Immortal Ascension Tower – Chapter 20: Triumph Over The Older Generation!

“What exactly is this situation?” Cheng Hao held his laughter in as his gaze lingered on the scene in front of him: Lu Fang was on the ground, his nose bleeding, his Reverend stage self knocked out. On top of the unconscious Lu Fang, a concerned Xiao Wu was… Apologising.

As the she waved her hands, the black sword and the white shield followed the movements and kept hitting the old man’s body creating even more bruises. Seeing that, she apologized even more and even more bruises formed.

At one point, even Cheng Hao couldn’t hold his laugher in as he followed his partner Goldy and also ROFTL-ed, holding his abdomen.

Just how did this situation come to happen?

Lu Fang had followed the crimson robed Cheng Hao back on the road to his hut in the Mysterious Light-Shadow Sect’s ground. At one point, the old man had deliberately decided that the journey had tired the young boy too much and had thus picked him up off the ground.

No matter how much the child resisted or threw attacks at him, the old man wasn’t fazed a bit and instead expressed his admiration for his young master’s attacks and flattered him nonstop. Although Cheng Hao could easily handle mid level Superior stage opponents and put up a fight with high level Superior stage cultivators, Reverend stage was still way out his league.

The situation was just so comical that the people who crossed them started laughing nonstop. Of course they got their asses handed to them by the old Reverend stage cultivator, angered of their mocking towards the boy in his arms.

At one point, Cheng Hao had grown so enraged by the ridicule he was receiving and hit the old man on a pressure point, sealing his cultivation base back to the Superior stage. By doing that, he was able to break free from the old man’s restraint but by then they had already arrived to his house…

Cheng Hao ran straight in and the old man soon followed.

It was at that time that Xiao Wu had appeared. She was still dressed as a man and was still wearing make up to harden her soft, feminine features.

With her new cultivation of the peak level Inferior stage (Achieved thanks to the Purple Moon Scripture) she reacted fast. Seeing the old man chasing after Cheng Hao she misunderstood the situation and was enraged: she immediately called out her illusory Martial Ways as she also readied her True Martial Ways located in the Pseudo-Core.

Thanks to the Purple Moon and her newly acquired Purple Moonlight Senses Enhacing Technique, her five senses were enhanced by a dozen times, time seemed to have dilated. She pounced towards the newcomer and her strength was enhanced straight to the low level Advanced stage when she rotated her Pseudo-Core.

Xiao Wu had stabbed her hand towards a bewildered Lu Fang whom wasn’t able to react in time as the White Shield slammed head-on on his face, breaking his nose in the process. If he had gotten the chance to use his true cultivation and possessed the might of a Reverend martial cultivator, those full-power attacks would have had little to no effect on him.

Unfortunately, Cheng Hao had sealed his true cultivation and it had gone down two whole stages so he only had the strength of a Superior stage cultivator.

He was lucky the strike hadn’t broken his skull, but it had easily sent him in the land of dreams. After all, a surprise attack made by an enraged Xiao Wu going at her full power truly wasn’t weak, as demonstrated by the fact that Lu Fang had been knocked out…

Cheng Hao had to stop her from attacking him anymore and tried to explain the situation as fast and as clearly as he could before she used the Black Dragon Sword. When she learned of her mistake, she began waving her hands around as she apologized. Unfortunately, her two weapons followed…

Lu Fang’s cultivation had been restored to the Sung stage during the time Cheng Hao and Xiao Wu had spoken so her strikes weren’t enough to kill him, however they still left purple bruises on his body.

All that led to the current situation and it took at least half an hour for Cheng Hao and Goldy to stop laughing as, whenever they turned their heads and gazed in Lu Fang and Xiao Wu’s direction, tears would well up in their eyes and they would start to laugh again. It was the first time that Cheng Hao had thought that death by laughter didn’t look like an impossible feat anymore…

Goldy was currently laying on the ground. It was unclear wether he was dead or he had simply passed out. What was clear though, was that the stupid grin on his face and the tears and spit on the ground showed that if that had been its end, it would have been a happy one.

Lu Fang had finally woken up, his cultivation fully restored. When he saw his reflection, the old man wanted to faint again: his whole body was covered in purple, blue and yellow bruises, his nose was crooked and he had two big, swollen, panda eyes. He had no internal injuries, but he still spat out blood when he realized how close to death he had been. If the girl had possessed a slightly higher cultivation, he would without a doubt have already become a ghost.

Cheng Hao bowed “I apologize for my younger martial sibling’s actions…” When he lifted his head and saw that the old man had disappeared he was momentarily confused. He looked right, left and behind him. He wasn’t there so he lifted his head upwards…

“Hiss!” The old man, a prideful Reverend stage cultivator who could turn mountains into valleys, was hanging from the ceiling and hissing like a scared cat. It seemed like he had been heavily traumatized after the events of that night…

After a single ‘I apologize’ he already became like that… Most likely, the two words had been turned into two codewords that would trigger certain actions…

In his mind, Cheng Hao thought ‘It will be so amusing to live with this guy and Goldy… That little golden dragon is really nothing but a big bully!’ Although he treated his dear ones as the closest of brothers, he couldn’t help but smile when he thought of that.

Goldy was unconscious, thus the snake couldn’t harass the old man until he woke up. Up until then…

“…I apologize…”


… He would have fun by himself!

“So this is how I got a Reverend stage cultivator to protect us. Although this has not started the best way, I hope everyone will get along!” Cheng Hao sighed “Of course this speech would have been much better if you had actually listened to me first…”

Xiao Wu was currently jabbing the Black Dragon Sword and smashing the White Tree Shield at a mocking Lu Fang. The old man had his arms crossed and bore the strength of the attacks with his bare body. A Reverend stage quality Fleshly Body.

As he did that, he kept mocking her with stuff like “Is that all you’ve got?” “Is that a sword made out of cotton?” “This shield should be used as a rug to wash my hands, it’s just so soft!” “C’mon young girl, hit me with all you got! Oh? Is that all? I thought we were just arming up!”

The two kept going at it as Cheng Hao and Goldy watched over them. They sipped tea in coordination, each of their movements synchronized with the other’s.

Whenever Cheng Hao sipped, Goldy also drank the liquid. When he munched on a biscuit, the snake also did. When he sighed the snake also relaxed and let out a loud sigh. When he put in salt instead of sugar, the small dragon also did. When he acted as if he were drinking, Goldy drank for real, almost choking on the salty tea.

The scene in the room was as such: the young boy and the dragon sipped tea as they looked at Xiao Wu and Lu Fang glaring, hitting and mocking each other. One side of the large room was as peaceful as it could be, sipping tea and eating biscuits, while the other half kept lighting up as Xiao Wu showed the might of her abilities against Lu Fang.

It was truly as peaceful as it could ever be… If it weren’t for the fact that the side of the room been thrown into chaos was Cheng Hao’s part of the small hut, it would probably have been much better.

Seeing another one of ‘his’ vases crumbling as it fell on the ground, a vein popped on top of Cheng Hao’s head and as he stood up he yelled. “Xiao Wu! Lu Fang, cut it the hell out!”

Seeing no reaction at all, instead the duo’s action even rose in intensity, Cheng Hao’s eyes grew cold. His killing intent seemed to manifest as mist as it was so dense it seemed solid. He sat back down, opened his mouth slowly and… His voice was as low as it could get, a whisper that could not have been heard, had one not been listening intently.

“Lu Fang, I apologize. Xiao Wu, you forgot to dress as a man…”

Two bodies immediately stopped in mid air, turned and then disappeared to reappear in opposite corners of the room. Old Fang was hissing and hunching his back as he clawed the air in front of him. Xiao Wu on the other hand, had turned to face the wall and had hidden her face in her arms while muttering nonstop “I’m a man, for real. It’s not what it seems… I’m a man, …”

As they both returned to their senses, Xiao Wu noticed that she hadn’t forgotten at all to put on her make up and men’s clothing while Lu Fang also stopped hissing as he recovered.

They were about to turn towards the boy and ask what was the matter but when they saw the heavy atmosphere surrounding Cheng Hao, they immediately shut their mouth and gulped. Cold sweat also appeared on their foreheads.

“Good!” Cheng Hao’s face turned back into his usual calm and composed expression and he went back in sync with Goldy as they sipped their tea. A few moments later, the two had finally finished drinking.

Cheng Hao and Goldy sighed in satisfaction and then the boy lifted his head “Seeing that the two of you have finally calmed down…” He put a cookie in his mouth and bit on it.

“… We can finally begin talking about stuff!” The golden snake finished his drinking partner’s words and also ate a cookie.

“”…”” The two people sitting on the ground cringed at their actions that seemed to have just come out of a random relief chapter. It truly looked as if the author had gotten tired of writing…

“So, Xiao Wu, you broke through and are now a peak Inferior stage cultivator, am I right?” Cheng Hao asked.

Lu Fang widened his eyes and looked to the child standing beside him. Xiao Wu smugly showed a mocking smile on her face and answered “Yes, big brother. I feel like I may breakthrough to the Basic stage any time soon now!”

‘Such strength and she is still at the Inferior stage? She can rival peak Advanced stage cultivators! Her full-on attack even hurt me when I had a low level Superior cultivation base, what sort of power did she wield to be able to do that?’ He looked at Cheng Hao ‘Maybe this kid isn’t even that exceptional when compared to her, with a cultivation as high as his after all-‘

“Brother, where did your black scarf go?” Xiao Wu asked, interrupting Lu Fang’s thoughts.

‘Mh? Scarf?’ the old man pondered.

Cheng Hao looked confused for a bit then he smiled “Oh, Blacky? He is still sleeping but I decided to leave him at home when I went out to eradicate the Zi clan. He will wake up when I reach a high level Basic stage cultivation base. I am still low level Basic stage, so I still need to wait a bit more until I am powerful enough. If I leave it at home, there would be no danger of harm bearing down on it!”

Lu Fang’s train of thought was interrupted. He stood still as two streams of tears poured down from his eyes ‘Fuck it, I saw this guy rip apart Superior stage expert with his bare hands, and now you tell me he is still a low level Basic stage??? Am I really the only normal person here? Wait! There is still that snake-‘

“Cheng Hao, I broke into high level basic stage today. Those essences you provided me were enough to break through! It has only been three months ever since I Re-Lived, this is pretty fast! Also, those Superior stage bones weren’t as hard to chew as you said, you should get me Sung or maybe Reverend stage bones!”

Lu Fang smiled happily as tears of blood fell on the ground. The snake had just dealt the finishing strike to the confidence of this man in his late years.

‘Fuck these monsters… I really regret regaining my cultivation and showing off in front of that little girl now… This time, I truly was a beggar showing off his only coin to a wealthy noble…’

Seeing the desperate Lu Fang, Cheng Hao, Goldy and Xiao Wu secretly winked at each other. The ‘young’ generation had triumphed over the older generation!

Author’s Note: Ok, this was a much lighter chapter compared to the previous ones. Although this may sound a bit hypocritical, but I think I earned the rights to write such an easy and light chapter after all that…

You can think of it as a breather or just pure comical relief, an easy chapter for me to write and an easy-er chapter for people to read!!!

~ Cookie

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