Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 1

I have memories of a previous life────.

…yes, it’s not like I’ve received an electro wave*. I can’t tell anyone because I’m embarrassed but it is the truth.

It was soon for the elementary school entrance when I became aware of it.
The word 「Kishouin Reika」, my own name, was always on my mind as I was saying to myself “it sounds strangely familiar” and then one day, my mother told me “Reika, you will be going to this school as well from next year” after bringing me in front of a building surrounded by a wall made of bricks.
My brain got stimulated at once by the word 「Suiran」of the 「Suiran Elementary school」 hanged in front of the big main gate.
「Suiran」, 「Kishouin Reika」, It’s the name of the school and the character from 「You are My dolce」(君は僕のdolce)─!!

The pleasure from having something that have been on my mind for a long time(although it have been for a few years but) cleared, this is the first time.
When I was telling myself “Yeah, it was that so, so it was YouDolce─.Yeah, it’s refreshing. As expected─.” and was getting excited and enjoying it, then my face became pale as for the situation I was in.

「You are My dolce」.

It was an extremely popular shojo manga from my previous life. After its final, it was even made into a drama with a famous idol as an actor.
The story starts with the female protagonist from the populace(*commoners/working-class), enrolled as a special student in the Suiran Private High school where only children of rich families would generally go to.

The commoner protagonist couldn’t get used to the school of extremely rich students. But even so, she became friends with other very few commoners’ children and was immersed everyday baking cookies, her hobby.
Then one day, she falls in love with the male protagonist who was known as the Emperor in the school.
But the people around her did not accept the commoner protagonist to become closer to the Emperor and bullied her persistently.

And the main culprit of the bullying is Kishouin Reika, me.

At the end, the two people had got a happy ending after a lot of hardships but Kishouin Reika, who interefered with them to the last of the last, bullied and bullied the protagonist, did have an engagement with the Emperor by using her parents’ influence.
But at the day of the engagement ceremony, she downfalls to the very bottom.

Not only did she taste an extreme dishonour from the Emperor who proclaimed his engagement with the female protagonist, but also for the revenge and as to avoid her becoming a threat later, her family got ruined after having the stock of the Kishouin Company seized and the father’s illegalities and corruptions uncovered.
Reika who was an elitist and lived looking down on the working-class, was banished from the high society and fell down to the working-class.

Readers felt refreshed while saying “serves you right!” for seeing Reika outcrying madly
while waving her proud hair the whole time. The previous me did also enjoy it while saying “Yes─!”

But this being my end, I really don’t want it, don’t want that kind of thing.
Why am I Kishouin Reika the classic villain’s role character of all people─!!

Please, wake up if this is a dream.

────Unfortunately, I did not wake up.

The shock seemed to have been too great for the 5 years old body and I collapsed with a high fever.
I cried due to the fever and the fear of the promised fatality.

In fact, I was a perfect commoner in my previous life.
I went to public school from elementary to high school and worked at a part time job to earn the fee for a cellphone.
Born in a normal family with a plain body and a plain appearance, I was your regular average girl.

What I remember is up to the time I got hired after graduating junior college. I don’t remember anything after that.
I don’t have memories about getting married, giving birth and living to an old age.
Is it possibly because I died between the twenties? It was possibly that.
Or if not, I may be dreaming of the manga I liked from the time I was healthy after becoming a vegetable of an illness or accident.

More than the setting of reincarnation in a manga, the idea of dreaming in a vegetable state was more plausible.

But I could feel the pain when I get a fever or tumble over a stone, and the food was tasty. The sensations was too realistic.
When the sense is realistic, I couldn’t just conclude and say 「whatever, I’m just in a dream so let it be〜」.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a reincarnation or a dream but I would’ve preferred anyone but Reika. Seriously.

The first thing I thought after recovering from the fever was “Can’t I fail the test for the entrance of Suiran elementary school to avoid being accepted?”

Suiran elementary school is the top peak of the school for riches. Even just attending it, became a big spec. The Kishouin clan was a prestigious family descendant of an ancient nobility and owner of innumerable companies.
Her parents were as much radical elitist as her.
That’s why she was educated from the 0 year old in a preschool to be able get in the Suiran elementary school.
The Preschool was also a renamed high-class brand one with high ratio of admission in the Suiran Elementary School.
Following that, I, who have got both noble lineage, family’s influential power and wealth could only pass the admission. but if I were to go to Suiran ES(elementary school), only a terrible ending was waiting for me.

If I avoid the protagonists and walk a different path, maybe I will be able to avoid my own ruin.
Suiran is not the only school for riches and there’s also a lot of renamed all-girl school!
Yeah, let’s do that!

Even with this much resolution, my determination weakened the moment I saw my parent’s faces. Would my hardcore elitist parents give up on me, the daughter who  「couldn’t get in the Suiran」and think of me as a failure of the Kishouin clan?
But even if I had memories of my previous life as an adult, it’d become too hard for the 5 years old child me in the case I were to be seen badly by my parents.

Yet, there’s still the entrance exam for the middle school even if I were to fail for the Suiran elementary school.
Anyway, because there’s “that” in that school, my parents will never acknowledge me even if I get in for the middle school if I were to fail for the elementary school one’s.

Mother was already thinking of me succeeding (even before to success, she said “the school Reika will be attending” in front of the said elementary school) and almost all close relatives were mostly in or graduates of Suiran.
In this kind situation, the coward me who was a former commoner couldn’t have the courage to deliberately fail the admission test for Suiran.

Can’t be helped, first, let’s go to Suiran.

However, I would like to avoid by all means to become a villain character like one in a manga’s plot. It’s painful to be hated by others.
And in the case I can’t avoid it, I now would like to prepare a plan to be able to live by myself even after getting ruined.

  1. Who sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. Do not make any unnecessary enemies.
  2. Do not waste any money. Diligently save up the allowances and use it for school expenses.
  3. Do not get involved with the Emperor. Of course, do not get involved with the protagonist who will come in after; at the high school.
  4. Appeal indirectly that you are either supporting or uninterested of the two’s relation. Indirectly. The ‘Indirectly’ is the point. I must not manifest my presence here.
  5. I must get a job myself and be able to live by myself. The objective is public servant.

Good. For now, this will be all.

I, Kishouin Reika unwillingly in the position of the villain, will do my best to be able to live a peaceful life!

Translator’s note

*electro wave = ; basically she’s saying that she’s not hearing strange voices/ she’s not crazy.

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Proofreader : Zennneth

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  1. Jerry Tu (@PersonaJXT)

    “…yes, it’s not like I’ve received an electro wave. I can’t tell anyone because I’m embarrassed but it is the truth.”


    You might want to look at denpa again, since you’re taking it literally whereas it was meant as something else.

    Sorta jumped out at me since the sentence made no sense and I’ve seen that mistake before. He’s saying he’s not delusional essentially and not whether or not he’s receiving radio waves.

  2. lygarx

    what a nice surprise. Female protagonist. Honestly long overdue. Oh there is another series that had a female reincarnated protagonist.
    which has a manga. Most likely based on a light novel since it is published by AlphaPolis

  3. lirg123

    It took me a while but I finally understood what the story is about. It’s about a girl who read this manga called “you are my docle”. She is somehow reliving as this girl who was a real birch. She is now trying to avoid the birch path, as she was simply a normal person.

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