Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 12

I’m now in 3rd grade.
In Suiran elementary school, you change class in the 3rd and 5th grade.
Was it maybe thanks to praying everyday during the whole spring vacation, I was safely assigned to another class than being in the same class with the Emperor.
I won an unlikely gamble with the chances of 1 out of 4.

Onii-sama had graduated from the middle school and enrolled into high school.
He spends less time at home than before as is he had become busier after becoming a high school student.
How boring.Yurie-sama and Aira-sama also graduated from the elementary school and went to middle school.
The two wearing the middle school’s uniform somehow became more adult-like all of a sudden and I felt what we call the differences between the elementary schooler and the middle schooler.

It’s just only one month that had passed including the spring vacation, why’s that?
Is this the uniform magic?
Well, the middle school’s uniform is cute though.

The Emperor had quite the bad mood since Yurie-sama, the school building (*the one where she is) and the salon (*since Yurie is now in the main Pivoine’s salon and any more in the Petit Pivoine’s) were away from him.
The people around him were looking at him silently from afar like they want to avoid getting cursed by the calamity god.
And the only one who can talk to the Emperor whose emitting a dark aura is Enjō.
As expected of Enjō. I definitely can’t do that.

I can understand his uneasiness, he who’s feeling the difference between him and Yurie-sama who grows more beautiful as the days passes.
For adults, 4 years of difference isn’t a big matter, but for children, 4 years is too big.
Between a first grader in middle school and a 3rd grader in elementary, she sure wouldn’t see him for a romance partner.

And as if himself knew that well and whenever a man gets near Yurie-sama, he threaten by silently emitting a bloodthirst.
But then, the fact that Yurie-sama thinks of Emperor’s action as a cute little brother’s jealousy is making it look even more pitiful.
Sometimes, it seems that he goes to middle school to pick her up after school. You are so laudable, Emperor!

And so, there’s few Suiran school’s student that went the cram school I went since the 1st grade.
Suiran is an escalator-system school so as long as you don’t create big troubles, you can promote without problem so there isn’t much sense of crisis as for studying.
In addition, most of its students have private tutors instead of going to cram school.
However, there’s a few who go to cram school among the male students.
And I felt that what I was afraid had finally come.

「So Kishouin-san was also intending this cram school…」
A student of Suiran who became my classmate this 3rd grade talked to me.
「Well, yes」
「Erm, would you mind if I sit next to you?」

The feeling of wanting to know someone when you know nobody, I also know that well.
It’s assuring, you feel at ease.
But to me, this is a quite dangerous development.

「There’s also another guy who’s here from this year but the day is different. So, I thought I had to study alone but then I didn’t know Kishouin-san would be also here. Ah, were you also intending here starting this year?」
「No, I was in since the 1st grade」
「Eh, really?! Surprising. Kishouin-san wouldn’t be such the type to be studyi…no, well」

Yup, I don’t care about it much.
Me, whose especially has become the leader of the girls group, I wouldn’t look like the type to study earnestly as to even go to a cram school since the 1st grade.

「Because it’s the one Onii-sama went so I also wanted to」

Well, this is probably a passable answer.
It’s because there was a label of brocon stuck on me before I was aware.

「Heh, is that so? By the way, how’s here? Is it harder than school?」
「Well…since there’s many students that come from high standard schools, I think it is hard in a way」
「I see」

We talked about various things after that too but I now had a question that I couldn’t ask to this child who knew me like it was a common sense.

What’s you name? That is.

It’s troublesome.
We are chatting so friendly like this so wouldn’t he feel hurt if I tell him that I don’t know his name?
Is there something that would give me a hint…ah, right!

「It’s about time that we should take out the textbook and the exercise books. Have you already checked a bit of the content of the textbook?」
「Ah, you’re right」

He rummages in his bag, takes out his grammar textbook and put it on the desk.
Let’s see, the name on the textbook is──

“Akisawa Takumi”-kun. (秋澤匠)
Alright, I got it.
Although I’m not sure if it’s Sawa or Zawa

「Akisawa-kun, in which group are you in after changing the class?」
I call him casually like I knew his name from the very beginning.

「Oh, did Kishouin-san knew my name? I thought my name wasn’t known to Kishouin-san’s group. Well, I’m in group 4. By the way, about my last name, it’s not Akisawa but Akizawa」

…If you thought that I wouldn’t know your name, then tell it first!

I was really worried whether you’d get hurt if I told you that I didn’t know your name although we are in the same classroom.
This child, is he a bit Mr. careless?

Then because the class began, our chat ended.
The course content is a bit harder than it should be for a third grade in elementary school, but there’s still room for now.
Akizawa-kun next to me seemed to be also a bit nervous, but he was earnestly listening to the lesson and resolving the exercises.

And finally, break time.

「Ah, I was so nervous! The lessons are more ahead than in our school!」
Akizawa-kun spoke to me casually while stretching.

…I knew it~.

This is what I was afraid.
If a Suiran’s student comes, it’s sure he or she will give attention to me who goes to the same cram school. And their attention will be set on my behaviors.
Or there’ll be children who’d talk to me like Akizawa-kun.
Although I didn’t expect that there’ll be a child that is this friendly even at the first meeting so far.
However, if it becomes like this, I can’t go to the convenience store that was my original purpose!
Ah~, so this is the end….

「It is. But instead, the lessons at school became easier」
「Is it so─. So Kishouin-san had good grades, huh? You didn’t look like that at all」
This kid, he’s really Mr. careless. He has just too much tongue slips.

「I, do I really look to be that much unserious?」
And I’m gonna stab you.
「That wasn’t my intention! How should I put that, I mean, something like your world is different to the ones who have to study hard. And the children around Kishouin-san also give off the same kind of feeling. Besides, you are a Pivoine’s member, so」

Well, indeed.
Among the students in the same grade, I enter in the category of those whose house is strong and because we are in a school that values tradition, clan that are lineage of nobility can have considerable influence so girls that are like gather around me as well and as result, it naturally became the most intimidating group among the girls group.
However, it’s a little sad that everyone feel like more like an entourage than friends.
It’d be nice if they could call me「Reika」instead of 「Reika-sama」~.
I wonder if I have friends at school….

「Somehow it was surprising! I thought Kishouin-san was hard to approach and wouldn’t pay attention to somebody like me, but to think that you were this friendly」
Akizawa-kun laughs as if he was happy.

Yeah, like I thought, other children find me hard to approach.

「Can I sit next to you next week as well?」

Anyway, when it comes like this, I won’t be able to go to the convenience store for a while.
And since there’s not many children who approach me this friendly.

「Yes, of course」

I wonder if Akizawa-kun would become my friend?

Translator’s note

The comeback of Reika-sama, yay yay~
Well, there was a real hard time but I somehow managed to get this done before the end of saturday…

thank you everybody that supported me, I can’t thank you enough for your gentle words 🙂

P.S : please don’t ask me why it is 1 chance out of 4 about the said gamble, I’m not the author…

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Editor : Zenneth

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