Immortal Ascension Tower – Chapter 44: Who Am I…

“What… What speed!” Fu Yin trembled.

Xiao Wu nodded “I could barely catch a glimpse of it by using the Purple Moonlight Senses Enhancing Technique! That speed is just too scary!”

Fan Lai nodded “What power! His speed alone is probably comparable to Sung or even Reverend stage experts! How could anybody possibly hope to fight a monster like that?” The brown haired man massaged his temples and then maliciously spoke “Maybe a kick to the temples might be a solution?”

Xiao Wu grew red from embarrassment and lowered her head. She immediately turned and bowed “We are really sorry Leader. We unconsciously did it, we absolutely didn’t do it on purpose!”

Fu Yin hurriedly nodded although he inwardly thought ‘Of course we didn’t do it on purpose… We just happened to slip on some invisible banana peel and land two perfect kicks on the temples of the guy that had just caught us sneaking out… Who wouldn’t believe this perfectly logical story?’

“Hey there, beautiful!” The voice of a woman lingered over as well and the sound of smooching and passionate kissing reached their ears. Yan Rui then appeared, licking her lips and dragging behind her a dried-up body “This guy is delicious! Can we keep him?”

Fan Lai sighed “Yan Rui, please stop flirting with people!”

He then turned to look at the Arena and pondered “But… Just who is that man? His figure is somewhat familiar and this situation… It feels like I have already seen something like it before…”

Fu Yin and Xiao Wu looked at each other in silence and said nothing but their amused smiles told many things…

Yin Hei nodded in admiration: although he didn’t like the boy’s attitude and arrogance, he realized that he had all the rights to act like that… To have someone by his side would mean one more card up his sleeve!

He smiled kindly and locked away the despise in his heart “Child, your body maneuvering skill is incredible! May I know your name?”

The Crimson youth jumped down a stunned Zhao Bu’s shoulder and turned to look at the Eight Protectors. When they stared in those two black and white eyes though, the eight people couldn’t help but shuddering and breaking a cold sweat.

“Oh! So now you want my name…” Below the mask, the boy’s lips arranged into a mocking smile.

He threw away the red clothes leaving underneath the robes of the Outer Sect. Seeing that, many frowned: an Outer Disciple! That incredibly powerful boy was actually an Outer Sect Disciple! It was truly a crouching tiger hidden dragon, this world!

But that was not all: the main dish was about to be served, and it would pack quite the punch!

“Well, My Sect Protector, you better remember my name from now on, it would be a bit troubling for my subordinates not to know about it!” The boy looked down and removed the mask. He threw the hideous mask aside and lifted his head.

The mysterious mask fell to the ground and the red hair turned dark, turning into a cascade of straight, long, blackhair. The youth looked around him.

He sensed countless stunned gazes and breathed in “Ahhh, I love this scent! Do you feel it? It’s the smell of shock, fear and natural submission!”

Up in the stalls, Xiao Wu and Fu Yin trembled and shouted excitedly “It really is him!” They excitedly jumped up and down when they saw the young boy’s hair turning black and the boy’s voice, finally free from the mask distorting it a bit, could finally reach them…

When that happened, they could not contain their excitement. After all, they could not be more familiar with that voice!

Fan Lai frowned and asked “What is wrong you guys? Some idol of yours?” He couldn’t recognize the boy down on the Arena plateau, after all, it has already been two months… But Xiao Wu and Fu Yin couldn’t possibly not recognize him!

The boy looked up and two fiery golden eyes stared at the crowd of tens of thousands of people surrounding him. Two thin lips arranged into a smile and the crowd was shocked once again: a child… That incredible genius was just a child!

Yin Hei trembled and looked at the boy’s age and recalled his power “This… How can this be!”

In his shock, he could only see the mocking smile of the boy and sensed his gaze. The pair of golden eyes looked down on him, their stare made him want to dig a hole and crawl into it…

Another man, in between the crowds of many people was currently staring, shocked, at the young child down below. He was an old acquaintance of the boy, a thirty years old man called Liu Biao, a man that had been swindled out of his items by the same boy standing down there a long time ago.

At the moment, on his face was stupor but also happiness “Brother is that amazing!?! It looks like I worried over nothing… Now, the only thing left to do is to look for the thief who has stolen my Dimensional Pouch!”

He gritted his teeth and stared around him fiercely “If I find out who he is, I won’t let him off! Even if he is one of the Nine Protectors’ disciples, I will waste him!”

A fat old man was currently searching for air, his features contorted in horror, fear and stupor. He was unwilling to believe what was going on at the moment!

“What the hell happened! I already sent those guys to get rid of that boy! They reported that he had died, did they possibly lie to me?” He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

He shook his head and widened his eyes “What’s more, I saw with my own eyes that this child had no cultivation at all, how come that now he is this much of a monster? This doesn’t make any sense!!!”

The old man was the supervisor for the Outer Sect Exam. He had his eyes on Xiao Wu from a long while ago, ever since he had seen her over the top report. He had noticed a report missing but found out that the person in question was a cultivation-less trash and didn’t care about him anymore…

He didn’t even report about his existence to his lord, Yin Hei!

Right now he was feeling like going back in time and punching himself in the face a hundred times. He had thrown away the chance to get the favor of the First Protector and, if the boy had truly disappeared, the future Head of the Sect!

“Senior… I feel like something is wrong… Doesn’t that guy look exactly like the piece of trash that Lord Examiner had told us to kill?” A person asked.

A man with a big build and a greatsword strapped to his back trembled and turned to look to his side: a fat old man was staring at him, glaring daggers. If looks could kill, the huge man would have been turned into ashes long ago.

He turned to look to the puzzled junior by his side and gulped “No! No, you don’t need to worry! Oh! I forgot, I have to do something! See you!” His body slightly trembled and then he vanished: a bodily technique!

The junior was confused when suddenly a fat old man appeared above him and landed a heavy kick on the same, exact spot where the bulky man was standing up until a few moments ago.

The stone steps fracked and split apart under the great strength of the fat old man. He gritted his teeth and glared “You dare lie to me! You bastard, do you know what you have done? Come back here!”

His figure trembled and then vanished, following right behind the younger man’s tall frame. Soon, the two of them could not be seen anymore and the junior sat down confused “What the hell just happened there?”

On the other hand, the most beautiful expression on anybody’s face was by far Fan Lai’s.

His mouth was open so wide that one would be able to fit a few apples in there, his legs were trembling, his eyes moving back and forth from the boy to the smiling Xiao Wu and Fu Yin that were making a victory sign.

He remembered himself slapping that child just a few months ago, tossing him away without any second thought, and shivered at the mere thought of it!

Fu Yin grabbed Fan Lai’s shoulder and comforted in “You don’t need to worry, he won’t resent you for it! After all, we are brothers! And that boy over there…” He looked at the youth wearing the Outer Sect robes “Is none other than our most powerful and intelligent…” He trailed off.

On the plateau, the boy with fiery golden eyes and long black hair smiled and then asked back to Lao Jianghu, his visage showing confusion “Uh? Who am I?” His hair fluttered and his golden eyes glinted with amusement.

Seeing that, Xiao Wu also grinned and continued were Fu Yin had left off “… Most beautiful and kind… Big brother!”

The golden eyed, white haired old man smiled and scratched his head, as if to ponder, his expression growing thoughtful. “Aha!” Suddenly, his eyes flashed with understanding and he acted mysterious “Boy… Are you asking me who you are?”

The boy nodded, serious. His eyes glinted once again and he smiled “I ask for Master to enlighten me! Please tell me Master, who am I?”

Lao Jianghu shook his head and laughed loudly.

“Ahahahahah!” He raised his arm pointing up “You, boy, are none other than the most outstanding genius that this world has ever seen!” Lao Jianghu nodded at the young male “Do you now happen to remember your name?”

Black hair fluttered and two bright, golden eyes glinted amused “I do! Thanks for enlightening me Master, I now remember!”

The boy grinned and looked up at an enraged and incredibly annoyed Long Yin Hei. The man’s teeth were about to crack and his fingers about to break from how much he was gritting and clenching them.

“… my name…” The boy opened his mouth and inhaled… And then yelled from the top of his lungs “…IS CHENG HAO!”

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