Immortal Ascension Tower – Chapter 43: A Crimson Blur

Xiao Wu and Fu Yin gaped at the sight of the six Sect Protectors. It is known to everybody after all, that the Reverend stage is the peak stage for a cultivator! There are speculation of a realm beyond that, but they are more like myths and legends!

At that moment, they were laying their eyes on existences that were at the very peak of their strength!

“But… I can’t see brother Cheng Hao! Shouldn’t he be here, somewhere?” Xiao Wu asked. Fu Yin also looked depressed as he shook his head “I also can’t sense him at all! Where could he have gone? There are too many people in this crowd!

The boy and the girl had sighed and decided to focus on the show that was about to unravel in front of them. That was of course, until they saw the old man, the Third Protector Lao Jianghu!

“I-It is him!” Fu Yin stuttered. Xiao Wu also gaped and her eyes widened: that old man… Was the gatekeeper, the mysterious Elder Lao!

Xiao Wu’s eyes brightened “Could it be… That day?”

Fu Yin also gaped “It can’t be right? Brother, that is just too monstrous even for you! To actually catch the eye of a Sect Protector! Or should I say, as to be expected?”

Xiao Wu giggled and picked up a small stone: on it there were some strange symbols. She poured some of her cultivation into the stone and it began glittering. Many people around them were doing the same thing, so not many people noticed them in particular.

Some would be stunned by their age and power, but then they would think stuff like ‘They might be geniuses, but those monsters on the plateau are much more talented, why bother with these guys?’ And not care about them anymore.

Xiao Wu whispered “Hello, Sister Yan Rui? Yeah, I still haven’t grown male genitalia overnight, so don’t bother asking. More importantly than that, go wake up Leader and bring everyone to the Arena… Sorry about that, we kind of beat him up. Yeah, I will treat everybody to a meal! Yes, Grudge’s End, hurry up! Things are just getting interesting! If what we think is right, then you are in for a treat! What treat? A golden eyed treat!”

Yin Hei nervously chuckled “Ahaha, Third Protector sure knows how to make a good joke!”

Although he looked cheerful, it could be seen that there was uneasiness under that mask of cheerfulness.

Lao Jianghu suddenly frowned and pondered. Everybody grew anxious by seeing his expression of concern as a bad premonition swelled up in their hearts.

“No, actually… Scratch that…”

Everybody sweatdropped when they heard him speak: so it was not true after all… After all for a person such as that to actually appear seemingly out of thin air…

“His person is just too superior for us to compare him to the experts of old. I propose him to become the highest rank in the sect!”

He raised his right arm and pointed to the Central Tower of the Castle. Seeing his actions, Yin Hei, Wu Rou and all the other Protectors paled and gaped together with the crowds.

Finally, they almost fell of their thrones when they heard the following words. Lao Jianghu pointed at the Central Tower, the most important building in the Mysterious Light-Shadow Sect.

“I propose my young friend and disciple to become the Sect Head!”

Yin Hei, Wu Rou and most of the other Protectors’s faces reddened and they almost spat out blood.

Mu Gu was the first to recover and cautiously said “Third Protector, what you say is a bit… Over the top…”

Lao Jianghu smiled and simply waved his sleeve. A few bright dots appeared in mid-air and condensed into a few Golden Weapons. They then assembled together like a puzzle and also took the shape of a throne, the only difference being, that this throne was much, much taller than the others were… And that was by quite a lot. From up there, he seemed to look down on everybody present.

Cheng Hao’s eyes widened when he noticed that. He laughed loudly and his eyes began to tear up “Oh? Ahahahahah! So direct! I am beginning to like this old man…”

Suddenly, his mouth trembled and he frowned “Still… There is something wrong in this picture, but I can’t quite put my finger on it… Like I am missing something important…”

Lao Jianghu sat on the tall throne and waved his sleeve “Everyone! I am here today for a very important matter! This Sect is declining! Ever since the Head has fallen hill, there has been no one here to lead us. What is a dragon without an head? A dead dragon! The same principle works for our Sect!”

He yelled passionately, capturing the hearts and souls of those listening to him and all who did felt their blood boiling and their spirit burning with the flames of passion!

He then looked at the Eight Protectors “Your choice to choose a new Sect Head was a right one, but the methods were wrong! This is a rushed decision and it was not thought through!”

Yin Hei and Wu Rou frowned: after all, the idea to fight for the title had been theirs, for Lao Jianghu to call their ways wrong was like slapping their face in public!

“How so…” Yin Hei hissed “Third Protector” he emphasized the Third as if to remember that he was below him in both rank and skill.

“Do you think that this Sect only has had this problem today? In the last century alone, the Sect has changed Sect Head more than five times! More than Five times! That is less than twenty years each! Why is it you might ask…” He patted his chest somewhat proudly but also dejectedly “It is simple. Look at us! What are we?”

Yin Hei tilted his head in confusion. He then shook his head to clear his mind and spoke out aloud “Isn’t it obvious? We are Sect Protectors, of course!”

Lao Jianghu shook his head making Yin Hei frown. He looked at the black haired Protector and he disdainfully scoffed “That is not it! We are old! It matters not our strength, in the end, we end up either dying or being incapacitated due to old age!”

The other Eight Protectors frowned but some also nodded their heads as they began to understand. Mu Gu nodded, his eyes glinting “We have always been appointing an Head from the older generation… So that is where it went wrong!” He smiled and he rested his head on his hands “Truly, it was a big mistake…”

“We have all been fools, the only thing in our minds was quenching our thirst for power! It is time that this foolishness ends! And it will end today!” Lao Jianghu stood up and emanated the pressure… of a Mid level Reverend stage cultivator!

Yin Hei and Wu Rou paled: Lao Jianghu, an expert unbeatable in the low level Reverend stage… Had just broken through to mid level Reverend stage! His cultivation did not waver in the least so he had actually broken through quite a long time ago and his power had already stabilized.

Now that he had broken through to the middle level, he wouldn’t be able to suppress them like he suppressed the opponents on the lower level before, would he?

“I propose…” He shouted “For the younger generation to step forward and bear this burden, for one out of them to become the Mysterious Light-Shadow Sect’s one and only Sect Head!”

Yin Hei almost spat out blood and Wu Rou paled when they heard their words. On the other hand, their two disciples’ faces brightened up: they had been forced to fight for no benefits, but if this situation unfolds, then the one to benefit the most would be none other than them!

“Furthermore, I already have my eyes on a youth. If you are not satisfied with him, then feel free to test him!” Lao Jianghu grinned and pointed his thumb downwards “Give him all you’ve got! I am sure he will be able to take everything you throw at him!”

At this point, Yin Hei was actually about to vomit blood for real. Su Rou and Zhao Bu’s faces also grew darker as they realized that this solution might also not be one benefiting them…

Unexpectedly, Wu Rou was the first to speak up. After pondering for a good while she nodded at Lao Jianghu “What you say make sense. I agree with what you told us and admit that we have been too narrow minded…”

“Wu Rou!” Yin Hei shouted “How could you say that! This is obviously a ploy for him to gain more power in the Sect, how can you not see that?”

The Second Protector ignored him and kept speaking “But there is one thing that I do not agree of. We Protectors have always been impartial. Well, more or less…” She trailed off before resuming “To only give a chance to your own disciple to become the Sect Head is nothing short than unfair!”

Lao Jianghu’s eyebrow rose as the corners of his mouth twitched. The previous happy smile turned into a fake one, his mouth twitching clearly as he tried without success hide his annoyance.

“Oh? Then how about this?” He pointed at the five youths standing in the middle of the Arena “Let’s consider this a challenge for him as well! Whoever remains the last youth standing wins! But of course…”

His eyes glinted dangerously as he stared into the woman’s eyes “There won’t be anyone complaining later no matter who it is, right? You will see to that, am I clear? No matter who it is!”

Wu Rou trembled at the gaze and gulped “Of course! I swear on my honor as the Second Protector!”

“Good!” Lao Jianghu smiled happily and nodded “Then I authorize you to come out! My little treasure, you are free! Show no restraints and show everybody your might!”

The tone was majestic and somewhat overbearing. Some even began to look around, to spot this outstanding genius!

Bi Liang turned to look at Cheng Hao excitedly “Brother, he is talking about you! Hurry up and g-” he stopped “Oh?”

Cheng Hao had disappeared!

At the same time, on the other side of the Arena, a figure appeared. The seat that had been empty up until a moment before suddenly gained an owner, how couldn’t the person sitting on the nearby seat not freak out?

He jumped back frightened and pointed “He-He appeared out of thin air!” He yelled getting the attention of those nearby.

The figure tilted his head: he was wearing crimson robes and a fierce mask. On the mask there were few decorations, the only thing present being a bloody mouth full of sharp teeth, blood trickling down from the sides.

He had long, straight, red hair and his eyes were devoid of color, his left being completely white and the right completely black. Black and White mist appeared when he exhaled, as if he were constantly expelling smoke from his mouth… It was nothing less than creepy but also overbearing!

Slowly but surely, the figure looked up. His cold eyes stared at the people surrounding him, his appearance instilling fear into the hearts of the young and old alike.

He leaned back and stretched “Man… It’s been a while since I got to show off, that is unforgivable! Lao Jianghu, I hope you had some great reasons!” He tilted his head and his demeanor clearly showed annoyance “This Sect Head thingy doesn’t look too much like a big deal, why did you bother in hiding my power for so long?”

Hearing those words a man paled and distanced himself from the youth. He trembled from head to toe and his whole figure was shaking.

“What’s wrong brother?” A person asked at the trembling youth “What shocked you so much?”

The man tried to speak but couldn’t, as his voice seemed to have disappeared. He gulped and took a deep breath and pointed at the crimson robed man in front of him with a trembling finger.

He shrieked “I-It’s him!!!” His voice captured the attention of the people around them and they all had the same reaction after looking at the youth dressed in red.

After but a short while, most of the attention had been focused on the figure wearing clothes the same color as fresh blood. This caught the attention of the people on the plateau.

“Master Yin Hei, over there!” Zhao Bu shouted pointing at a spot behind the First Protector. Yin Hei frowned and he had to dispel the throne to look behind him. There, he could see the object of all the commotion.

In the meanwhile, other seven thrones disappeared, leaving only the Golden Throne where Lao Jianghu was trying his best to hold his laughter in ‘Good brat! You really give face to your master!’

Feeling that something was wrong, the First Protector turned and saw that Lao Jianghu was still sitting on his throne! As it could change its shape at any time, he had no need to step down or dispel the throne to look behind him. The man wearing the black Protector robes paled seeing that, as he realized he had been toyed with!

The other protectors also noticed this. Mu Gu simply sighed and shook his head. He smiled bitterly at the old man dressed in gold and exclaimed “Same old Jianghu… If I remember well, ever since a few years ago you have always loved messing around with people, especially those with both power and brains!”

Yin Hei gritted his teeth and turned once again to look at the red robed boy “Youth! Who are you! You are not wearing the Sect Robes, do you know what the penalty for that is?”

Zhao Bu paled as he saw the mask and crimson robes ‘A mask with a hideous grin on it… And robes the same color as freshly drawn blood! His breath makes his surroundings look devoid of color and his black and white eyes, as different and as mysterious, as the yin and the yang, instill deep terror into those gazing into their pupils… There is no doubt, it’s him!’

He turned to look at his master “Master Long, I am almost completely sure that that guy… Is none other the person that eradicated the Zi clan!”

Yin Hei frowned when he heard those words but still acted high and mighty. He raised his head and pointed his finger “Answer me youth! Who are you!”

Long Yin Hei emitted a powerful pressure, enough to severely injure Advanced stage cultivators.

The boy tilted his head as he smiled beneath his mask “Oh? But I thought that I didn’t have to wear the Sect Robes after all… Master Lao Jianghu, did you lie to me?” He acted like a spoiled child that had just lost his new toy as he crossed his arms and showed his back to the Arena.

Not only didn’t the child quiver under the powerful pressure, he even acted as if nothing had happened! This fact absolutely stunned the First Protector: the voice of the boy made him sound like a kid still not yet in his teens, how could that be!

Lao Jianghu smiled and shook “I didn’t lie to you, but to gain such a privilege you will have to become the Sect Head… It won’t be a problem for you, will it?”

The boy turned and played around with his crimson hair “I guess not! I just need to beat these few pieces of trash down there, right?” He hinted at the disciples below.

Zhao Bu trembled from the rage and pointed at the boy “Shut your mouth, who do you think you are calling trash! Just who the hell are you?!?”

The masked youth looked at the Zhao clan young master silently he then stepped forward… And disappeared! When Zhao Bu had blinked once, the boy wearing the red robes was still there, but when he blinked another time he wasn’t anymore!

“Let’s just say that I am the Sect Head. If this is all you people from the Mysterious Light-Shadow Sect have to offer, it will probably turn out like that soon!”

Zhao Bu trembled as he turned his head: the crimson robed youth was standing on the same arm Zhao Bu had been pointing at him with!

“What speed! What control! He was a crimson blur, I was unable to see his features at all!” Mu Gu praised. He, as a Reverend stage expert could barely react to that speed. Although he didn’t see the details, he was sure that the mysterious boy had just used a mysterious bodily skill!

He was half correct and half wrong, as it was a technique but it was no bodily skill… It was the blessing, the blessing of the Primordial Emperor of the Sky, the Roc!

And Cheng Hao to them, while using such a skill, was nothing else but a Crimson Blur!

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