Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 15

The autumn is busy as always with the sports day and the recital but in sports day, Emperor who was in the last order at the relay race achieved an unbelievable feat to come from the last to first place and there was a big commotion with girls squealing hard.

「The race was unfortunate. For Akizawa-kun’s class」
Akizawa-kun’s class were at the first place before Emperor passed ahead of them.
And Akizawa-kun was the last runner.
「Well, since the opponent was Kaburagi-kun, it couldn’t be helped. It might have been different if it was Enjō」

In fact, Akizawa-kun is in the same class as Enjō.
This time, Enjō got his foot injured before the sports day so he wasn’t able to participate in the main competitions like relay race and others.
「But you were the last runner Akizawa-kun, and you were fast. You also participated in the relay race last year as well, right?」
「Although the last runner’s role came to me instead of Enjō-kun. It’s not like I dislike running. I’ll think about enrolling in the track and field club」

I haven’t thought about things after entering the middle school.
To begin with, I don’t think I have things I want to do especially. If I had to say something…buying snacks?
Ugh…It’s awful even for me.

「Kishouin-san was out on the ball throwing game, right?」
「Yes, we got the first place」

At the ball throwing game, Enjō participated as he said he could play although his injured foot and thanks to that, the girls in the same class as Enjō were more concerned about being next to Enjō than the game and started to have their own competition so Akizawa-kun’s class had bad score.

And me who didn’t care about the commotion repeated to quickly pick up balls and throw them, and turned into a ball-throwing machine.
Since my reflexes weren’t so good, I couldn’t contribute much in the other games for the class so I wanted to at least do my best in the ball throwing game.
And I’m satisfied that we got in the first position, halleluja.

「After the end of the sport days, Kaburagi-kun’s class had a big commotion because girls stormed into it. At the end, Kaburagi-kun eventually got angry」
「Was it so」

Even, that kind of commotion comes every year.
Usually, there’s always girls clamoring around Kaburagi Masaya but after events like sport days, the size gets bigger.
I wish they’d learn their lesson as he always gets into wild rage every year. But maidens’ love seems to be unstoppable.

「There’s always a big commotion on Valentine’s day every year」
「It was certainly terrible! There were a lot of girls with chocolate in the corridor and a mountain of chocolates on his desk. That was amazing~. I’ve only received from my mom, big sis and my childhood friend」
「I also gave chocolates to my father and onii-sama」

I was giving my handmade chocolate on Valentine’s day to father and onii-sama every year from 2 years ago.
This year, onii-sama told me 「It’d be hard for you to make it by yourself so it’s fine with the ones they sell in stores」 but do you think that I’ll spare my effort to even do so for my beloved onii-sama!

Especially since he has the high school entrance test, I gave him my handmade chocolate with plenty of love also as a charm for him to pass.
Onii-sama did enjoy it too so I’m very happy.
And since he enjoyed it so much, I’d like to do my best next year as well.

「Huh? Kishouin-san hasn’t given a chocolate to Kaburagi-kun?」
「Eh, why would I?」
What’s that? That’s some weird idea.

「No, I was sure Kishouin-san also liked Kaburagi-kun」
「It is not」
I flatly denied it unconsciously.
That’s not even funny. Who would do such scary thing?

「I see. Ah, then perhaps Enjō-kun?」
「That is also a no.」

So why is there only two options?
To begin with, I hate popular people like them.
I certainly find them cool if I look objectively, but it’s scary how there’s too many rivals when it’s someone popular.

Hmm. But someone I like…

Now we speak about it, I don’t have anybody I came to fall in love in this world. The first love is still yet here, for me.
My first love in my previous life was my bigger cousin.

Geh! This is the same as Lirina!
Yet, I wasn’t an annoying kid like her or do I think so…

I think I certainly came to like him as he was kind and played with me with a kite on the New Year.
His points were higher as the fact that he wasn’t violent like the male classmates.

In the previous life, the boys in the same class were playing hockey with the brooms during the cleaning time, they were throwing balls and hitting girls or having milk chugging contest that I don’t know what there is anything interesting about it and there were only idiots that’d even go stealing my snacks I brought for the field trip and throws it away while telling me 「It’s because you always eat this kind of things that you’ve become a fatty─!」

What “fatty”, ignorant! In those days, I wasn’t fat but chubby.
It is “chubby”!
For that idiot, I throw him a hard compacted snowball on a snowy day. And I hid quickly. He was angrily asking who did that. Serves him right.

Anyway, there’s no such idiot boys at Suiran but unfortunately, as there’s two brilliant boys in the same grade called Kaburagi and Enjō so the other male students have very thin presence.
Although I think when they age a little more, as their characters will develop more, kids more or less popular will surely come out later as well apart from those two.
Bear it until then, O unfortunate boys.

But a gentle boy…
If it’s a gentle boy around me, there’s onii-sama and…

I look silently straight at Akizawa-kun next me.

「Eh, what is it?」

Well, Akizawa-kun is also a kind boy.
He talked to me first during cram school and I feel that I show my true self more when I’m with Akizawa-kun, more than when I’m with the girls I’m always with at school.
Before this, he even opened the door for me on the way home. A true gentleman.
And his face is cute as it’s kinda like a hamster.

「Hey Kishouin-san, is there something on me?」
「No. Nothing」
I smiled at him and changed the subject.

Akizawa-kun is a really nice and kind boy but I can’t think of him as more as than a 「good friend」.
I think I see the position of 「good guy」 Akizawa-kun will take in the future──.

Without knowing that I was having useless thoughts, Akizawa-kun smiles all happy, takes out and puts the school material on the desk.
…Sorry, Akizawa-kun.

Translator’s note

I wish I became suddenly more intelligent and could translate everything in an instant in a good english…Where’s my god?

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Editor : Zenneth

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