Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikitie orimasu!

Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikitie orimasu!

Status : dropped

Five-year old Kishouin Reika discovers she has memories of her past life! Always pondering why her own name sounded so familiar to her when she was reborn, Reika finally remembers on her first day of elementary school! [Suiran Elementary School], the school, and her name were from a series called [You Are My Dolce].

It was a extremely popular Shoujo series in her past life, to the point where it was even made into a live action drama! The series starts out when the protagonist, a commoner girl enrolls as a special student into the prestigious [ Suiran Private High School ], where only the children of wealthy families attend. The commoner girl falls in love with the most popular boy in the school known as The Emperor, and becomes the target of severe bullying around the school, and the culprit of the malicious bullying was the character [Kishouin Reika], who served as the main antagonist of the series. [Kishouin Reika], in the series is the typical archetype of a rich girl antagonist. She was spoiled, vain, malicious and lacking remorse! By the end of the series [Kishouin Reika] gets her ‘just desserts’ when The Emperor cancels the forced engagement she had with him by declaring his love for the protagonist as well as seizing all of the Kishouin Company stocks, and exposing her father’s illegalities and corruption.

To her woe, Reika finds she had been reborn as that [Kishouin Reika]! Disillusioned and terrified by her inevitable demise, Reika swears to become the most unassuming, polite, and agreeable girl anyone could ever meet. Find out Reika’s adventures as she tries to prevent her fall!

Synopsis by littleshanks, Edited by KCDS


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36 Replies to “Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikitie orimasu!”

  1. Tabiko

    Loving the story, for some reason it is more interesting to read about female MC, well at least for me, so i hope to see more of it in the future!. Keep up the good work.

  2. Beth

    So would you perhaps be interested in a proofreader for this series? I would love to do something to help get this series out faster, but I only know English so that’d be the only way I could help.

  3. rin

    hi there! I just found this novel, and its super interesting! In general ,how often are you going to be updating chapters? Thanks for the awesome tls!

  4. babee

    i was just wondering was there a manga version of this? if there is can you tell me the title if you know it. also thank you so much for translating this, it really good!

  5. midoriha

    Thanks a lot for thi—-s! This is really enjoyable, and the heroine is really entertaining! Since the 20th chapter has some of the plot evelopment i’ve been waiting for, i’m to—-tally looking forward to the next chapters! This is going to be an awesome ride, wooo—–! Also, I’m lying in wait to see which is the best ship to support for the heroine. Uhuhuhu….! Thanks for the translation, and hope you’ll continue to the end!

  6. texasrenger

    i didn’t remember where i saw this novel unitl today , so im glad that is not dropped, i wanted to wach where and when she’s spent al the money. (the money of the jewelbox)

  7. RJ

    Goddamnit I wanna kill this Kaburagi Masaya a-hole. Even if he is a kid, wow this guy gets on my nerves on a whole new level.

  8. kiseki

    Want to read more.21 chapter is not enought.this series is good.waiting long is making me so sad.but what can a nameless reader like me say……..nothing can possibly change anyway……… Just feeling depress for waiting so long that’s all.

  9. chris

    This is really good and I like stories where the main character isn’t going gaga over a hot guy please when is the schedule for you guys translating this I have been waiting awhile for the next one to come out please do not stop translating this story thanks.

  10. raza

    Thank you for translating because I really like this story. Its a cute and refreshing read. Anyway oniichanyamete also translating this story but until chapter 14. All in all keep the good work and thank you again.


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