Immortal Ascension Tower – Chapter 17: Do What You Want With Her!

As soon as Xiao Wu got home she changed her blue robe into the Sect Robes. She washed the blue clothes and put it underneath the pillow just like she had done in the past few days. This had become a routine ever since she had kept challenging disciples as the blue robed night challenger.

“Oh, come on!” When she picked up the mask and saw it though, she couldn’t help but curse: deep cracks covered the wooden, plain mask and she did not have a spare. Fortunately, she could make another one but it would waste time!

She sighed and applied pressure with her fingers, crushing the mask into powder. She walked out of the house and stretched before going back in again. It was still five in the morning so she could wait a bit more before running to the tower so she checked the door to Cheng Hao’s room.

It was still closed from the inside and she felt spiritual energy fluctuations, meaning Cheng Hao was still meditating. Although she couldn’t shake off the feeling that something might have happened for someone like him to take so long to breakthrough, she could do nothing as the room was sealed by a golden, fluctuating seal.

“Good morning brother…” she caressed the door before walking out.

Without making a sound, she ran to the tower in order to cultivate the Purple Qi from the East. She sat down in a meditative state, but instead of meditating, she focused her Qi to her seven apertures and looked east.

Suddenly, light came from the horizon and the sky started to light up. Seeing that, Xiao Wu started to breathe in as slowly as she could. Purple gases started to be inhaled together with the usual air…

She kept inhaling for a total of two minutes and, when she could not hold it in any longer and felt that she was about to faint, she exhaled.

Instead of purple though, the gases were now a faint green. She repeated the process a total of ten times until there was no more purple gas to absorb and then circulated the Purple Qi she had absorbed, adding it to her own reserve of Purple Qi in her Pseudo-Dantian.

She stood up, her long blue and purple hair fluttering in the wind. She slowly ‘walked’ back home, jumping from roof to roof enjoying the beautiful dawn.

When she arrived at the hut, her cheerful expression immediately turned into a frown. She touched behind her head and realized she had forgotten to tie her hair in a ponytail and she remembered that she also didn’t apply make up to mask her own appearance.

Right now she looked like her true self, the handsome little girl that could make goddesses grow red with envy because of her beauty.

Why would she worry about that now? Because in front of her hut there were a total of 20 figures wrapped in black cloaks.

One had just walked out from the house and had spoken with another figure whom looked like the leader. He was a middle aged man. He already had white hair although he was in his early forties, his expression was that of anger and grief and he was also the only one that did not hide his face.

“Sir Zi Luo, it is of no use! Even I cannot break the barrier and if we use any more power those old fools will notice us… We have tried to break in from other walls but they are all protected by that mysterious golden light. Instead of damaging them, the strange seal is actually absorbing what we are throwing at him to replenish its own Qi! If we keep going like this it is likely we would just end up helping out the person inside…”

The middle aged man had a hand on his chin and was ripping strand after strand of hair out in anger. Initially, he had beautiful mustaches and a long beard. However, he didn’t seem to care about appearances as he removed another strand of hair.

“Useless fools! That boy… That boy killed my Zi Yao! How could I possibly let him go!” He stomped on the ground and a footprint a few inches deep appeared.

Xiao Wu frowned. Each of those men had higher cultivation than any of the opponents she had fought so far!

“These guys… Are they searching for Cheng Hao!?!” Anger and sisterly love appeared on her face as she jumped from the roof she was standing and landed in between the house and the black clothed men “Who are you, and what business do you have with big brother Cheng Hao?”

The twenty one figures were shocked: that kind of jump wasn’t possible without having the cultivation of the Basic stage or higher. Yet, the girl in front of them was clearly only at the Mid level Inferior stage!

Twenty of the black robed men advanced and entered fighting stances as they did their best to protect their master. They had already lost the young master of their family, they couldn’t afford to have the head killed as well!

Still, they couldn’t help but be shocked at the girl’s beautiful features and some even drooled under their hoods and had evil thoughts.

“I will repeat myself. Who are you? What business do you have with my big brother?” Xiao Wu also took out both the Black Sword and the White Shield. The Purple Moon appeared hovering behind her and her pupils constricted as purple veins appeared in her green eyes. They weren’t their true bodies, but even an illusory Martial Way would give out strong pressure.

“Who is this girl? Why is she here?” The man at the far back asked to his subordinates “And who is Cheng Hao?”

“Sir, throughout our investigations we have found out that the target didn’t live alone and instead lived together with a young boy who had bluish-purple hair and green eyes… It seems this girl might be the sister of this young boy, seeing how she has his same purplish-blue hair and green eyes!”

“As for Cheng Hao sir, that is a name that has been coming up a lot in sixth ring and it seems like that same brother of hers might be the same Cheng Hao of the rumors… It seems like his sister is a genius too, maybe she is the Blue Robed Night Challenger seeing her appearance and beauty!”

At that the middle aged man’s expression softened and he said “Little girl, I have no mean to harm your brother or you. You are a talent and a beauty and since you and your brother are also talented enough that the whole sixth ring doesn’t stop talking about you, I will gladly let you go… Do you by any chance know how to get past that barrier? If you tell us we will reward you…”

Xiao Wu was even more enraged “Cheng Hao is my brother! But he is also the person you are looking for, so piss off before he gets angry or he will wipe the floor with you! I will also do the same if you are still in my sight after I count to ten!”

Seeing how the girl had pushed aside his kind intentions and hearing her words the middle aged man frowned. His face grew cold and he ordered “Capture her alive. We will use her as an hostage to get the rat out of his hole!”

The twenty people jumped towards Xiao Wu and their hands turned into claws… Xiao Wu breathed in and stepped forwards two times. She breathed out and jumped, twisting in the air and thus avoiding the first of the twenty cloaked attackers. She grabbed his body and used it to block the second and third men that couldn’t stop their blows.

The man in Xiao Wu’s arms coughed up blood and the girl waved her right hand, the Black Dragon Sword whistled through the air, piercing the heart of the wounded man as well as that of one of the other two men.

“Watch out everyone, she has some kind of treasure!”

She let go of the corpse and waved her left arm: the white shield appeared behind her, blocking another one of the attackers’s blows.

The man lost his balance and Xiao Wu jumped in front of the shield, punching with her left arm. Although the man caught and blocked the small hand, the shield also followed the movement of the girl’s limb. It crushed with all its might on the man’s face, shattering his skull into splinters.

Xiao Wu kicked off the ground and retreated back in front of the house. Her breathing was a bit rushed and her eyes were calm but her mind was reeling with both fear and shock.

‘I… I just killed three people!’

She tried not to vomit as she defended from the second wave of attackers. The first few black robed men had the cultivation of the high level Basic stage and hadn’t been a match of Xiao Wu at her full power, even more so as she had taken them by surprise.

This was also why she could deal with them easily.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as easy as before since now the remaining seventeen cloaked men were completely enraged. Shouting, yelling and cursing this little girl in front of them, they charged all at once!

Xiao Wu moved her hand as fast as she could and the Black Dragon blade began its slaughter but, as they say, two fists cannot fight four fists, let alone thirty-four.

Her first few strikes through the Black Dragon Sword hit two of the men and they fell on the ground, lifeless. The shield also hit a man on the nose, making him pass out, however she wasn’t able to do any further as twenty-eight hands grabbed onto her limbs and threw her down on the ground.

“Cough!” Xiao Wu coughed up blood which stained the earth red.

“This little monster!” A black robed person touched his left cheek, where a deep cut had been inflicted by the black sword “She was so fierce! We actually lost six of our men to capture a girl still not in her teens!”

“She had such weird techniques… She even seemed to predict the future as she dodged so many of our strikes!” One of the men holding her arm said.

“Really, a true demon! If she is so strong now, what about in a few years! Sir, we should just kill her now, or else many of our brother and sisters will be killed by her in the future!” Another man added.

The middle aged man was also pale, but being scared was being scared and being shocked was being shocked so he recovered soon.

“Wait! We must use her as an hostage for Cheng Hao! We will kill her once we kill him!” The man suddenly thought of something “But I won’t stop you if you want to have some fun with her! You are twisted bastards but I have no prejudice against those who help me! Do what you want with her! Her… ‘Brother’ will also come out faster this way!”

Hearing that, Xiao Wu that had been blindfolded immediately screamed “Brother! quick, run aw-!”

Her screams were cut off as she was gagged. Her robes were torn off leaving her with only a t-shirt and a pair of pants on.

She started to cry and one of her tears touched the ground.

One of the black clothed men’s hand approached the remaining clothing to rip it away and show the white skin below it…

Author’s Note: I hated myself for writing this part and I apologize to Xiao Wu but it IS needed. At least I think (Gotta hide suppress the sadist within me).

~ Cookie

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