Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 11 -Kishouin Takateru-

– Kishouin Takateru –

I have a 7 years old little sister.
And this little sister, has lately gone strange.

My little sister was a cheeky and selfish child due to being spoiled by my doting parents.
Under the influence of mother who’s always with her, she totally become like a miniature version of mother and I was looking at my sister with cold eyes while thinking “I wonder if she’ll become an arrogant daughter of the upper class like the ones I see in my actual school”.

Of course I respect my parents and cherish them as my family.
However, I can’t get used to my parents who looks down on people below them.
Although it’s people like those that supports the Kishouin family’s company.

Since I’m the eldest son, I’m probably going to inherit this house and the company.
At that time, I might conflict with father’s way of doing.

Let’s get back to my sister’s story.
My little sister who I thought she was a miniature version of mother, has changed from around the time when she entered elementary school.
How should I put it, she became a fool in a positive way.
Would it be better to say that she became naïve?
And, she seems to be muttering something to herself a lot.

Her grades seemed to be not bad. Even the lessons she hated to go and was recalcitrant before, she’s taking them earnestly.
Although being only 6 years old, she can discern the reasonable, and occasionally says difficult things for children.
If you only look at it, she’d look to be a really outstanding child.
But like thought, there’s times when she has strange behaviors. And it is a little funny to me.
Recently, my hobby is to observe my sister who is like that.

My little sister was attached to me even before, but that seems to have become more intense lately.
When she sees me, she comes with an happy expression on her face. It’s somewhat like a puppy.
It’s like there’s an invisible tail waving on her back.
Anyway, to receive such honest favor and also since she’s also my real sister, like I thought, it is quite cute.
And as I’m treating her kindly, she’s became more attached to me.
When I sit on the sofa, the seat next to me seems to have become her reserved seat.

One day, my little sister suddenly said that she wanted to go to a cram school.
She asserts that she wanted to attend a cram school and not a private tutor. And the reason for this was suspicious.
However, since the enthusiasm was conveyed, I gave a little help for words and she gave me her thanks with a big smile.

Being a little meany, I asked for her real motive then her regard was whirling as I expected.
Like I thought, there seems to be another purpose. Although it doesn’t matter anyway.
When I told her that I could know that she was lying by looking at her eyes’ position, she became stoned like that.

Hey sister, your reaction is too funny.

My little sister who was petrified with the her mouth open looked like an Haniwa that is a little goofy, so I laughed in spite of myself.
If she transforms into an Haniwa next time, I should maybe try and put a candy in the mouth.

It’s true about her eyes going to the upper right but my little sister has a habit that she doesn’t even know herself.
When my sister try to lie and smile for something, her dimple twitches.
This is a habit of her that I discovered recently as the time spending with my little sister who is attached to me had become longer.
And my little sister probably didn’t knew that habit of hers at all.
However, I have no intention to tell her.
Because that way is more interesting.

In the summer vacation, my little sister who under mother’s influence said that she didn’t want to tan and hated to go in the seawater, pulled me and ran into the sea this time.
Like if she wanted to show me the result of her swimming lesson, she began to swim all revved up but she drowned immediately.
It was a so picturesque drowning that it was strange why she was that confident.

What are you doing, little sister?

After that, since I was worried about her and always stayed beside her, she found a new trick, that is, to swim comfortably stuck on my back.
As she was being bossy and ordering me to go here and there, sometimes I deliberately submerged my body as to be doused by the waves.
The little sister who’s doused by the waves and was drowning looked goofy so it was funny.
When I apologized to her 「Sorry I didn’t see that coming」, she answered me 「It’s fine, it’s not onii-sama’s fault, it’s the waves’ fault」.
So it was true that the dumber the child is, the cuter it is…

Although it was my little sister who didn’t want to go into the sea until last year, since she was playing all the time in the seawater, her body tanned steadily.
I told her to put sunscreen on as she’d get scolded by mother later on but she answered me half-assedly and went back into the sea.
As I expected, mother who looked at little sister who’s all tanned was shocked and my sister got into a panic to seeing mother in such a state.
That’s why I told her so. Really, she’s a goofy.

One day, when I came back and went in the piano room as my parents’ were absent, there’s my sister who was cheerfully playing 「I stepped on a cat」 for a reason I didn’t know why.
She was swinging her body and singing with strange lyrics 「I stepped on~」.
But when mother asked her what she did today on the dinner time, she lied 「I was practising piano. The song for the recital」.
Don’t lie! What you were playing was 「I stepped on a cat」!
Just when did the song for the piano recital changed!?

I wonder just what my little sister does when she’s alone, it’s really strange.

On Valentine’s Day, she was preoccupied to check the chocolates I’ve got.
She ask me to show her the class’ group photo but I absolutely don’t want to.
I felt a little bad as she was grinning while looking at me.
I’ve also received the chocolate that my sister told she made it herself but I refused to eat it with the school finals getting close.
As she was insisting me that it’ll be fine since the housemaid helped her, so I ate it with readiness but,
……It had no taste.
A tasteless chocolate, just what is this?
The little sister was waiting for my feedback with a self-confident smile. First, I told her 「It was delicious, thank you」.

I wonder if she’ll be making one again next year as well…
Since there’s also the middle school’s entrance exam next year, let’s try to find a way to somehow be able to avoid eating it.

The thing that marked me the most is probably that.
That one night, when I woken up to go and drink water.
My little sister room’s door was a little open and I could hear strange voices from.
Thinking what it could be and when I looked quietly from the gap, in the room with only the bed lamp lit on, my little sister, sat on the floor between the bed and the wardrobe and the back toward the door, was letting a creepy laughter.

…………I thought it was a ghost.

My little sister who wasn’t aware of me was laughing while muttering something.
Because I was scared, I quietly closed the door as it is and came back to my room.

My little sister, is she possessed by a ghost?

I decided to watch on her for a while.
And swore definitely to never get close to my little sister’s room in the night.

There’s various other things happened besides it but watching my little sister’s strange behavior is really funny.

Translator’s note

This chapter is interesting how you can read the thoughts of the big brother about Reika.

Like always, sorry for the late OTL

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Editor : Zenneth

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    1. LittleShanks

      The chapter was really interesting. I always love it when the author shows another person’s perspective aside from the MC. It really enriches the story by doing so. ^_^ Also, the creepy ghost thing, huh? Wonder, what that’s about. x)

      1. Nguyen Gia Thai

        It it also a possible reference to a scene in another manga, Skip Beat where there’s a scene of piano playing I stepped on a cat . Maybe. I think~
        Skip Beat is about the best shoujo manga, so I think it’s a nod to that, though I am not sure.

      2. RoflCat

        @Nguyen: Nope, I stepped on a cat/cat step is pretty much a ‘kid’ song. The reason it showed up in Skip Beat was similar to how onii-san here was shocked to find Raika playing it; it’s something completely unsuited for ojou-sama education.

        In Skip Beat it was used to break tension because that piano lesson was similar to how Raika was supposed to practice- songs for recitals, but then THAT song came out instead so her tension deflated.

  1. Unknown

    Never thought Onii-chan would think like that(…nah, I lied, LOL). Will we get another chapter of Reika Onii-chan? In his POV, Reika sure is funny and I agree. That’s why seeing another chapter of his POV isn’t bad at all. Thanks for the chapter.

  2. chibitee

    Thanks for the chapter. I wonder why onii-chan isn’t like a miniature father like Reika was before, is he really they child or maybe the son of another late parent… and this chapter explains why the other story onii-chan didn’t appear in the marriage, it was because he hated the way his sister was, always looking down on the others.

  3. deathmetalbunny

    The brother chapter makes me wonder if he was the reason behind the fall of Reika and her family’s buisness before. The old Reika really grew up to be everything he despised. Unlike this rekia who is growing up happy and friendly who may also be keeping their father in line by insisting he stay a good guy as well.

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    Damn this chapter is really good. I love the amount of context and depth the Onii-sama POV brings to this story. It also answers a lot of questions like why Onii-sama was absent in the manga world Reika knows. Crap Reika is so cute. I know how this Onii-sama feels hahaha. It looks to me that he’s developing a budding siscon feeling! Hopefully we’ll get more Onii-sama POVs as the story progresses.

    Thanks again for the translation!

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    Thanks for the chapter Kobatochandaisuki!

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    I’ve been reading this WN and currently around chapter 50+ and the Oniichan chapters are one of my favorites.

    I really do enjoy how her brother sees her and her “eccentricities”.

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        Question…was she reading mangas or not?

        Thinking what it could be and when I looked quietly from the gap, in the room with only the bed lamp lit on, my little sister, sat on the floor between the bed and the wardrobe and the back toward the door, was letting a creepy laughter. (Is this missing a word perhaps?)

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