Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 14

During the summer vacation, there’s the troublesome relatives gathering.
And obviously, there’s also kids, rather, there’s often more kids than adults but then there’s my natural enemy.

「Takateru-sama~. I wanted to see you!」

That kid who is hugging my onii-sama is the daugher of my father’s little sister and a year younger than me, Kotou Lirina.
In short, she’s our cousin.

「Lily always wanted to see Takateru-sama. Why didn’t you come to see Lily?」

「Because I was busy with school」

「Eh~, but Lily wanted to see you! Then instead, stay with Lily today please!」


「Okay. With Reika as well」

Lirina who was completely ignoring me has finally faced me.

「Ahh, Reika-san, you were there」

「How do you do, Lirina-san」

I was. Next to onii-sama, and very closely!
You, when you went to hug onii-sama, you deliberately pushed me, right?

Shit~, she’s so uncute!

Lirina said she wanted a bigger brother as she was the only child and was sticking to my onii-sama long ago.
By the way, she doesn’t seem to need a bigger sister (me).

「Hey, Takateru-sama. Let’s chat over there. Lily has a lot of things she wants to tell to Takateru-sama」

Saying so, she’s pulling my onii-sama on.
And I was left alone, separated from him.

Patience, patience. I’m an adult. I’m an adult.
It’d be very childish to get angry over a kid’s selfishness.
Anyway since it’s only for one day, it doesn’t matter. I’ll lend him to you. The R-E-I-K-A’s onii-sama!

「Come as well, Reika」
Onii-sama turned back and called me.

Uwa~n, onii-sama!

The enemy had skillfully chosen a two-seater sofa and firmly secured the place next to onii-sama.
The topic was only Lirina’s bragging.
About where she went, what she asked to buy or like that she was praised for her recital.
The kind onii-sama was listening to her with a smile.

「Ahh─, Lili also wants to go to the same school as onii-sama. Then we could be always together」

Since there’s the limit of less than one hour for commuting in Suiran elementary school as enrolling condition, Lirina couldn’t come to Suiran.
Honestly, I was relieved thanks to it. To be in the same school as Lirina, it’s an absolute NO.

Thereafter, Lirina’s bragging continued.
Ignoring my existence intentionally.

When I first met Lirina, I was also trying to get along with this younger cousin.
However, as this girl was hostile to me like she recognized me as her enemy at first sight, I also gave up the idea of getting along with her.
Well, she’s really terrible. Be it to ignoring me to start, her unpleasant way of talking or her nasty character, everything.
At least, we are not getting into fights but it’s impossible to stop the silent exchange of sparks between our eyes.

The cool, gentle-looking and kind onii-sama is of course, even popular to the other relatives’ children.
When the children were gathering around onii-sama more and more, I felt the mood of Lirina swooping.

Lirina glaring in all directions.
Among those children, the distant relative middle or high school girls are Lirina’s biggest rivals.
Sure, they’re ones who are purely admiring my onii-sama, but among these children, there’s also the ones who are aiming the Kishouin family’s heir’s spouse place whether they’ve been incited by their parents.

「It’s been a while, Takateru-sama. Do you perhaps still remember me?」
「I of course remember you. Kasumi-san」
「I was also looking forward to seeing you, Takateru-sama」
「Is it so. Thank you, Maya-san. You look healthy like always」

「Hey! I was talking with Takateru-sama first! Don’t get in middle!」
Lirina roars while clinging to onii-sama’s arm.

「Lirina-san, still the same, huh. You shouldn’t bother Takateru-sama like that」
「What are you saying! There’s no way Takateru-sama would be bothered! Because Takateru-sama likes me! Don’t tell something arbitrary! Get lost!」

Lirina raised her voice.
After all, it’d be alright to ignore her, taking it for a child’s nonsense, but because everybody suffered her more or less and considered the always stubborn Lirina as annoying, and also that she was getting in the way of the rare opportunity to become closer to onii-sama made the older girls fight often with Lirina.

「Taketeru-sama, there’s something I do not understand in my summer homework. Could you please teach me maths?」
「Haa~h? Go look at cram school or ask your tutor!」
「I wasn’t talking to you. Takateru-sama, is it no good?」
「Hmm, well. I’ll teach you a little bit then. If there’s others who have also brought their homework, let’s do together」

「Lirina-san didn’t bring her homework, right? Then what about you go read a picture book there?」

「What! I’m no longer at the age to read picture books!」

Because the little children got scared due to the fight, I brought them here and played with toys I’ve prepared in advance.
The girls’ fight is scary, so I sideline prematurely. Onii-sama, ganbare.
Shall we play something easy like Trump then.

「Lirina, calm down. Lirina may also stay with us. However, you must stay put」
「But! Takateru-sama is Lili’s Takateru-sama! Why must those people be together with us!」
Lirina doesn’t seem to accept at all the fact that she can’t monopolize onii-sama.

「What is Lili’s Takateru-sama. Takateru-sama already has a wonderful little sister like Reika-sama, isn’t it? Takateru-sama is Reik-sama’s onii-sama」

Ah, that’s the taboo.

Perhaps because she heard the thing she didn’t want to hear the most, Lirina was trembling in anger and glaring at me for some reason.

No-no, it wasn’t me who said that.

「You all, I will never forgive you! I’ll go tell my mother!」

After shouting, Lirina ran out of the room while having her face bright red and crying.

「I’ll go get back Lirina, so everyone, start doing your homework ahead please」
When onii-sama ran after Lirina, the children who were left over began to complain all together.

「What is she. Being selfish should have limit」
「She became cheeky since Takateru-sama is being nice」
「I don’t like the way how she thinks all would be resolved if she goes telling her parents whenever something displease her!」

Due to having the opportunity to befriend onii-sama snatched away, they are exploding in dissatisfaction.

「Reika-sama would even get angry to be sworn enemy by her, right?」
「Oh yeah, and she was ignoring Reika-sama openly before too」

Oh, the burning rock came over here.

「Well, I don’t mind about it much. It’s not like we meet everyday and since Lirina-san is probably lonely due to being the only child」

I returned with a passable answer.
Because it’d become troublesome later if I were to backbite her together now.

Was it because I didn’t come along, the children started ill-mouthed Lirina and started to compete about backbiting her.
How scary.
In fact, I should tell them that it’s because Lirina is young but I pretended to not hear as no good points of Lirina came up however much I was thinking.

The relatives gathering is tiring since it’s always like this.

Translator’s note

Always tired…and the end of holidays came…

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Editor : Zenneth

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