Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 16

An incident happened when we graduated in the 4th grade and the weather had started to become hotter.

It was that a male student from another school confessed to Yurie-sama.
The information was spread after school, when Kaburagi Masaya was in the Petit Pivoine’s salon.
I was also in the salon as in order to kill time until the cultivation lesson and thanks to it, I could witness the moment a human is transforming into a demon king.
Enjō ran after Kaburagi who dashed and jumped out of the salon and us who were left were hesitating and looking to each other whether it was alright to chat about this affair.

At the end, that male student was instantly crushed by the Emperor who came running and Yurie was put in the Emperor’s car as it is. And it was said that only the collapsed male student was left there.

Since that day, no other men approach Yurie-sama, the Emperor always made her get on Kaburagi family’s car together to and from school and while he was away from her, not only did he make students having connections with Kaburagi house spy on her, he even went to pick her up by the time Yurie-sama’s cultivation lesson ended.
His majesty the Emperor whom all female students were longing for became an excellent stalker candidate.

If that repeats every day, even Yurie-sama would feel uncomfortable. Even if it’s the cute little brother’s obsession, there’s a limit to the patience.
And of course, Yurie-sama, angrily  issued an approach ban, also as a meaning for Emperor to reflect on his action.

I more or less understand her. When you are about in the 2nd grade of middle school, you would go out with your friends once in a while after school or would want to stay alone too.
Constantly spies on, sticks next to and growls like a mad dog whenever a man seems to be approaching to Yurie-sama even a little.
It’s rather me who’d admire Yurie-sama’s greatheartedness who bared that for a while.

And now, the Emperor who received the ban on approaching from the angered Yurie-sama, had fallen to the bottom.
That appearance is, well… deep depression?

We could no more see in him the appearance of the prince who wasn’t haughty but always full of confidence and the aura that we could believe even if he said the world was his.
A sinistrous aura was floating around him with the dead eyes and the body bent forward.
It seems not even Enjō has a way to cheer him up and have no choice other then just watch him over with a troubled expression.

The salon had less people than before coming in the salon as if they were trying to avoid troubles.
A wise man would certainly do so.
But the foolish me, without any thoughts, unconsciously opened the salon’s door in search of snacks.
There’s a limit on lacking foresight….

As there were careless companions besides me as well, I quietly drank tea with them.
Today’s black tea is a goods said to be purveyed to the british royalty.
The ginger cookie of the same brand accompanying with is so sweet, ah~ so delicious.
However, maybe because I stopped the swimming lessons, I feel like I took some fat lately….
I’ve heard that the fat cells increase on puberty.
And it’s said that once the fat cells increase, they’ll never decrease after. It’s a frightening thing.
I must be careful….
Let’s stop after another one of this delicious ginger cookie.

「Maybe I’m finished…」

I think I heard something I should not have.

「Yurie doesn’t take my call…」

Were you persistently trying to call her even in this situation?
You’d just piss her off more like that though.


Holding his head, he looked like a husband who had his wife left him.
I can’t look at him any more.

In fact, I know Yurie-sama’s true feelings.

Actually, I sometimes happen to have the chance to come across Aira-sama in the english lesson I’ve started to go from this April.
It’s due to that the time my lesson ends and I go back home matches with the time when Aira-sama comes but then I’ve been able to ask Aira-sama, Yurie-sama’s closest friend, about her.

Aira-sama said, due to the excessive binding of the Emperor, Yurie-sama had thought that if this had to remain as such, it wouldn’t be good to  “Masaya, the cute little brother” as well and made it so that he may reflect on his actions and she wants him to grow up and becoming able to suppress his selfishness.
Something like 「Let it as it is for a while」.

I think it’s too much effective that it doesn’t really need to be let is as it is for a while.

Anybody looking at it can clearly get that the Emperor is a boy fallen in love that doesn’t only think of Yurie-sama as a big sister, but did Yurie-sama really not have noticed it?
I asked about it to Aira-sama but she said she didn’t know either.
「Maybe she already knows Masaya’s feeling, but it might be that she doesn’t want to break the actual relationship~. Since Yurie only thinks of Masaya as a little brother」

A 8th grader thrusting reality and shake off a 4th grader, that’s some harsh stuff.
That must be hard, Emperor.
Come to think of it, there was an episode when he was in tatters after getting turned down by Yurie-sama, right.
So he was already obstinate this young, huh.

As if with intuition of the wild he sensed that I was thinking about such thing while dazing , Emperor turned his head and glared at me.
Geh, this is bad.

「Hey, you」

「Y, yes」

Awawa, this is really bad!
I’ve stepped on a mine!

「If you have something to tell, do it so」

「S, something to tell?」

「T, That is, Yu, Yurie-sama thinks about letting it as it is for a bit!」


Hiii─! My mouth slipped─!!

「How is it that you know that?」

「I, I heard it from Aira-sama─!」

Aira-sama, I’m sorry!

「Aira? You, were you close with Aira?」

「We have the same english classroom!」

「English classroom….is that so」

Emperor began to mutter something alone, then suddenly raised his head and glared at me.
That eyes were dwelling with force as if the dead eyes like a fish before was a lie.

「Alright. You, go to Aira and spy」


Translator’s note

Man, I fucked up my presentation as I was shivering and talking fast like a machine gun so much I was stressed. orz

Otherwise, this chapter has been quite hard with some expressions that I couldn’t find well how to turn it into english. (welp, I’m always engrish tho)

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Editor : Zenneth

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