sweep up the monsters that had gotten past the defensive line.
Because of Viscount Tio Ruin, who moved fast enough, they could stop the monster’s charge for a bit.
And Roan didn’t miss that opportunity.
He used the information staff to send a new member to the nobles.
And the nobles of the east that had suffered great damages because of George, quickly reacted to Roan’s orders.
Thanks to that, a new defensive line could be set up.

‘Only, because we set up the defensive line a bit to the south, we ended up losing most of the north.’

It was the same as having to start the subjugation over again.

‘To not admit his mistakes and even mock the deaths of our allies in this situation.’


Roan ground his teeth.
Then, a group of people appeared from a building located at the center.

‘The aides of the 1st prince and Prince Simon Rinse. On top of that, the nobles who arrived first.’

Roan summoned the nobles to the HQ right after they finished setting up the new defensive lines.
It was because of George’s punishment.
Roan unmounted with nimble movements and grabbed the reins.
One troop member quickly approached and took it for him.


Simon’s expression wasn’t that good.
This was because he was extremely clear on the situation.
Roan saluted towards Simon and then looked at the expressions of the nobles behind him.

‘Most of them seem to show no interest. They look bothered by it. The only ones that are angry are the ones that suffered damages like Baron Rael Piad and Viscount Delph Blick.’

He had a bitter smile on his face.
They didn’t realize how severe the situation was.

‘I have to awaken them from their rotten thoughts.’

Roan looked at Simon fixedly.

“I will punish Baron George Ant.”

At those words, Simon inhaled and then nodded.

“Do so. You have the commanding and strategic rights for Tale.”

His expression was hard but his voice was soft.

‘It will be whipping at most.’

Even Simon thought like that.
You wouldn’t be able to treat a noble, and a noble leading a troop, beyond that.
And that wasn’t only Simon’s thoughts.

‘Even if he does that, what will he be able to do?’
‘He won’t be able to treat a noble of the kingdom as he pleases.’
‘He just has to imprison him for a few days.’

Most of the nobles thought that nothing would happen.
Because Roan wasn’t a noble like them, but a commoner.
Roan didn’t know what the nobles were thinking and sent an order to his troop members with a hand sign.
Soon, wooden chairs were placed in front of the building.
Simon sat in the upper seat and Roan took seat in front of him.
The nobles were seated next to him.

“Whew. Whew.”

George was still breathing roughly.
He was kneeled down on the ground.
But different from before, light returned into his eyes and his mouth was slightly raised up.
Then, Roan’s voice was heard.

“From now on, we will proceed with Baron George Ant’s punish…..”

When he talked up to that point.

“Do you think you will be safe after treating a noble like this?!”

An exasperated voice spoke out.
George, who had his head lowered until now, stared at Roan and yelled.
At the sudden situation, Simon and the nobles that were seated all had surprised expressions.

‘There are some nobles that are my acquaintances.’

George had something to trust in.
Now was a completely different situation to when he was alone with the Amaranth troop.
There were many nobles that would speak up for him.
And actually, some nobles mumbled with displeased expressions on their faces.

“Well, this is too much to do to a noble.”
“Is a noble a noble for nothing? Ahem.”

The atmosphere turned strange.
But even so, Roan’s expression was composed
He looked at George fixedly.

“Baron George Ant. You disregarded my orders as commander and moved the camp as you pleased, and gave great damages to your allies.”
“Hmph! The place I settled in was the safest!”

George spat out the words he had said before as an excuse.
Roan didn’t talk back and continued speaking.

“You also mocked the deaths of the soldiers.”
“Most of them were commoners! You wouldn’t know if you were a noble like me, the death of commoner bastards aren’t that important!”

George yelled up.
Murderous intent appeared in Roan’s eyes.

“Trash-like bastard. You still haven’t gotten a hold of yourself.”

He unsheathed the Regate Dagger from his waist.

“I, Roan, have received the commanding and strategic rights for the region of Tale by the 1st prince. At the same time, I have also received permission for your punishment.”

His voice became colder.

“George Ant, I will bring down the punishment for your sins.”

As he glanced, five members of the Amaranth troop approached and lined up behind George Ant.
The atmosphere wasn’t normal.

“What, what! What are you planning to do?!”

George tried to hide that he was scared by yelling aloud.


Roan stabbed the dagger into the armrest of the chair.

“George Ant. I’m cutting off your ear because you didn’t follow the orders of the commander even after having heard it.”
“Wh, what?”

George asked back while became surprised.
And Simon and the others all had surprised expressions on their faces.

“Roan. Even so, cutting off the ear of a noble is a bit…….”

Simon slightly said.
He had a perplexed expression on his face.
But Roan didn’t even look back and answered.

“We have to cleanse the rotten parts. I am just following military discipline.”
“Mm. Even so……”

Simon tried to continue speaking.
However, Roan pulled out the Regate Dagger and looked at Simon.

“If you don’t want me to, I can give back the dagger and the commanding and strategic rights back to you.”

This was the strongest method.
Roan was betting everything on himself.


Simon gulped.
He realized how outstanding of a commander Roan was while looking through several battles, strategies, tactics, and commands.

‘I can’t lose this kind of commander for a trash-like noble bastard.’

To win the competition for the throne, an existence like Roan would be more advantageous than a noble that didn’t have any abilities.

‘But if the other nobles become shaken because of this…….’

The entire base could shake.
Then, the closest people to Simon and the ones leading troops: Tio Ruin, Rael Piad, and Delph Blick, who had suffered damages thanks to George, abruptly stood up.

“My prince! Thanks to George Ant, a thousand soldiers died and more than a thousand were injured.”
“The sin that George commited can’t be forgiven, putting aside the ranks of nobles and the ranks of commoners.”
“The soldiers of my territory ended up getting annihilated.”

Statements of impeachments were pouring out of their mouths.
Tio kneeled down on one knee towards Simon.

“Military discipline is extremely strict on a battlefield. As you have given the commanding and strategic rights to Troop Commander Roan, I think that it’s proper to give him strength.”

Delph and Rael followed up.

“If the military crumbles, there is no more victory.”

The atmosphere changed in an instant.
Even the nobles that were protesting shut their mouths.

‘Viscount Tio Ruin.’

A faint smile appeared on Simon’s mouth.
He had read Tio.

‘You stood up for me in what I was pondering about.’

Thanks to that, the flow had changed.

‘The bastards that will still say noble this and noble that in this situation…..’

His eyes became fierce.

‘They are useless bastards.’

Even if they turned their backs and supported the 2nd or 3rd princes, he would applaud them.

‘These bastards who don’t have any ability and stick to living on their power are rather a big hole and a weak point.’

Simon let out a short sigh.

“Whew. The words of Tio Ruin, Delph Blick, and Rael Piad are right. The most important thing on a battlefield are the orders of a commander and discipline.”

He looked at Roan’s eyes fixedly.

“Roan. I was short in my thoughts and was shaken up for a bit. Do as you please.”
“Thank you.”

Roan replied with a short sigh and looked at George.
A long sigh flowed out from him.

‘I have received the prince’s permission.’

The gains of having bet everything was also clear.
He had received the clear support from Simon and the three nobles.
The nobles that were filled with displeasure couldn’t say anything anymore.
Roan made a handsign towards his troop members.
The troop members that were standing behind George, pressed down on his shoulders.

“Huh? Huh? Huh?”

George tried to struggle with a surprised expression on his face, but he couldn’t move at all.
He looked at the nobles in the surroundings with an earnest look.

“Ar, are you all going to watch? We are nobles!”

His voice quivered.
The nobles just closed their mouths and ignored George’s gaze.

“George Ant! Shut up and receive your punishment!”

Tio yelled with all of his strength.

“You garbage-like bastard!”

Rael’s curses followed up.


One soldier pulled out a dagger.


George yelled up at the chilly presence he felt behind his ear.
At that moment.


Both of George’s ears were cleanly cut off along with a terrible sound.


George let out a scream close to despair.
Red blood flowed from both of his ears.

‘He, he really cut it off.’
‘He cut off the ears of a noble!’

The nobles and the surrounding soldiers all had surprised expressions.

‘There’s no difference of ranks in military discipline.’
‘If a noble makes a mistake, they also receive the same punishment!’

Every swallowed with their dry mouths and looked at Roan.
Roan, who had his mouth shut, grabbed the Regate Dagger once again.

“George Ant. I’m carving out your two eyes because of what you did, one eye is for being the commander in the defensive lines couldn’t read the flow of the battlefield properly and the other is for not marching out when monsters attacked the allied troops.”

Even the surrounding nobles swallowed in silence.
Simon also became surprised, but as he had entrusted everything to Roan, he didn’t stand up.


George became half insane.
The troop member holding the dagger quickly carved out his two eyes.


Despair followed up his screams of pain.
However Roan wasn’t planning to stop with just this much.

“George Ant. I’m cutting off your tongue because of having mocked the deaths of your allies.”

The nobles now had a pale faces.
They looked at George, who was covered in blood, with restless looks.

“Uok! Uk!”

George, whose tongue was grabbed, shook his head, but the members of the Amaranth troop &nbsp;firmly gripped his head so that he couldn’t move.


As the dagger moved, the long tongue fell onto the ground.


He was now about to pass out from lack of oxygen.
George trembled like a person that was infected with malaria.
Roan looked at him and stood up.
His hands moved over to Travias spear.

“George Ant. Lastly, I will behead you for not having respected the military discipline set up by Rinse Kingdom.”


The spear showed itself along with the sound of metal.
The soldiers, who were grabbing onto George, firmly fell back.


George trembled and started to straighten himself up from his kneeling position.
Roan swung Travias spear as if he had been waiting for this.


The spear cleanly cut off the head.
A strange silence fell over the surroundings.
Meanwhile, Roan stabbed George’s head and raised it high into the sky.
It was a face that had it’s ears, tongue, and eyes cut off.
George’s head was covered in blood.

“Everyone listen closely. Military discipline applies to everyone in a fair way.”

Roan looked at the nobles and soldiers and said.

“I’m punishing the ones that commit sins and rewarding the ones that render merits.”

A declaration.
Everyone swallowed with their dry mouths at Roan’s words.
Especially the nobles, who were drunk on their power, seemed to have woken up.

‘A commoner troop commander has cut off the head of a noble but the prince isn’t saying anything.’
‘No, it wouldn’t be weird for the heads of anyone to get cut off.’
‘If I make a mistake, my head will also be cut off.’

The nobles touched their necks.

“Those are right words!”
“He didn’t say anything wrong!”

Tio, Delph, and Rael yelled with strength.
They were backing up Roan’s words so they couldn’t think of anything weird.
Roan handed over George’s head to the troop members.

“Place it on the entrance of the troop HQ and use it as an example.”
“Yes. We understand.”

A loud yell.
Respect was seen in the eyes of the Amaranth troop members.

‘Even the nobles of the kingdom couldn’t do anything in front of the troop commander.’
‘At least in the region of Tale, Troop Commander Roan is the best!’

Actually, even they hadn’t expected that he would come out this strongly.
Roan faintly smiled towards the troop members and then turned his head to look at Simon.
The camp still had the heavy silence over it.
Roan put back the Regate Dagger and kneeled down.
He was showing a really courteous attitude.

“I finished the punishment for George Ant.”

At those words, Simon got a hold of himself.

“It was an excellent decision.”

George was dead anyways.
As he decided to back up Roan, it would be better to be thorough with it.
Simon looked at the expressions of the nobles once and then smiled towards Roan.

“From now on, I will still entrust you with the merit rewards and the punishments for the region of Tale.”
“Thank you.”

Roan didn’t decline.
He knew how big of a weapon and what kind of strength this would give him.

“Then. Keep working hard from now on.”

Simon patted Roan’s shoulders and then returned to the troop building with his vassals.
Even the remaining nobles glanced everywhere and then disappeared towards their own buildings.
Roan, who was left alone, took in a deep breath.

‘Now even nobles won’t be able to disobey my orders.’

He had certainly overpowered their spirit.
He thought about the pale faces of the nobles.

‘Now that I have used the stick once, is it time to give them the carrot?’

Roan also knew that the nobles were the biggest support for Simon.
He had to stop them from shaking altogether.
The next plan was calmly set up in his head.
Then, a familiar face appeared amongst the soldiers surrounding him.


Roan, that didn’t become surprised much, widely opened his eyes.
A really welcoming expression was seen on his face.

“Troop commander.”

Chris, who was working in Pavor Castle as his stage, had appeared in Mediasis Village.
The two people held hands and didn’t speak for a long while.
The soft smile and warm eyes spoke instead of a conversation.

“Troop commander.”

After a while, Chris said with a low voice.
Roan nodded back.
Chris’s voice became even lower.

“There’s something I must check on.”

Roan just looked into Chris’s eyes.
Chris started to carefully speak.

“Even so, it seems like there’s a spy among the remaining nobles in Tale.”


“So you are telling me to hold hands with Kallum?”

It was a short answer.
But the expression of the man that answered was gentle.


The youth who listened to the answer touched his chin with one hand and frowned.

‘So I have to hold hands with my younger brother……..’

“Count Chase. Are you saying that the situation in my brother Simon’s side is that good?”
“Yes. If it goes on like this, the 1st prince will really get ahead in the competition for the throne.”

The man with a serious expression was Count Jonathan Chase.
He spoke in a low voice as if he was whispering.

“Actually, the 1st prince is staying in the region of Tale that’s at the north of the lake. The one responsible for that place is someone called Roan, who beheaded Viscount Benjamin Doyle. As he has quite the ability, it seems like he is blocking the monsters in Tale really outstandingly.”
“How do you know that precisely?”
“When the thing of Viscount Doyle happened, I sent some commander underlings and made them infiltrate his troop.”

Tommy let out a low cry of exclamation.
His eyes shined.

“If we connect them with our own spies…..”
“No. It’s much better for them not to know of each other.”

Jonathan quickly shook his head.

“Because then, even if one side gets discovered, the other one will be able to stay alive.”
“Mm. That’s also right……..”

Tommy admitted it in an instant and nodded.
Jonathan let out a short sigh.

“Whew. For now, we have to concentrate on working together with the 3rd prince.”
“But will Kallum want to work with me?”

A smile appeared on Jonathan’s face.
He spoke with a really confident expression.

“Send me to the 3rd prince. I will certainly convince him.”
“Oh! It seems like that you are confident.”

Tommy smiled brightly and nodded.
Jonathan kneeled down.

“I’m just doing my best for the prince.”

He had a really polite and well-mannered look.
Tommy nodded with a satisfied expression.

“Fine. I will entrust that to you. If this turns out well, I will give you a big reward.”
“Thank you.”

Jonathan hurriedly bowed.
The smile on his face became denser.

‘Kuk! Then, shall we start working earnestly?’

His eyes were kind of cold looking.
The kind that resembled the eyes of a snake.

< Poskein Exodus (9) > End

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