Kakegurui ch. 1



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    1. dakarah Post author

      I got from square enix, I can give you the raw.
      for the redraw, ScreamsRain took about…a month? to do it…If you are interested about the raw, we can discuss it by mail 🙂

        1. dakarah Post author

          I tried to send you but it didn’t work. send me your proper email adress. It’s you who want the raws, you should be the one who tries to get the raw. not me who should try to give to you. thanks.

    1. dakarah Post author

      We don’t have raw providers yet, the shippment fee without a local raw provider would be around 40 to 50 USD for even one or two magazine. so yeah…We dunno yet, we are looking for.

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