I Am the Monarch – Prologue

‘In the end it ends like this.’

A strengthless laugh came out.
However, I’m not surprised nor do I feel it to be unfair.
Because I knew that I was going to die like this.


He let out a long sigh.
The steam coming from his mouth rose up towards the sky.

“There was a bastard alive over there.”

Looking at the steam of his breath, some enemy soldiers came walking towards him.

‘Just let me be. Anyways, there’s a hole in my stomach.’

He wanted to say that but he just let it be.
He remembered the spring from 20 years ago.

‘Was I 18 years old when I ran out of the town saying that I would become a great commander that would command the entire world?’

After that, he kept going to the battlefield for 20 years.
And the result of that was that he only had a bit of money in his hands and that he belonged to the first spearman corps.

‘What great general? I’m going to die freezing to death. Damn it.”
His life passed by like a revolving lantern.

‘What would have happened if I had participated in that surprise tactic? No, if I had enrolled when they were enlisting soldiers in the region of Bate? No, no. If I went west in that winter when there was the monster subjugation?’

His thoughts brought him to the crossroads of his life with plenty of alternatives.
At that time, he chose one side without hesitating.
But the results weren’t that good.
And because of that, he had a hole in his stomach and was waiting to die.
Soon, he could see the evil expressions of the enemy soldiers very closely.

‘Damn it.’

The curse ran through his throat.


A steel sword stabbed his chest.


His voice without strength rolled outside his mouth.
Roan of the first spearman corps from the Rinse kingdom died like that.

Translator: Subak
Proofreader: st8_lupe

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