Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 19

And I’ve been directly kidnapped to the Kaburagi family’s car and inquired about the spy activity.

「How was it? I saw Aira going in, so have you heard anything from her?」

What’s this?
This guy’s a real stalker. He’s dangerous.
Have you got nothing else to do?

「Aira-sama promised me that she’ll ask Yurie-sama next time. And she told me that she’ll contact me soon」

I definitely won’t tell him that we exchanged our email addresses.
If I do, it’s sure that this future stalker called “the Emperor” will take the address and send exhort mails day and night, regardless of time.
That’s how a stalker work.

「I see. Did she say anything else?」

Hmm, I think I shouldn’t tell him that.

「What is it? answer me」

Ugh, don’t glare at me, it’s scary.

「Well, Aira-sama told me, Yurie-sama will get angrier if you threaten other people and exploit them.」

Woah~ I told him.
But this is what Aira-sama said, you know? It’s not me who said that, okay?

Kaburagi asked me with a vacant expression.

「Others? Who are you talking about?」

Eh, is this boy an idiot?
Not only is he a stalker but an idiot as well?
Haughty, stalker and an idiot, that kind of regrettable kid?

「Hey you. You just thought of something rude now didn’t you?」
「No, no way I did that.」

Like I said, don’t read in people’s mind!

Kaburagi stared at my face for a while, but then soon snort at me.

「Well, okay. So when will Aira contact you?」
「Hmm. Probably next week?」
「How will she contact you? Are you going to meet her in the middle school building?」
「Eh…that is, I think so?」

You got me where it hurts─!

「What, you haven’t got a proper confirmation? How’ll you do? Wait until Aira’s lesson is finished?」

He isn’t joking.
Why do I have to go that far?

「No. I’ll go ask Aira-sama on Monday myself」

Let’s deceive him with this for now.

「Hmm. Okay, alright. It’s on Monday. Don’t forget it」
「Yes, I know」

So I can go back home now?

「Ah, right. Have you got a mobile?」

When you lie, you must never look to the upper right.
This is what my onii-sama thought me.

「It’s my parents’ educational policy」

Kaburagi stares at me like he’s doubting me.
Right, this guy could read in people’s mind. Calm, calm.

「So can I go now? Because the person who’ve come to pick me up would be worried」

I’d like to withdraw without getting caught any more.

「Eh, okay. Then see you on Monday」

Just before I was going to get out of the car, Kaburagi questioned me like he remembered something.

「By the way, who is that “other” you’ve told me?」

Imitating Enjō’s wicked smile, I smiled at him.

「That is of course me. So then,  good bye, Kaburagi-sama」

And leaving the stunned Kaburagi, I walked towards the Kishouin family’s car.

I did, I told him, hurray!
……But what should I do if I’m revenged?

The bomb exploded when it was time for dinner and my parents and me have gathered except for onii-sama who’s supposed to come back late.
Father came in happily and smiling.

「I’ve heard from Sagami today and it seems that Masaya-kun from the Kaburagi family has come to see Reika even to English cram school?」


So that’s why you looked unnecessarily so happy!
Sagami-san is the driver who came to pick me up.
So why he didn’t come to help me although I’ve been kidnapped in another car is because he knew who the other party was.
And he reported that to father.

「Since when have you been getting along that well? I didn’t know that at all」
「No, father. I’ve almost never talked with Kaburagi-sama」

This is no good. If I don’t deny firmly here, something irreversible will happen later.

「What do you mean? Wasn’t it that Masaya-kun has come to see you expressly? Is it that Masaya-kun likes you?」

Wow, he’s seriously misunderstanding!
You are completely dreaming, father.

「That is impossible. And since it’ll be a bother for Kaburagi-sama, please don’t say that anymore!」

If this goes on, he might hug the ambition of engaging me to him.
To start with, he was that kind of person in the manga.
Ah, what should I do?
At times like these, if onii-sama could have been here!

「Why do you look so blue, Reika?」
「Because father is having a weird misunderstanding!」

This is bad, I think I can hear the footstep of the ruin.
I absolutely don’t want to get humiliated in an engagement party!

「Oh my, dear. Reika is still at that age to be shy. Don’t overpush her.」

Mother softly stopped father.
But mother was also looking at me with eyes full of expectations.
Please forgive me~!

Everything became like this because of that guy. Stalker Kaburagi!

I wanted somebody to listen to me who’s ill at ease, so I assaulted toward toward onii-sama’s room who came back from the preparatory school.

「This is what happened, father and mother are having a huge misunderstanding. What should I do, onii-sama?」

I feel sorry for onii-sama who’d be tired from coming back not a long while but I started tell my complaints.

「If it’s just misunderstandings, it’s better to leave the two and it’ll get better. I’ll also stop them from pushing things thoughtlessly. But moreover, is the promise you made with Masaya-kun alright?」

I lied to onii-sama that Kaburagi wanted to hear something from Aira-sama.
And also, I haven’t told him about that I’ve been threatened. Because I didn’t want to make him worry.
If I didn’t tell him about Yurie-sama is because it seemed for me that it was bad to freely talk about other people’s love affair even if the other party is a stalker.

「I think it’s probably okay」
「it’s good if it is so」

*pon pon* Onii-sama pat and caressed my head.

「Hey, onii-sama」
「Onii-sama will succeed the Kishouin family’s company in the future, right?」
「Then please do an honest management」
「What do you mean?」

There’s only my honest onii-sama who can stop our ambitious father!
So onii-sama, please protect my uneventful future.

Translator’s note

the script was done two days ago but PRed a little later…*whips the PRer*

there’s always few lines that are tricky to translate in english so I happen to turn them in another way (but don’t worry, the meaning is still kept in the whole. just that it isn’t direct translated)

I’m trying to recruit people who know japanese or korean and put them on very interesting novels but nobody(enough competent) comes…(they know they’ll turn into slaves if they do)

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Proofreader : Zenneth

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    Thanks for the translation!

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    Maybe Kaburagi assumed that Reika would be eager to do whatever he asked, just like most girls he interacts with, so he didn’t realize she was upset until that last comment when she fled from his car.

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