Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 18

When I went to cram school, Akizawa-kun’s innocent smile welcomed me.

Akizawa-kun’s smile is just so innocent compared to the other black-hearted two.
Ahh, it heals me….

「What’s wrong, Kishouin-san? You look tired」
「Well, few things happened」

Yeah, various stuff happened

I, who was trying all my best to not get involved with the Emperor, have become his errand boy…
What are you doing, Me?

「Is that so. Are you alright?」
Nope, not at all.
But I can’t possibly involve the pure Akizawa-kun in this.

「If I fail this mission, please pick up my bones…」

First of all, I doubt that Aira-sama would even answer to what the Emperor asked me to ask.
Although I’m on friendly term with Aira-sama but I wonder if she’d accept to answer to such thing as well.
However, if she doesn’t tell me, I don’t know what will happen to me.
Will I be sworn at for being a worthless errand boy?
Well, only that much would be fine though.
As my standing in school would get bad as the girl being hated by The Kaburagi Masaya, that’d be troublesome.
I mean, I haven’t been ordered to become a spy in front of the other members who were at the salon but what will happen if the other children get to know that I’ve become that guy’s errand girl?

……maybe the day that my standing in the school will fall to the bottom will come.
Ahh, only horrible imaginations are coming to my mind more and more.

「Hey, Kishouin-san. Would you like to eat this?」


What Akizawa-kun took out from his bag was an individually packaged Financier.

「Mom gave it to me to eat for when I’d get hungry. I think you’d get better you eat something sweet」
Akizawa-kun smiled, saying so.

A, Akizawa-ku────n!!

You’re a really good child. You’re an angel!
You two are different as sky and earth!
I’m relieved that I became friends with you!

「Thank you, Akizawa-kun!」

When I ate the Financier Akizawa-kun gave me, I really felt a little better.
I thought that if it’s Akizawa-kun, I could share my treasured soy flour flavored Tyrolean chocolate with.

And finally, the English classroom day has come.
I didn’t go to the Salon since that day but the Emperor was watching with the eyes saying “you know what to do, right?” when I came to the corridor after school so I also replied him back with eyes saying “Of course I do!” and fled to the entrance hall in a brisk walking.
Having come this far, I must do this errand.

After the end of English lesson, I was anxiously waiting for Aira-sama to come.
As I already told to the Kishouin family’s driver that I’ll come a little later, it’d be fine but the question is whether when Aira-sama will be coming.
If she comes in the class when the lesson time is near, we won’t have time to talk.
And it’s not like I could wait for her lesson to ends
Please, Aira-sama. Please come quickly.

Seemed the heaven stood on my side, Aira-sama appeared fairly earlier.

「Ara, Reika-san. How do you do?」

Ahh, Aira-sama, goodness~.

「Erm, I have something I’d like to ask you, Aira-sama!」
「Something you’d like to ask to me?」

Because I didn’t want other people to hear, I decided to ask her in the corner of the stares.

「Actually, it’s about Yurie-sama」

Aira-sama made a questioning expression.

「Y, yes. I mean, how angry is Yurie-sama at Kaburagi-sama and when she’s thinking about to forgive him」

Since I had not much time, I asked her straightforwardly but Aira-sama’s face made an even more questioning expression.

「Why would Reika-san like to know that much about Yurie and Masaya? Going as far as waiting for me to come」

Of course you’d find it suspicious.
It’s a perfectly normal reaction as me, who isn’t close with Kaburagi at all has stepped into the two’s relations.
Like this, I wonder if I just look like someone who likes to onlook rumors.

「I don’t know why you’re doing this but I tell you recklessly about this, Masaya will get angry」

I already made him get mad.
And I’m asking due to his order.
Should I rather tell her the truth?
But I don’t think she’d believe me to be the stalker Kaburagi’s minion.

Aira-sama, seeing I was hesitating about my words, narrowed her eyes.

「Could it be that Reika-san was told something by Masaya?」

How did you found that!
Is Aira-sama able to read on people’s mind like the Emperor!?

「Erm, that’s…」

But would it be fine to honestly admit it here? Or should I continue to lie.

「Ah─, Yeah. I got it. Anyway Masaya told you to ask me how Yurie was, right?」

That’s perfectly right!
You’re really amazing, Aira-sama. How come you know everything?!

「So that boy didn’t reflect at all, right? Doesn’t he know why Yurie got angry? I’d like to say that if Masaya says anything, just ignore it, but Reika-san can’t, right?」
「Yes, that is so」

I shook my head and agreed.

「Okay. So I’ll ask that to Yurie. If he asks how much she’s angry, tell him that if he’s going to keep threatening others and make them work like he desires, she’ll get angrier」

For the coward me, that’s something I can’t possibly say.

「Fufu. But I have my lesson starting now so I’ll have to ask Yurie after this though….I guess next week would be too late?」
「I don’t know but probably…」

For the Emperor who couldn’t even wait two days, I don’t think he’s able to wait for a whole week.

「I see. Then Reika-san. Do you have a mobile?」

I don’t have much opportunity to use it but as it has the GPS function, I have it for the security purpose.
That’s why when I go to the convenience store during the break time at the cram school, I always let it in the classroom in order to build an alibi.

「Then let’s exchange addresses. I’ll send you about Yurie by e-mail with it」
「Is that alright with you?!」

Ohh, Aira-sama’s address GET!

In fact, Aira-sama is more popular than the average boys with her tomboyish appearance from her shortcut hair.
There’s even many girls who are longing for Aira-sama. And it seems that the fantasy with Yurie-sama as the beautiful princess and Aira-sama as the gallant knight seems to be popular to a part of them.

…and me too, I’m also one of those who are secretly longing for Aira-sama!
Yeah! What the me now am longing for isn’t the Emperor but Aira-sama, the Peony’s knight!
Don’t get haughty! The tyrannical duo!

Though, even so, it’s just a howl of a loser who’s a coward in front of the said persons….
But well, this is okay.
Since I’ve been able to fulfill the mission in a certain way.
Thanks to Aira-sama having found about my situation, seems she’s become my ally.
And having been unexpectedly rewarded with Aira-sama’s address, I somehow started to feel delighted.

Well then, I guess I’ll go back home.
Onii-sama said he’ll be coming back late today from school, right? Tsk, how boring.
I wonder if he’ll play with me tomorrow?
La la, la.

What came in my sight when I came out of the english class in a merrily mood thanks to having my worry resolved was,
Kaburagi Masaya, arm in arm in front of a black car.

Translator’s note

Thank you for waiting this chapter 🙂
I wish I was as fast as Oniichanyamete, hahaha… but that’s impossible for me.

A little additional note : in Japan, people exchange their email addresses instead of their phone numbers

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Editor : Zenneth

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