KCDS is stealing all the money!

Hey guys,

This is KCDS.
Sorry, let me cry and whine this time again.

Because I was getting fed up by people talking behind my back (like Ch**ber and Ca**is), I publish the results of January with expenses and revenues as to show our translators get more than 10% or whatever shit (claimed by those who talk behind my back).

I shouldn’t but I upload the proofs and below is some maths.
I hid names of people and some companies due to privacy matter.

Total revenue: 747.17 USD
Total expenses (server cost not included since it’s payment every trimester): 624.9 USD
Gap = what leaves to KCDS (server cost not included): 122.27 USD
Percentage that KCDS get(server cost not included): 16.364%

Proof 1 (cloudflare cost): https://imgur.com/LIVKbQg
Proof 2 (revenue): https://imgur.com/nOXVAJa
Proof 3 (wage): https://imgur.com/amJcypm

I’m so rich. Sooooooooooo rich.

I’m sick of backstabbers and betrayals.
All this while I’m busy with my job and trying to build my own business (not translation).

I enjoyed when I first started the translation and opened the website but as time goes, things get toxic and I get tired with all shitty things pilling up. I’m TIRED of enduring.

I have some plan for the future of the group and hope it goes well even if it’ll take time.

Thank you everybody who has supported my group and me so far.

6 Replies to “KCDS is stealing all the money!”

  1. Junior

    I don’t care for the drama. I’m on his new website, Elysius or whatever for one reason and one reason only: because I love the novels GS & DP… That’s it. I won’t support someone who is shady and suspect, and engages in foolery. I’ve trusted you for years & appreciated your work. I can care less about the money and the politics of things, as long as things are being done well and properly ad no one is getting robbed or cheated then please, understand that you have MY FULL support. I’m eagerly waiting for what you have in store, will stay tuned. Don’t let this stop you, push on!

  2. Delroy

    I am the monarch had been back for less than a goddamn week after the previous 4 month hiatus, and now it’s gone again… I really don’t care about the drama, just get it back on track, please? -_-

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