Maou no Hajimekata

Maou no Hajimekata

Status : dropped

Warning : This novel has been rated R18 (over 18) and contains highly extremely fuckingly fucking fuck super mega giga explicit sexual contents or violence. If you are a person with weak constitution or with illness or pregnant or too young or too old, please avoid reading this. You’ve been warned.

*do not question the protagonist’s name, case closed.

Chapter 0 : Prologue

Chapter 1 : Let’s accumulate magic first

Chapter 2 : Let’s assault the villages nearby ― 1

Chapter 3 : Let’s assault the villages nearby ― 2

Chapter 4

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  1. uavgas

    I give my thanks to anyone who brings translations to everyone, especially the kind translators, editors, QCers, typesetters, redrawers, raw providers, etc. i also give my laughs to you guys for giving me a novel with such a warning, when you have such an overwhelmingly cute website. Thanks!

  2. Everlasting Guilty Crown

    I’m flying blind here ,surveying an unknown island which I only know that it’s r18…
    Mind telling us the sypnosis here for the lost souls like me?

  3. Victory Panties

    The Summary is as such;

    In the words of the great civil rights leader, “I have a dream…… to build the greatest dungeon in the woooooorld” – Martin Luther King.

    “You can’t build a dungeon without a gorgeous heroine by your side” – Anonymous scribble discovered by Lara Croft in a Dungeon

    “It feels so good being bad” – Universal Motto of the Police Force Globally

    1. Profile photo of kobatochandaisukikobatochandaisuki Post author

      if you’d like, you can check with

      It says “Ain Sofu Ouru”, which can be written as “Ain Soff Oulu” or “Ain Soph Oulu”.

      Well, as much as it is accurate, it’s up to the translator to decide.
      I’ve based the name on German/Scandinavian way of writing names. (btw foreign names in Japan is either English, French, German/Scandinavian, Russian or Italian if there’s no particular background and settings.).

      Case Closed.

      1. Sefirosu

        Yup, it’s fine. I was just wondering about it since I saw similar katakana before ^^ but it’s up to you to decide so I’m also okay with it ^^ Thx for the translation by the way ^^


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