Immortal Ascension Tower – Chapter 14: Blame The Heavens, To Have Weaved Such A Terrible Destiny For You

“Brother, where are we going?” Xiao Wu and Cheng Hao were currently walking down a paved road.

Cheng Hao had suddenly woken her up at half past four in the morning and thad old her that she had to quietly follow him. It had been two days ever since they had broken through into the Inferior stage.

After the recent events, she had learned to trust and do whatever her brother might instruct her to do. This time was no exception so she changed the mundane clothes she used to sleep and wore in the hut with the Sect’s clothing.

The clothing was actually a simple black robe white one white stripe going from the right shoulder to the left ankle, where it also faded into the black. The robe also had a hood that could be used to conceal one’s face, so they both hid their features as they came out of the house.

Before they did though, Cheng Hao had to wait for Xiao Wu to apply some makeup to make her looks a bit more masculine and tie her long blue-purplish hair into a ponytail. He still did not ask the reason she decided to dress and act as a male but he did not care. It was her decision and it did not bother an open-minded person like him. He had travelled with companions with much worse habits…

Of course when Goldy had, one night, secretly applied makeup on Cheng Hao’s sleeping face so that when he went out he had looked like a stunning beauty, he had tied the damned snake to a rock and threw it in a river. It was a mystery up until then how it had managed to survive…

Still, he couldn’t help but wonder why she would disguise herself as eventually she would grow up and she would go through puberty and, at that time, everything would be revealed…

After walking for an hour, Cheng Hao finally stopped. He turned and asked “Do you remember the way up to here?” The girl nodded.

The boy smiled and removed the hood as he pointed to a nearby abandoned tower “Every day, for a month, you will run here before dawn breaks and sit on that tower. You will then be sure to absorb all the Purple Qi from the East into your Purple Moon Martial Way… And trust me if I say that if you skip a single day you won’t get to eat for a week”

“But brother” she argued, her snickering hidden beneath the shadow of her hood “Aren’t I the one who is preparing the food to begin with?”

Cheng Hao’s smile froze as he realized that what the other had said was true… He straightened himself up and coughed twice to clear his voice.

“Ahem, I meant… You will have to wash the clothes and clean the house for a we-”

“But brother, aren’t I the one washing the clothes and cleaning the house to begi-”

“You understand what I mean! Just do it! Dawn at this period of the year usually comes at around six in the morning. You will know the time from the water clock in the house. Just know that this is incredibly important for cultivating the second scripture!”

Cheng Hao turned and, as he headed back, he thought to himself ‘At least you can actually sleep at night…’ He couldn’t say that of course or else she would have worried, or worse, done the same.

A human body can’t survive for long without sleeping but thanks to the golden aura absorbing the energy from his surroundings, Cheng Hao could barely scrape by with a short nap in the evening every day. In the future, when his body would have turned into a weapon itself, even eating might not be an issue anymore! Truly, a divine ability! Of course, it was that the ability the Heaven Devouring Dragon, the Eternal stage Beast Blindlight, had given him!

“I will go back to the house. Oh right! When you go out at night, remember to watch out for a guy with a mask! He wears blue robes and has apparently attacked a few disciples ever since we got here!”

Xiao Wu’s expression flickered, but with his back towards her, she was sure that Cheng Hao couldn’t possibly have noticed it.

Cheng Hao smirked to himself as he thought of the blue robe and the mask hidden underneath his sister’s pillow. He sighed:it seemed that although she had enough faith to follow him at a moment’s notice, she still didn’t completely trust him yet.

Oh well, he also had his secrets so he should probably call it even. And it wasn’t like she was the only person that didn’t stay idle at night!

Cheng Hao rotated his Pseudo-Core and sprinted down the paved road. As the tall tower disappeared from his view, he suddenly made a sharp turn and headed towards a forest surrounded by ‘danger’ signs.

It was the so called ‘Beast Lakes Forest’ and it was a dangerous place where many beasts with cultivations at the High level Basic stage and higher gathered.

The youth didn’t slow down as he entered the forest. It was only two miles long and four miles wide so it was one of the smallest forests in the Sixth Ring.

Within the forest were many lakes where packs of monstrous beasts and animals alike gathered. In the past two days he had come here each day and spent quite a few hours in there while his sister was either still sleeping or not in the hut due to her… ‘Nightly business’.

Aside from the Monstrous Beasts, there were also many valuable herbs and elixirs that could be refined into pills useful for cultivation. Truly, a haven for cultivators!

Although to normal cultivators the thought of those treasures would undoubtedly make them at the very least feel their hands hitch and go try and search for some, they would soon find out that the most precious herbs grew in the deepest parts of the forest and only those with a cultivation of the Advanced Stage or higher would dare go any deeper than one mile in.

Of course, Cheng Hao was an exception. As soon as he saw a Monstrous Beast, he would immediately take out the twenty four (the number had doubled ever since he broke through) golden blades made from the mysterious drop of blood. As soon as that happened, rains of blood would appear and severed limbs would fall to the ground.

Cheng Hao would then fetch the Monstrous Beast’s core and give it to Goldy for him to feed on it. Although it had little effect, the essence of Basic stage beasts were still enough to make Goldy regain back an incredibly minuscule amount of his former power. What’s more, Cheng Hao could refine the beasts’ bodies with the Golden Aura technique to strengthen his own body.

After two days of hunting and more than a hundred Monstrous Beast cores, Goldy had finally stepped into the Basic stage!

Since Heavenly Beasts required tens of times more cultivation resources than normal Monstrous Beasts, that was nothing short of light speed for Goldy!

In its life previous to its Re-Life, Blindlight had needed about twenty years to reach the first Inferior stage, and it could be said that it would have normally needed from fifty to a hundred years to reach his current cultivation… Meaning, he had basically fit those fifty-plus years into two days.

After it broke through, the golden snake had grown up to a meter long and finally sharp, white fangs sprouted from its previously teeth-less mouth. Sharp claws grew from its five limbs and the horns as well as the red hair on its head grew longer.

It didn’t look like a small snake any longer, he now truly looked like an infant golden dragon. Its voice changed too as it became that of a youth from its previous middle-aged voice, as if by gaining the cultivation base of the Basic stage the snake had somehow completed the process of Re-Life and had gone back to his teenagers years.

“Aaa, Cheng Hao, I feel it! I can finally fly! Yes! I can fly again! Ahaha!”

Although divine beasts had much slower cultivation progress, they had many more benefits, such as their growth in size as well as the ability of using powerful abilities with lower requirements, compared to humans. For example, to humans, only Advanced stage cultivators could fly, but for a Heavenly Beast it would only take the cultivation of the Basic stage.

“I have hunted many beasts and absorbed their body with the Golden Aura too. I feel like I will soon have a breakthrough with my fleshly body as well!”

Cheng Hao was also happy that his companion had gotten stronger. After all it would mean they wouldn’t have to fear stronger foes if they had powerful allies, right?

When Cheng Hao was about to call it a day he heard a few voices talking loudly behind him.

“Man, what was all that crap about this forest being filled to the brim with monsters? We haven’t encountered one even after a whole hour of search. Senior Zi, should we turn ba-” a man emerged from the bushes behind Cheng Hao and saw him sitting there, his back towards them.

He completely ignored the group: they were a bunch of two low and three mid levels Basic stage cultivators. Although their leader was actually a peak level Basic stage cultivator, about to step into the Advanced stage. He was most probably that ‘Zi Senior’ they were talking about, even with him there, they posed no threat to Chemg Hao so he decided to ignore them.

“Hey kid, what are you doing here?” The group approached “Maybe you need big brother to show the way back?”

Although their motives seemed kind, their eyes said something different than their mouth did: ‘This kid probably has some treasure on him, otherwise he wouldn’t have dared to come this deep in the forest! He is so young that he should not even have a cultivation base yet!’

And such a fragile-looking child was right in front of them, so why not take the treasure and then run, leaving the kid behind? There where no rules that prohibited Vacant Disciples to kill each other, let alone rob! The kid was just unlucky!

“I advise you not to step closer than three meters from me” Cheng Hao kept ignoring the group and was about to stand up and leave when the group exchanged glances and charged towards him at the same time.

Seeing that Cheng Hao didn’t react, their smiles grew even wider. When they had kicked off the ground, the six had been about five meters from the child. Four meters. Three meters and half. When they got to three meters, the peak level Basic stage cultivator finally noticed something was wrong… but by then it was too late!

Their body began to wither as soon as they stepped over the three meter mark!

Following their bodies’ momentum, the group of six approached Cheng Hao but the closer they went, the faster the withering became. More than simply the process of withering, this looked a lot more like that of absorbing.

That’s right, Cheng Hao was absorbing those people’s fleshly body with the Golden Aura from a while ago! He usually kept it laying dormant within his body, but when he went out hunting he would let it rampage as much as it liked.

With a *clack* six piles of dried-up bones fell to the ground. Goldy jumped down from Cheng Hao’s shoulder, both it and the black scarf were immune to the Golden Aura thanks to either their higher cultivation or their Heavenly Beasts status, they proceeded to absorb their souls to enhance his cultivation base even more.

Another trait of the Heavenly Beasts was that, thanks to their experience from their previous life and powerful bodies, they had no trouble with consecutive breakthroughs. When the dragon was finished with the remains of the six cultivators, the bones turned into dust and they scattered into the wind.

With a sigh, Cheng Hao sat back down and began to throughly absorb the fleshly energy that he had gathered from those unlucky cultivators. He was perplexed for a bit but the perplexion suddenly turned into joy as, with a loud *boom*, Cheng Hao’s body trembled and glowed.

He felt great pain: it was as if his muscles and bones were currently being destroyed and then reconstructed at a rapid pace.

Finally, the feeling stopped. Black matter began to come out of his pores, so he took out a gourd of water from the Dimensional Pouch to clean his body and then changed his clothes with new, clean ones from the people he had just absorbed.

“You broke through to Copper Fleshly Body so fast? That is quite amazing!” Even Goldy couldn’t help but praise.

“Yes. That peak level Basic stage guy had quite the right to act arrogant: he had a cultivation technique that improved the body. Thanks to that, my own fleshly body cultivation increased to the Copper stage!”

As he glanced to the remaining clothes on the ground he said “I guess luck is also part of someone’s strength… You guys were just meant to be nourishment for my body so don’t blame me, blame the heavens to have weaved such a terrible destiny for you!”

Author’s Note: Ok, Fleshly Body? What the heck is that? Eastern Fantasy Novels fans should know that other than the cultivation base, the strength of one’s body matters a lot as well. Take a look at pretty much any other Xianxia or Xuanhuan and there will most likely be mentions about some kind of fleshly body fortification.

Oh yeah, those guys should actually blame not the heavens but their creator (Hello) for their puny deaths. Oh well, we all need big, bad shitty bullies to make our MC shine brighter, don’t we?

Also… First time skip ever since the prologue and chapter 1! Pretty short one but you still shouldn’t miss it! Time skips for the win! At least for us writers they resolve pretty much any situation when we are in a pinch. Don’t tell anybody though…

~ Cookie

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