Immortal Ascension Tower – Chapter 3: Bloody Message.

Spirit Beasts were actually creatures which could cultivate so they were really intelligent. Many types of Spirit Beasts exist, and they are mainly divided into Humanoid, Monstrous, Evil and Mysterious Beasts. Heavenly Beasts were, instead, lords above all other spirit beasts and the Primordial Heavenly Beasts also, referred to as Lords amongst the Heavenly Beasts, were above all other spirit beasts in both strength and inborn Unique Abilities.

While some couldn’t because of physical restriction, most Humanoid Beasts could indeed speak the human tongue. This type of spirit beast was one of them and it was usually called the Ironskin Manrat, as it had appearance similar to that of a humanoid rat and had quite a hard skin, making him quite the dangerous beast if provoked.

“Cheng Hao, you traitorous bastard, did you bring this beast with you so you could beat me with sheer numbers? I never expected such cowardly actions from you…” Goldy chuckled.

Cheng Hao coldly threw the cursing golden snake behind him where it landed headfirst on a pillar.

“Goldy, you should know what to do… ” The youth said that, took the yellowish crystal marble from his pocket and turned his head towards the snake “You, Bastard Snake, won’t disappoint me will you?” The cold glare made the small dragon tremble and it immediately shot forward.

‘This, this is the true Cheng Hao!’ Seeing the bloodthirsty aura surrounding the young boy, the snake shivered and hurried towards the exit.

At that Cheng Hao smiled and turned towards the evil beast once again, his bloodthirsty expression turned once again into the ‘innocent-child-Cheng-Hao’ face “Sorry, did I make you wait?”

“Did you eat something weird before coming here?” The monster was still a bit confused and he seemed to feel pity for the child in front of him.

“Nah, I just had to listen to a small golden snake that wouldn’t stop talking for twelve whole hours while running under the fierce sun and passing through swamps and climbing mountains…” the small boy whined.

“Woah man, that sucks!” The Ironskin Manrat seemed to feel the pain coming from Cheng Hao as it shrugged its shoulders “You really want to do this man? You could, like, rest a few more hours if you want?”

Cheng Hao suddenly smiled and waved his arm. The golden marble in his hand seemed to melt as it turned into twelve golden crystal longswords which started hovering behind him like twelve bloodthirsty flying beasts. In this world of cultivation, there are many kinds of weapons a person can use.

However, once one reaches a certain level, he will find that simple weapons made out of iron won’t be enough. That is why, cultivators created Flying Swords. Made out of countless precious materials, these blades were capable of splitting mountains apart with a single slash!

However, flying swords are extremely expensive and rare! Only experts can afford them, while those low grade flying swords that can be bought on the market are no different than simple blades enhanced with some kind of magic.

Right now, Cheng Hao was using the golden drop of blood as if it were a Flying Sword. As the drop was of extremely high quality, it was way stronger than normal flying swords! Most probably, there was not a single Flying Sword in the whole plane of existence that could keep up with those twelve golden blades!

“Sorry, but I gotta hurry and leave this place before that snake comes back, maybe this way I’ll seal it here…” Cheng Hao winked at the Ironskin Manrat.

“I heard youuuuuu! Cheng Hao, you bastard, you dare do what?!?” Goldy’s voice could be heard off in the distance.

Even before a battle, Cheng Hao showed no concern and he calmly kept bickering with his snake companion on the other side of the room.

Cheng Hao sighed and finally turned towards the Ironskin Manrat and spoke again “Thanks for your offer buddy, but I REALLY can’t stay here. Do not worry you will die a peaceful death…” Suddenly the childish eyes of the young boy turned completely cold, visions of mountain of corpses as tall as the skies and a golden sun appeared deep in his pupils.

The soil in the vision was so impregnated with blood, a blood ocean had already formed on top, the mountains of corpses were just small islands here and there… The golden sun was in no way warm and relaxing like the usual yellowish-orange shiny ball hung in the sky. Instead, it was cold to the extreme and everything around it seemed to lose color as their essence flew towards the golden ball…

The previously cheerful and happy expression on the child’s face also turned scary as his mouth arranged into a fiendish grin. Massive waves of killing intent started emanating from his whole body and the air began to tremble.

His hair started fluttering, making him look like some killing god, and, before the evil beast could even say anything, it had already almost passed out from the fear on the spot: what it saw wasn’t a young boy anymore, but a giant made of black and white smoke, the facial features distorted into a fiery grin, tens upon thousands of mouths appearing all over its body as golden flames devoured everything surrounding it leaving nothing but ash… The Ironskin Manrat’s legs went limp and he fell on his knees.

Cheng Hao’s eyes returned to their childish appearance and the waves of killing intent also started to subside as he approached the shocked evil beast. He lifted his hand and one of the twelve hovering swords flew into his palm.

From its previous longsword-like shape it showed some changes as the blade enlarged and it turned into something more similar to a butcher knife than an actual sword.

A beautiful butcher knife with breathtaking engravings of lotuses and flowers, a beautiful and refined weapon used to turn bad beasts that didn’t listen into pork(or whatever kind of meat an Ironskin Manrat is) cutlets.

The child played with the butcher knife, the weapon in his hands seemed to slowly turn into a disc as the boy made it twirl like an expert. Light danced on the edge of the blade as he kept rotating the blade even faster. When it reached the point where there was no more knife but only a spinning golden disc, Cheng Hao threw the blade in the air.

“I hope you enjoy your staying in the underworld… That place truly is a… living hell!” At the terrible pun, the Manrat’s seven orifices started bleeding even though he had already passed out.

Cheng Hao spun on himself, cleanly caught the blade in midair and fiercely slashed the air in front of the kneeling evil beast. Even though the blade didn’t cut into the flesh, a single drop of blue liquid fell from the blade’s tip. The beast stood there as if petrified and it didn’t move a muscle.

Cheng Hao landed beautifully, his back as straight as a spear, his legs and feet completely nullifying the force of impact as his long black hair fluttered behind him. He waved his hand as he turned around, the other eleven swords fused with the one in his hand and consequently turned into a beautiful lotus hairpin.

He put it in his hair just like a normal hairpin and headed towards what seemed to be the exit. As he walked, Cheng Hao closely observed the floor and with an approving gaze he looked at the golden snake that had just returned on his shoulder

“You really dismantled them all! You actually did your job for once!” The boy chuckled.

“Mph, how could puny traps like these possibly inconvenience a powerful and handsome Heavenly Beast like me?” The tiny dragon couldn’t help but push his chest out: what the snake had been doing up until now was none other than dismantling the traps laid on the route leading to the exit!

After he said that, the snake turned his head to look at the situation behind the young boy. When he did, he suddenly got angry and then furiously said to the youth “Cheng Hao, you bastard, did you really have to destroy the whole room to slay an Inferior stage Humanoid Beast? You madman!”

Hearing that, Cheng Hao’s expression turned into a fiercer one, the same grin as before found its place again on his face.

“I had to warm up, didn’t I? There’s an old fella up there waiting for me, I can’t show myself as rusty now, can I?” With that, Cheng Hao walked towards the Teleportation Hexagram in front of him as the golden snake kept staring with pity at the part of the room behind the evil beast.

As soon as the two stepped on the portal and disappeared the room suddenly collapsed, the evil beast’s head fell off its neck and everything close by was dyed blue with the monster’s blood. The liquid spurted nonstop in a chaotic fashion.

Yet, the blood seemed to draw letters on the ground… Slowly, those letters finally spelled out something for a few breaths before being completely buried by the rubble.

‘I, your grandfather, is back for your long awaited smacking, Tian!’

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