Immortal Ascension Tower – Chapter 18: (Title At The End)

“Wait! We must use her as an hostage for Cheng Hao! We will kill her once we kill him!” The man suddenly thought of something “But I won’t stop you if you want to have some fun with her! You are twisted bastards but I have no prejudice against those who help me! Do what you want with her! Her… ‘Brother’ will also come out faster this way!”

In a dark space protected by a golden wall of light, a body was sitting in the middle of the room. His mouth was open and he kept chanting something. The speed was incredibly fast and in the space of a breath, he had already chanted a few phrases at once. He had kept going at it for days, so how much had he been speaking already?

Following the rhythm of the countless sentences was a vortex of black and white gases. It moved at the same speed of the figure’s chanting, completing one turn each time the silhouette said a word.

Hearing the middle-aged man’s words, Xiao Wu that had been blindfolded immediately opened her mouth to scream.

The figure seemed to have reached an important point as the speed slowed down and the words could finally be heard clearly

“… So, black and white, death and life are opposites.

Two opposites, two faces of a medal, two worlds.”

Xiao Wu screamed in pain as tears welled up in the corner of her eyes “Brother! Quick, run aw-!”

“Death does not scare me and Life does not faze me”

Because Death makes me want to Live.

Because Life makes me want to not Die”

Her screams were cut off as she was gagged. Her robes were torn off leaving her with only a t-shirt and a pair of pants on.

“Life is also not Death so Death is also not Life.

Two opposites, yet the same! Life! Death!

I am Life. I am Death! I am Life AND Death!”

She started to cry and one of her tears touched the ground.

One of the black clothed men’s hand approached the remaining clothing to rip it away and show the white skin below it…

The chanting finally stopped as did the swirling black and white vortex. The gases entered the closed eyelids, the black gases went into the right eye while the white gases went into the left one.

Two eyes opened in the dark. The right eye was black while the left eye was white. Two eyes glowed in the darkness of the room. Although the hurricane of black and white gases had been absorbed, a new hurricane formed… It was composed fully of killing intent!

“Aaaaagh!” The severed hand flew up in the sky and fell back down. A flash of black and white light appeared and something caught the chopped hand in midair. That blur turned into the figure of a young boy. The child slowly lifted his head…

His figure was totally black as if it had been in the darkness for so long that it couldn’t live in the light anymore. On its head there was no nose or mouth but there where two closed eyelids from which faint white and black gases fumed out.

Slowly but surely the two eyelids started to rise. This took a few breaths to happen, but during this time nobody was able to understand what was going on, let alone retaliate.

Xiao Wu’s gag and blindfold had long since slipped off. Shocked, she also stared wide eyed at the scene…

The eyelids… were now finally fully opened!

Two blinding lights appeared, one white light on the left side and one black light on the right. Although the black light was a paradox in itself, the eye was just so dark that it eclipsed all darkness, making it look like a blinding light itself!

Everything in their surrounding lost its color and only the outlines remained. Aside from Xiao Wu, everything had lost color and turned either black or white. Only then did the people finally realize what was going on, but they were just too scared to move, even the one who had lost his hand had long since forgotten his pain due to fear.

This black demon was way shorter than they were, smaller than they were, and yet he emitted such a pressure that it made it difficult to breathe, as if a mountain had been placed on their back and the only thing they could do was to try lifting that same mountain… without succeeding!

Every person clad in black clothing spat out black blood one by one and began to turn black as well…


The figure closed his left eye and everything living that had been turned white disappeared, turning into ashes. Cries of pain sounded out for a split second before the pressure came back and choked down the screams.

More blood appeared on the ground, now also completely black in color.

The right eyelid began to slowly move down… The group of sixteen people who had survived Xiao Wu’s strikes began to fade away as they cried black blood and black liquids poured out from their other five orefices…

The pain was unbearable, cracks appeared on their skin and their body slowly started to break down even more the longer it stayed in that monochromatic state!

The people on the ground were now looking at the closing eyelid as if they had just seen their savior, the one that would free them from their pain and suffering to give them a peaceful death…

*Blink* as the left eye closed and the people clad in black turned into ashes, the veil of darkness that was surrounding Cheng Hao vanished as well, allowing Xiao Wu to look at her brother once again after the few days she hadn’t seen him.

His hair had actually grown so long that it touched the ground, as if what had passed inside the room weren’t days, but years. He didn’t change much except that now he was a bit thinner and thanks to how he carried himself, as if he was above everyone else, he looked a lot like some kind of Demon Lord.

He opened his eyes once again and the two black and white colors slowly faded away until the two eyes went back to their original golden colored state. Cheng Hao saw her sister’s clothes thorn into shreds so he quickly removed his own robe and used it to cover her body.

In front of Xiao Wu and Cheng Hao was a wide-eyed, wide-mouthed Zi Luo. He had come here with his subordinates searching for revenge. However. Now they were all dead!

What’s more they were single-handedly slaughtered by a child still not in his teens who only needed to blink his eyes once to slay them all!

He shivered in fear and kowtowed on the ground. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to run away so his only choice was to hope that this mysterious monster would let him live.

The boy pulled out another robe from his Heaven&Earth Pouch and put it on. His previous demonic appearance now looked a lot more like that of a scholar and the Golden Aura came out. It helped him regain all the nutrients and intake the energy that he hadn’t received for those three days that he had been in secluded meditation.

Although he was still only eight, one could could still be shocked if he were to find out just how much knowledge and power Cheng Hao held…

“Who are you? And why did you come here?” Cheng Hao’s voice was cold and devoid of any emotion and it implied a single thing: lie to me and I will let you meet your servants again immediately!

Seeing how easily he had murdered fifteen people without blinking…

Well, yeah, he did blink but that’s how he killed them in the first place!

Anyways, the middle aged man trembled and cold sweat appeared on his forehead “My name is Zi Luo, I am the father of Zi Yao and also the master of my Zi family. He has told me over Soul Communication that a boy eight years old with black hair and golden eyes was the one who killed him…”

His face showed terror but in his mind there was only fury ‘F***! Although that idiot son of mine told me that, he didn’t tell me that this guy was such a monster!’

Cheng Hao tried to remember whom this person’s son might have been, then the figure of the young man with the special fleshly body popped up in his memories. He smiled to himself as he finally understood everything.

The boy was most probably from a clan that specialized in body enhancing techniques and close combat. He was probably a never-seen-before genius in the family, but had the horrible luck of stumbling upon Cheng Hao and thus died…

Once he was about to get killed by Cheng Hao, he had somehow found enough time to communicate his appearance to his fellow clan members via some technique called Soul Communication… From what he understood, it allowed a dying soul to send out a last message to another soul.

Truly a helpful ability! Not that Cheng Hao was interested in learning it. He had no intentions of dying, so such an ability would be pretty much useless to him…

Cheng Hao sighed and said “I have killed enough people today… Go”

The man looked up and stared at him shocked “Really? Will you let me live?”

Cheng Hao smiled and pointed out towards the paved road behind the kneeling man “Hurry, or I’ll change my mind”

The middle aged man propped himself up, backed away a few steps and then began to run with all the speed he could muster. Xiao Wu moved to intercept him but Cheng Hao raised his arm and blocked her.

“Brother! How could you let scum like him live?” Xiao Wu protested “What if he comes back to kill you?”

Cheng Hao pouted and crossed his arms “Who said I let him live? I only told him he could go, didn’t I? I didn’t say where though… For all we know, he might have gone to hell. You know, people get lost pretty often…”

Xiao Wu stopped before a smile blossomed on her face “Brother Cheng Hao, you are such conman!”

Cheng Hao’s eyes glowed with killing intent and his robes fluttered “Those who dare touch my family… Are as good as dead!”

“Aaa! Aaa! Aaa!” The man cried “You idiotic bastard, son of a dog Cheng Hao! I will be sure to come back! Just wait for me you fuc*er! Wait for-”


His scream was cut off by a golden blur.

Zi Luo stopped and realized he could not breathe anymore. He touched down at his neck and felt the hardness of the bone: his throat had been carved out! His eyes rolled up showing white and he collapsed on the spot, dyeing the ground red.

“The only one who can insult Stupid Hao…” A voice sounded out and Goldy gulped down the piece of flesh “Is me!”

He then proceeded to absorb the guy’s energy. As he did that, in his eyes there seemed to be pity.

“Your bad luck… Who told you to touch Xiao Wu? If you had just waited a bit more and left her alone, Cheng Hao might have forgiven you. He bears almost no ill intent towards those who attack him and him alone. He only uses his power for revenge or to protect his comrades.”

The dragon shook his head “That’s why, those who touch Cheng Hao’s close ones are as good as dead. He challenged the Heavens themselves because of that, why would he care about dirtying his hands with your lowly blood?”

Title: Chapter 18 – Those Who Touch My Family Are As Good As Dead!

Author’s Note: Aaand, badass Cheng Hao is badass. Anyways, we are slowly uncovering Cheng Hao’s past. What we do know is that he is some one guy who has died a thousand years ago and was reborn with all the knowledge from his past life. And talks to snakes. And dragons. And in his previous life he had beem such a badass that he had challenged the Tian, highest ranked being under the heavens, the one and only Lord of the Nine Heavens.


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