Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 10

Entering the second semester after the summer vacation, I started to attend the cram school I was looking forward to.
It’s a cram school that onii-sama attended and there’s a lot of elementary schoolers coming from all kind of schools, without distinction of private or public ones. It seems to have a pretty high level.
It’s totally different from the cram school I attended in my past life working with printed papers…

I’m actually only taking the grammar and mathematics lessons but those subjects are no problem at all. I rather feel omnipotent.
Well, after all it’s just first grader’s course so it’d be more a problem if I didn’t know.
Besides, the reason I wanted to attend the cram school was of course thinking of the future, but there’s also another one, a really serious purpose behind it.

That is snacks.

Although I had a few occasions, those occasions were all wasted as the Kishouin family’s driver came to pick me up.
He drops me off before the private lesson and when by the time I’m done, he’s already in front of the school.
So! It means that I have no free time!
It’s unlikely that I walk alone outside. There’s always somebody with me.

But it’s also troubling.
Because I can’t buy snacks so.

It doesn’t matter even if you laugh at me saying that I’m gluttonous.
But anyway! The only ones I get everyday are the sweets made in luxury confectioneries. Meals too, it’s only menus that you’d see in first class restaurants.
I mean, Thank you? It’s tasty?
However, my soul of the past life desires junk snacks. It wants frugal meal like, only white rice with pickled vegetables. It wants to eat a Yakisoba bread!

So I thought.
Don’t I just have to have time where people won’t be following me?
In cram school, the grammar and maths lessons are separate so there’s free time between them.
So don’t I just have to slip out at that time and go buy them secretly?

It’d be good to have a convenience store rather near to the cram school if possible.
If I go out too often, I’d be spotted by the cram school teacher and reported to home so I have to be careful about that too.
Buy only things small enough to fit in the bag with school materials in it. Never aim big stuffs like potato chips even by mistake. Because it contains air, it’s voluminous even if it’s a small pack.
Let’s start first with small things like Tirolean Choco. And if I can, I want to eat Takenoko no Mura*. The truth is that I also want to eat Lucky Turn* but the hurdles are too high.
And someday, I’ll buy rice balls.

Being lost in wild fancies, I couldn’t come to stop myself anymore.
So that’s why I tried to go to cram school by all mean.

There’s a convenience store in the place of a few minutes of walk near the cram school onii-sama attended.
When I just started to attend it, as I was drawing attention from the people around since I was a new face and student of the Suiran, I really couldn’t afford to slip out.

And when I somehow managed to be able to go to the convenience store once every week without being spotted, it was already two months since I started attending it──.

The first snack I bought were two Tyrolean Chocos and caramel.
Since I couldn’t go out with my bag, I could only afford to buy things small enough to put in pockets.
As the break time was only 15 minutes long, I came back in hurry.
The second hour’s lesson didn’t come in my head at all.

After coming back home, I ate the tyrolean chocolate secretly in my room, and I was moved to tears by the O nostalgic taste.
And for the rest of the chocolate and the 8 pieces of caramel, I ate them sparingly.

Viva Junky.

The Autumn is a busy season with things like the sport days festival and the Suiran’s presentation day. Personally, I also have a piano recital. I’m in deep confusion.
In the athletic festival, between the same grade as me, the duo Kaburagi and Enjō was obviously a big success.
They even overwhelmed upperclassmen. Thanks to that, their fans increased further including the upperclassmen.
Unfortunately, there was no hero in my class. Let’s do better in other areas.

The Suiran presentation day is like the school’s cultural festival, not only are their works made by students, there’s also the Choral competition and a bazaar.
Since there’s more things to prepare here than for the athletic festival, I ate snacks in the Pivoine’s salon in my spare time to supply energy to my tired body.
To be able to eat snacks at school, as expected of the privileged class.

Recently, the salon was full with talks about the choral song for the presentation day or works made by each class.
It was said that the class work difficulty becomes harder as you get in higher grade. The upper grades seem to be making a diorama.

「Reika-san, there’ll be macarons made by Pierre Evan today, would you like to eat?」
「Thank you. I’ll gladly take one」

This person here is Minazuki Aira-sama, an onee-sama of the 5th grade.
She is a girl with a shortcut emitting a boyish charisma that you won’t usually see in Suiran, she’s a person that is likely to enroll in a theatrical troupe and receive the prize of the best woman in a male role.

I became close to Aira-sama since the last summer party, when she saw me and onii-sama’s waltz.
She said that how I was dancing all happily in earnest looked cute. Thank you.
She came out saying 「I envy you who has a so nice onii-sama」, with a picture of me and onii-sama ringing the bell of the roses arch and gave me.
It seemed that it was Aira-sama’s acquaintance at that place who took the picture.
I heard 「I want to hand this picture later since it was a so cute couple」.

Somehow, we turned out to be a couple, onii-sama.
I thought I only ashamed myself unnecessarly in front of Kaburagi Masaya and Enjō Shusuke but life is full of surprises.

──But this Aira-sama has one big problem. That is……

「Yurie. Those limited edition macarons are delicious」

Yes, Aira-sama was Yurie-sama’s best friend.

「You are right. Then shall I eat one more? Masaya and Shusuke, would you like one as well?」

「I’ll eat」
「Un, me too」

Next to Yurie-sama, there’s Kaburagi who’s always YURIE LOVE. And Yurie-sama and Aira-sama are best friends. And the junior whose recently loved by Aira-sama is me.

It’s quite a dangerous standing position.

As the Emperor is practically apathetic toward people except the ones he has interest in, it’s sure that I’m totally out of his concern for now.
Just once, when Enjō Shusuke asked me 「You, were you the girl who danced the waltz in the middle of the hall at the summer party?」, he looked me while saying 「Ah…Was it that one」like he remembered.

Enjō Shusuke, you are doing unnecessary thing!

「Masaya, you have to help for the class presentation too, okay?」
「…well, more or lessly」
「No such answer. You really have to help us」
「Ah─…, un」
「What’s that reply? I’ll come to check you at the class. Okay?」
「Okay. Really, Yurie nags too much─」
「What did you say!?」
「It’s a joke, I said I’m sorry. Yurie is so easy to get angry」

While munching and eating macarons, he looks at her secretly
For a guy who’s being sarcastic, he looks quite happy. Yeah, he really loves her.
The Emperor is like another person when he talks with Yurie-sama. His bored and indifferent expression become rich like others.

Ahh─, his cheeks became a little rosy. You couldn’t suppress your overflowing love, did you?
When I was observing the such rare appearance of the Emperor, my eyes crossed with Enjō’s.
I’m sorry, I won’t look anymore. But I’ll still be eavesdropping the relationship like this.

Even while having all kind of things, although being busy, I could safely overcome this Autumn.


Takenoko no Mura : name parody of Takenoko no sato

Lucky Turn : name parody of Happy turn ハッピーターン

Translator’s note

Hello, sorry for the late, I was just too busy with school…

The last dialogue between Masaya Kaburagi and Yurie seems to be meaningless, I’m sorry I couldn’t turn it into a more comprehensible way.

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Editor : Zenneth

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