Important news!

Ok, I now have my holidays!

BUT, I’ve been kidnapped by my parents to France for about 2 weeks. Intensive travelling. Surprise M*thaf*cka!

I’ll try to translate during my travel but won’t be able to work a lot, I’m really sorry OTL

You can hire a contract killer to kill me as for revenge for making you wait.


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  1. Robbini0

    If you’re going to visit any particular monuments eg. Eiffel Tower, Montmartre etc. don’t give any money to the mutedeaf girls(not actually mutedeaf) there, and haggle seriously (like 30-50 % of what their sign says) with the north-africans who want to sell trinkets. That’s the best way to not be bothered by them. That’s atleast the kind of people who bothered me last time I visited.

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