I'm having a real hard time…

Nekogurui’s comment section permanently locked on batoto, DVerde uploading a work I did not approve, having personnal problems in my real life…I’m already at the edge even if I started not long ago…comments were almost my last hapiness…I feel pressurized and I even had to take meds…but I can promise you guys that I will not drop. I will stand till the very edge until I fall…

Thank you for reading my poor and stiff translation works.

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  1. simonsayzhigh

    don’t be too hard on dverde, he just wanted to share some of his own work was all. It’s fine if u settle ur own personal problems before working on scanlating, so don’t try to overexert yourself too much buddy.

    1. dakarah Post author

      DVerde WAS “only” the typesetter.
      he criticized my stiff direct translation(I recognize that it lacks natural and is stiff) but he went way too far by putting things off-topic(little corrections were welcomed but this time was really extravagant).

      Well…time will resolve problems…or not.

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