Immortal Ascension Tower – Chapter 30: Rivers Of Blood, Cries Of Pain

Author’s Note: this chapter contains scenes with some blood, gore and… well… blood and gore. And chopped stuff. Please read with caution or just skip the chapter if you are not good with this stuff.

It’s not too important… Just a random author venting his feelings, nothing to see here…  

“Don’t you dare ignore me! Who are you!” Fan Zu’s face grew red as he felt he lost face to this child that, judging by his age, could be his grandson “If you don’t answer now I will eradicate nine generations of your family!”

Cheng Hao’s back trembled as the room suddenly grew a lot colder.

Cheng Hao lifted his head and his two cold eyes finally focused on the old man’s face “What… Did you just say?” He blinked once and looked at the man in his eyes. Suddenly, the space surrounding him seemed to distort and his body disappeared together with the figures of everyone surrounding him.

Fan Zu was the only one left in the room. Just that the room wasn’t a room anymore. In front of him there was nothing, everything was black. There was nothing, except for the Black Shadow, its sharp fangs opened and closed as if they wanted to taste his flesh, its body was so black that it looked like it was bright compared to its surrounding.

The shadow got closer and a large mouth filled with sharp fangs opened as the thing approached… “N-no… I didn’t… I am sorry!!!” Fan Zu wanted to run but was tied in place.

When it bit down, the man screamed in pain as it was so painful, like a million needles being inserted and removed in his whole body repeatedly, that he started crying tears of blood. This went on for hours repeatedly and supposedly one would start to either grow accustomed or grow numb to the incredible pain, yet he didn’t, as if there was some curse that didn’t let him.

The only thing that grew was the pain he felt with each bite.

The world twisted and the black shadow disappeared. He was now lying in an ocean of purple blood, surrounded by never ending mountains of corpses.

The ocean was only half a foot deep but it seemed like it would never end as it stretched over the horizon and beyond. Fan Zu still felt pain but sighed in relief as he saw the monster was no longer there. It was still night but there were no stars up above.

Suddenly, a golden sun rose into the sky. It shone down on the purple ocean and the old man couldn’t help but cry tears of joy when he saw the sun, as he finally saw something that he looked like it would be safe. He bathed in the golden light and wished to remain like that forever, safe from all harm.

Unfortunately, Life wouldn’t be so easy on him. Fan Zu suddenly felt his limbs growing cold, he frowned but decided to ignore it. At one point, the chilliness was so unbearable that he sat up to examine his body. When he looked down, he saw that he was slowly disappearing.

His very essence was being devoured by the golden sun’s light: he was fading from existence!

Tears fell down once again as the pain surged and he felt abandoned, by the world, by the heavens!

He yelled until his lungs burned and the vocal cords seemed to jump out but nobody was there to hear him. He was alone with the pain of not being!

When he was about to fade completely, everything twisted once again, the purple blood, mountains of corpses and the golden sun disappeared and turned into two eyes… Cheng Hao closed his eyelids and when he opened them again, the scenes of the black beast and the golden sun appeared once again in his pupils.

Cold shivers ran down the old man’s back. He trembled, his knees gave out and he fell down on the ground trembling, grabbing his head and crying like a scared child… “Aaaaah… AAAAAAAH!” His figure flickered and then disappeared to reappear a few meters away, grabbed Fan Zai, and then run through the door leading back in the maze.

Right at that moment, the young man was standing in the exact same position as before, his eyes glowing and killing intent could be seen swirling around him like a hurricane

“You said that you would kill my disciple and brother. I would have given you an easy death but it seems like that wouldn’t be enough for someone like you, so you threatened me with the murder of my family…”

Cheng Hao stared at the door from where Fan Zu had escaped from “Now you will be able to live, sure, but I don’t know if such a life will be much better than death would be…”

A smile flashed and then disappeared on Cheng Hao’s face. It was not a kind smile: just by looking at it, one would tremble in fear and fall down on the ground kowtowing, begging for forgiveness.

Even killing oneself would be possible if the person wasn’t strong enough mentally. But he was giving his back to Fan Lai and his group so the only person to see such a smile was Fu Yin.

The pale blue skinned boy trembled as he felt his blood surging at Cheng Hao’s look. His knees grew weak and he almost fell to the ground ‘I see… This is Strength… This is Power!’

“Xiao Wu, I am sorry, but you will have to sleep for a while… I am going to punish these guys and wouldn’t want to scare you!”

Cheng Hao whispered in Xiao Wu’s ear and she widened her eyes at first before nodding. Cheng Hao poked a pressure point and Xiao Wu fell asleep.

“Yin ‘Boy, take care of her” he whispered. Fu Yin widened his eyes and nodded “Yes, Master!” He gently picked up the girl and layer her on his lap as he kept staring at Cheng Hao’s every action.

Cheng Hao turned and began walking towards the group of black robed people. Fan Lai frowned, approached Fu Yin and asked “Is Senior Cheng Hao going to do something? They are still people from my Fan family, I can’t just watch them get hurt…”

Fu Yin smiled as he waved his hand “Don’t worry… He had such a kind smile on his face that he looked like he wouldn’t hurt a fly. You can relax and go through that door for now!”

Fu Yin pointed at the exit. Fan Lai hesitated for a bit but then nodded and bowed towards Cheng Hao “Senior Cheng Hao, I wish you luck! When we get in to the Outer Sect, I hope you will continue to be a part of our Alliance there!”

Cheng Hao turned: his expression was kind and his smile gentle and Fan Lai couldn’t help but breath out a sigh of relief, after all, those people were still his own Fan family members!

“Don’t worry, Leader. I am and will remain a member of the All But In Blood Alliance, please go ahead as I settle matters with these guys!”

Fan Lai nodded as gratitude filled his eyes: this person that he had barely met before had saved them and even engaged with a mid level Superior stage cultivator for their sake! He would never forget this favor and he remembered to carve his debt towards this person in his heart!

“Everybody, let’s go!” Fan Lai led the way and, one by one, everybody from the All But In Blood Alliance but Cheng Hao, the sleeping Xiao Wu and Fu Yin had left the room.

“Yin ‘Boy… Have they all left?” Cheng Hao smiled gently but he was clenching his hands so hard that they had long turned completely white.

Fu Yin nodded “Yes, master, once someone goes through that door, they can’t come back so you can drop with that fake attitude of yours and kick some ass for your big brother here!”

Fu Yin grinned: although he referred to Cheng Hao as master, it could be seen by the way he acted that he still preferred to think of him as a brother. A really troublesome and fiendish brother.

“My apprentice Fu Yin, right now I will teach you something. You need to remember everything I do from now on…” Cheng Hao removed something from his Dimensional Pouch and held it in his hand.

Fu Yin was startled and then asked “Master, what will you show me? I am excited!”

Cheng Hao’s fake smile turned into a fiendish grin and his two golden eyes turned demonic as he waved his sleeve: he was holding a single black knife, it was a knife that could be found anywhere, a simple kitchen knife from hut #5742 but right now it looked like the most lethal weapon in the world.

Cheng Hao inhaled before grasping the weapon tighter in his hand “The world’s most efficient torture methods!”

Fu Yin clapped “Wow, master is truly knowledgeable! Please do show this disciple and brother of yours your great skills!” Cheng Hao’s fiendish appearance turned back into his usual one as he bashfully said “Well, if you insist…”

“Shut your trap! I do not know what you did to senior but I checked your cultivation and it’s not even in the Advanced stage yet! I, Pan Gao, will take care of you right now!”

A person took off his hood and stepped forward, his body wasn’t as burly as Fan Zu’s but he was still quite buff and his height was even taller than Fan Zu was.

“Master, you are so lucky! Someone to show your skills on has stepped forward! I guess it is because he feels that being used by you would be an achievement in and of itself! I can’t blame him for that though!”

Cheng Hao nodded at Fu Yin’s statement, his bashful attitude still there “Yes, yes, I really am lucky! Your luck is also really good because this way you will expand your knowledge even faster!”

“You brat, you will now see what comes from looking down on me!” The man yelled. He was about to charge over when his pupils widened in shock and horror.

Cheng Hao’s voice sounded out right by his side “Oh? But I though that I had all reasons to look down on you since I am simply so much stronger…”

The man was startled and couldn’t help but turn his head upwards: the youth that had been a few tens of meters away from him was now standing on his shoulder.

He was juggling with something but he wasn’t touching them, no, he was catching them with the knife, throwing them up, cutting them in midair and catching them again in a cycle.

The man felt a sharp pain in the area where his crotch was and looked down. A small pool of blood had gathered below him as even more blood flowed.

“Sigh… It seems like you wouldn’t be able to satisfy girls now… Oh well, seeing the size, they wouldn’t have been satisfied before either…” Hearing the boy’s words, a bad feeling welled up in his heart and he gulped.

The tall man put aside the matter of Cheng Hao standing on his shoulder, looked in his pants and checked his Jonny… Nothing. There was nothing there except from a small fountain of blood dying his clothes red.

His face was expressionless when he lifted his head and looked at the things that Cheng Hao was juggling with: they were a dark pink and were also a bit bloody.

With each moment that passed, Cheng Hao had cut them in smaller pieces until they had become nothing more than meat paste. “Mph, it seems like this knife isn’t sharp enough, otherwise there wouldn’t have been the slightest trace of blood… Did you get that down Yin ‘Boy?”

“Aaa… Aaaaa… AAAAAAAAAA!!!” Looking at the meat paste on top of the black knife, the man yelled out and, while one hand went to cover his crotch, the other sped towards Cheng Hao’s legs on the man’s shoulder.

“Do you see this Yin ‘Boy? Very well, now watch what I do with it” Cheng Hao easily dodged the blow and landed on the man’s other shoulder.

“Bon appetite! Enjoy your meal!” He kicked the man in the guts which made him open his mouth and spit out blood. Cheng Hao didn’t miss the occasion and stuffed the ‘meat paste’ inside.

After doing that, the boy blocked the man’s mouth forcing him to swallow. Although the man wanted to spit it out, he couldn’t and thus could only gulp as tears streamed down… He had eaten his own root of life!

“Cough, cough!” The man coughed until blood came out but he could not spit it back out no matter how much he tried… The man knelt and started crying.

Cheng Hao’s voice came from the man’s side”Oh? The food wasn’t to your liking? Oh well, we can fix that right now, can’t we?”

“I’ll KILL you!” The man swallowed his own tears and threw a strong punch towards Cheng Hao but it was, once again, easily dodged. The boy jumped and landed gracefully on the ground, right in front of Pan Gao.

He landed a fierce kick on the jaw and the man fell on his back. A cruel smile flashed on the child’s face as he wielded the knife in his hands.

“Here, I will help you take it back right now! Having said that, he sliced open the man’s tummy and, when he removed the blade, blood as well as his intestines came out. The man screamed in pain and Cheng Hao sliced off his stomach.

“Here you are, sir! Please take it!” Cheng Hao flicked the knife and the man’s stomach fell down. “Aaaa!” The man unconsciously crawled to take it but, when he was about to lay his hands on it, Cheng Hao squashed it under his foot.

Blood and juices splattered everywhere on the man’s face. Now what fell from the man’s eyes were no longer the watery and salty tears… It was blood!

“Oh my, oh my! I am so sorry, I slipped! Oh, we wouldn’t want you to go around looking like that? Don’t worry, I will take care of you and make you look even better than you were before!”

Cheng Hao grabbed the man’s hair and lifted his body up. As screams of pain rang out, the man’s ears, eyes, nose, lips, tongue and teeth all fell on the ground.

Although blood splattered everywhere, not a single drop of blood was on the blade of the knife Cheng Hao used: this showed only one thing, and that was that his skills with the knife were just too superb and his cuts were so clean that not even blood stained the edge of the weapon!

At that, even Fu Yin gulped “Xiao Wu… You are so lucky that you didn’t see this, otherwise you would have already thrown up several times over… That Cheng Hao is a sadist… No, the Sadist, he is this world’s most cruel sadist!”

Although he said those words, his eyes were wide open, catching every single action Cheng Hao made as a cruel smile hung on both of their lips as well “But I don’t dislike that…”

“Ugh… Cough! Cough! Blergh! Aaaa…” In between the barfing, coughing and the screams of pain of the man’s, his scalp also fell on the ground, leaving the skull wide open.

Cheng Hao smiled satisfied “You see… Torture is an art and it must be not done rashly. You must torture the victim both mentally and physically. The man grew from the tiger cub that doesn’t know of the world to a man that seeks death but never obtains it! He seeks death, but torture is just that, pain with no death involved! He wants to die and yet he can’t!”

Cheng Hao waved his knife a few times and a section of the skull separated from the rest and fell next to the poor guy’s foot.

“Yin ‘Boy, now pay attention! Ok, if you poke with a needle here like this-” “Aaaaaaaagh!”

“He will feel as if he were being burned by the hottest of the flames. If I do this instead-” “Yaaaaaaagh”

“His senses will react as if he were so cold that he is freezing over! Oh! This is so much fun! If I poke here-” “Gaaaaa!”

“It will feel as if I was digging his eyeballs out, even if I already did! Isn’t it strange, Yin ‘Boy?”

Fu Yin nodded as his eyes didn’t look away from the scene for the slightest moment “It indeed is Master! Oh, what happens if you stick it there? No, a little bit to the left, a bit closer to the other needle… There!”

Cheng Hao frowned “My dear apprentice, I’m afraid you don’t have a lot of talent in torture… Instead, you would be a great Sadist! Because you see… If I press here…” “Glogh!”

The man’s face (or what was left of it) slowly grew purple as he began to claw around.

“His body will react as if he were underwater. His troath will also contract and he won’t be able to breath unless I release the pressure! Death by drowning is one of the most painful deaths as you realize the more get closer to your death, that you are dying.

You feel your lungs burning, your mouth searching for oxygen and only finding water… At first you will still have hope but the more you feel the water enter your lungs, your eyelids falling down and your consciousness disappearing you will know… You won’t be saved. It will be when you realize this, that you will finally die, falling into the abyss of death…”

Cheng Hao took another needle and excitedly said “Alright, back to work! Now if I… Oh? He’s dead…”

Cheng Hao put the knife down disappointed, acting like a spoiled kid who had just broken his new toy…

“Master has simply such amazing skills! Can you show me a few others?” Fu Yin asked, his sadistic nature now fully showing up as he licked his lips.

Cheng Hao shook his head as he sighed”But Fu Yin… I was so engrossed in our lecture that I forgot that he couldn’t breathe… Our volunteer for the lecture is dead now, what can we do?”

Cheng Hao bashfully smiled when he suddenly looked as if he had come to a realization. He hit his palm and made a ‘Aha!’ sound. “That’s right! Maybe those other uncles wearing the black robes might help us!”

Hearing that, the crowd of people that had been staring shocked and terrified at the young child torturing their comrade finally came to their senses. They immediately began to dash towards the exit, but noticed that a seal had already been placed.

Some tried to break through, but the seal had been laid by the mid level Superior stage cultivator, Fan Zu, in an attempt to stop Cheng Hao from chasing after him.

“My, my! Master, it seems like they are so excited that they can’t even think straight! They probably feel that they are unworthy for you to show your abilities on them! I can understand after all, I am the same” Fu Yin spoke seriously as if he truly believed the words he spoke.

The crowd trembled and dashed towards the exit leading outside: they would be killed for sure but at least they wouldn’t land in the hands of the small fiend in front of them. They came to a stop when they noticed a seal had also been placed: it was many times stronger than the seal placed on the other exit.

Many of them couldn’t help but curse in their mind ‘Fu**, which bastard laid this seal? It’s so fu**ing broken(Note: broken as in overpowered)’

“Cough, cough!” At that moment, in a room in the Zhao clan mansion, the expert that had sealed Lu Fang’s cultivation in the past, the head of the Zhao family, suddenly coughed.

“Sir, are you alright?” A guard approached and asked as he knelt.

The man’s figure straightened and waved his hand “Yes, yes, I am fine. So, were you saying?”


“Ohohoh” Cheng Hao’s voice rose in the middle of the crowd. Everybody took a step back as they looked with terror and astonishment at the small figure that had appeared suddenly in the middle of their ranks “Where are all you uncles going? Come here, I will also show you my modest skills, don’t be shy!”

Crying sounds came out from beneath the hoods and everyone thought of different things ‘Fu** you and your modest skills… Why did I have to fall in the hands of this demon…’ ‘I wanna go home!’ ‘Mommy!!!’

“Oh, you don’t have to worry, although I only have a few days at most, by the end of this period you will all be enlightened in the art of torture!” Cheng Hao smiled gently as the knife he held in his hand seemed… Well, a bit less gentle.

“Here, here! I will go really fast so that I will create after images and show you how it is done in detail through them, what do you say?”

Fu Yin nodded enthusiastically as he wrote down his master’s words (he had long removed a pen from his own dimensional pouch and noted down Cheng Hao’s actions in detail)

“That would be perfect master!” Hearing the Sadist Duo’s words, only a thought passed through the robed people’s minds… It was: ‘Sob sob! I want to dieeeeee!’

Cheng Hao smiled and he dashed by disrupting the air in front of him reducing the attrition to an extremely low level. Add his cultivation and his usual speed and after images truly started to appear.

“Here, remove the nails in this matter so that…” “Aaaaaaagh!” “Don’t do the usual stuff, be creative! Don’t stretch their limbs until they snap off, press them in this matter and crush them instead!” “Yyyyyyaaaaaaaaaagh!

“Also, don’t forget the most horrifying pain a person can feel… Walking on legos!” “Master, you are so cruel! Oh, I know! How about also stubbing his pinky toe on this table’s legs?”

“Ohoh, my dear sadistic apprentice, you really make me proud when you have such good ideas!”

“Well, I am learning from the best there is, right Master?”

“You sure are… Now, check this out! This is called the Flying Panda Eats Bamboo But He Get Sick And Has Diarrhea…”

Two days passed in such a manner. During the first day, the cries and screams rang out constantly. They were so gruesome that simply by hearing them would make one have nightmares for weeks.

The second day was much calmer as the people had long since dried out their vocal cords and shed all their tears.

After the two days had ended, three figures walked out from the Maze’s exit: Xiao Wu was still sleeping peacefully as Fu Yin gave her a piggy ride, the white haired boy had an expression of excitement as if he had been enlightened about something while Cheng Hao smiled and playfully joked around with the boy.

The only thing that betrayed the happy atmosphere were the drops of blood on Cheng Hao’s shoes as he had only switched his clothes but left his shoes on!

Back in the room! Everything was clean and perfect, as if all that had just happened was nothing but a dream. Not a single drop of blood could be found, let alone broken corpses and severed limbs!

Although, if one were to search carefully, they would find a knife embedded in a rock. Even though it looked like a plain kitchen knife, if one were to listen closely he would able to hear painful cries and horrifying screams coming from the blade as if dozens of souls were wailing and screaming of their pain.

In the future, nobody would ever know who had created it or why had it been embedded there, the only thing they knew was that anybody who touched the knife would grow insane from the wailing of the Souls residing in it…

Author’s Note: Well, this is as much violence as I will be writing for now, as I would like my story to be enjoyable to most, not a for cold-blooded murderers-only story. Cool? Cool.

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