Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 17

I, Kishouin Reika, have been named spy by his majesty the Emperor….

After that, the Emperor drove out the ones who were in the salon and began a strategy meeting with me and Enjō.

「First, what have you heard from Aira?」

Uuh, his gaze is scary….
I wanna run away.

「I,it’s that she’s thinking about letting things rest down…」

「How come you’ve heard that from Aira?」

「When I met her by chance in the english class, Aira-sama asked me how Ka, kaburagi-sama does and I answered her that you looked depressed, I could listen about Yurie-sama’s feelings」

Scary, you’re too scary. Don’t glare at me.
By the way, it’s the first time I call him by his name in front of him.
I’m so tensed that my tongue is twisted.
Somebody help me~.

「Where do you go talking about people freely?」

You’re right.
Anybody would feel bad if they get to know that people are talking back on.
I might be done even before that the protagonist will enroll this school…

「Well well, don’t threaten her too much. She’s scared」

Enjō Shusuke smiles towards me and say “right?”.
That smile, can I trust it?

「Shut up, Shusuke」

「First, at Masaya’s current state, it wouldn’t be that strange to have rumors spreading in the whole school, no? Isn’t it right, Kishouin-san?」

Don’t ask that to me.
Because even if I do think so, I definitely can’t answer to it.
Even if it is the truth.

「Shusuke, you…」

「Masaya also wants to know about Yurie, right? So don’t threaten, you should be asking gently to her. Well, if it’s Aira, I could ask her by myself aswell though」

By all means, please do so.
And let me go from here the quickest possible.

「No. Aira won’t tell even if it’s you. I’ll use this girl instead」

「Ah, you might be right. Then Kishouin-san, could you do that please? Concretely, I’d like you to ask her on how much degree Yurie is angry and around when will she be forgiving him. Masaya, have you got anything other to ask?」

「……Will Yurie forgive me?」

「Hmmm, since she said she’ll let things calm down for a while, I don’t think she will cut relation with you. If she gets to know that you’re reflecting this much, Yurie will certainly forgive you」

「Is that so?!」

He suddenly gets energetic.
This guy is surprisingly simple?
Gya, I’m sorry for thinking impertinent! I’m sorry!
Don’t glare at me.
Like thought, Emperor maybe be able to read minds.

「Alright! When do you have english class?」

「The day after tomorrow」

「What, it’s still far. Rather, why don’t you go to the middle school and ask to Aira now?」

Don’t be absurd.

「If Yurie gets to know that you’re being pushy, she’ll become angrier. So for now, let’s wait calmly」

「R, right. Any more would be bad」

So when Yurie-sama’s name comes out, he’s listening obediently.
Like thought, he’s a simple

「So then. We entrust it to you, Kishouin-san」

So─is that so.
You’re ignoring my will. Is that so.

「You! What’s your name」

「It’s Kishouin Reika…」

You ask me that now? I don’t mind it though.

「Alright! Kishouin! Fulfil honorably your duty of spy!」


What spy. That’s just an errand.

Emperor who became cheerful said he was hungry and went to get some snacks.

Who said that 「he isn’t arrogant」? Ah, it was me.
I really have bad eyes, me.
If we don’t call this “arrogant”, how should we call it?
In the first place, he’s able to abuse people that he doesn’t know their name nor have talked this naturally.
Should I rather report it to Yurie-sama via Aria-sama?
That he’s using an innocent girl like an errand boy by threatening.

……No no no, I mustn’t.
If I do so, I’ll die for sure, at 100%. Yeah, for sure.

「Good luck, Kishouin-san. If you do well, you’ll receive thanks from Masaya that you’re longing」

「I’m not exactly longing for him…」

Due to the too absurd treatment, I unintentionally leaked my real thought.
My longing for the Emperor in the past, I left it all in my previous life.
I was a little weird woman longing for the 2D but is there anything wrong?
For the actual me, the Emperor is synonym to the Downfall and I haven’t longed for him even once.

「Huh? Really? Since you were often looking at Masaya, I thought Kishouin-san too liked him. You know, Kishouin-san’s friends often loiter around us」

「You two stand out so I can’t help but to look. I’m sorry if I bothered you. I’ll be more careful from now on」

First, let’s regain composure.
Without the Emperor’s gaze, the giant cat inside me can revive back.

「If that’s all, I’ll be going.  Then have a nice day」

I’d like to flee away from this lair of devils the sooner as possible.
I want to roll my tail and run away in a blast.

「Yeah, good bye. Take care of yourself」

Enjō gently swung his hand toward me.

On my way back, the Emperor, walking while eating a cookie saw me and told,

「Hey! Errand girl, you must do your work correctly!」

Errand girl….
Wasn’t I a spy? A spy.

The mouth is source of calamities.
Somehow it’s like I’m gonna cry.
In all ages and countries, a spy that failed his mission was said to be disposed by the organization.
What will be my future?

Translator’s note

I think I failed this chapter quite lot…there’s too much stuff I couldn’t put it in a real nice english way…meh.

Always busy, always tired, always bored.

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Editor : Zenneth

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