Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 2

I enrolled in Suiran elementary school!
It was totally different from the public elementary school I went in my previous(?) life.
The exterior which looked like a cathedral in Europe befitting the time-honored school. In the main entrance, the stained glass windows were shining.

But inside, it was full of modern equipments. There was air conditioning as well as the humidifier and water purifier in every classroom. And in winter, there’s a boiler running in each floor.
There’s a heated swimming pool, a tennis court, a grass field, a baseball ground and even a concert hall inside. There’s also a mini theater and a planetarium. In addition of a domed greenhouse(*glasshouse/greenery) and a teahouse.
Furthermore, there is also an absurd number of facilities that I don’t know yet.

Although there were facilities shared commonly between the elementary, middle and the high school but it was all completely out of my sense of the 「elementary school」 I had till now.

The school boasted an immense territory even if it was in the heart of the city and was called as  「The Forest of Suiran」with its large green fields.

The school uniform is a blazer coat type designed by a famous designer. The rule for the Suiran middle and high school is to wear a ribbon for girls and a necktie for boys over the striped white blazer coat. The ribbon and necktie were purple for the middle school and navy blue for the high school. Only the elementary school had a black blazer coat to avoid it to be easily stained and the ribbon and necktie were colored in light blue. They are all very cute.

You are really awesome Mr. famous designer. I’m glad for getting in this school even if it’s just for wearing this school uniform.
The Suiran school uniform is always number 1 in 「the ranking of school uniform you would like to wear」and received the admiration of all girls.
It was also one of the reason why the protagonist chose Suiran: she wanted to wear the uniform.

Yeah, I think I understand, that feeling.
Although her uniform will get dirty due to several bullyings…

In the middle and high school, you could either choose to bring your lunch box(*bentou) or eat in the school canteen but in elementary school, you had a provided meal.
But it wasn’t a lunch lady but a chef who was preparing those meals.
There’s no such thing as distributing responsible shift(*where students shift to distribute foods) but exclusive waiters.
And menus so luxurious that you wouldn’t really be able to call it provided meals.
There’s things like Vichyssoise* or veal terrine*. Was it said so to teach the table manner or…?
The drink is a black tea. You can have a squeeze of lemon or milk after your preferences. There’s no child making it all white even by pouring too much milk by mistake.
The dessert was a Crepe Suzette* instead of common fruits.

Ah, my mind can’t follow anymore. It’s literally a culture shock.
Did the protagonist feel the same way when she came in the high school?

This school, just how much is the school fee? Although I avoided as much as possible to think about it since it was scary.

The most distinctive feature of Suiran school is the organisation called 「Pivoine」 (*peony).

「Pivoine」  is a privileged class of Suiran where only students between the ones who enrolled Suiran since the elementary school and have a good lineage, family’s influence,wealth etc were strictly chosen.
There’s also a same organisation in both the middle and high school and they receive special treatments from the school.

In the elementary, there’s the 「Petit Pivoine」(*little peony). Their members will become members of the Pivoine after they graduate to middle school.
As it is only composed with trueborn Suiran students, the ones who enrolled during the middle and high school won’t be able to get in, even if they have outstanding lineage, familial influence and wealth.
It was an organisation admired by all the Suiran students, where only the chosen ones were admitted.

And I, Kishouin Reika, am also a member of the Petit Pivoine.
In 「You are My dolce」, Reika did as she pleases, abusing the power of Pivoine.
People will overlook problems to a certain degree even if you just show your status as a Pivoine.
But to have such an organisation in school that is supposed to bring students in the right path, what’s that.

Pivoine’s members wear a little badge with a peony jewel under the school emblem on the uniform.
Because it’s made of real jewel, it’s pretty how it shines.
And this is the certification of the privilege of exemption from liability in the school.

…to put it like that, it’s kind of scary although it’s pretty.

In addition, the meaning of 「Peony Party」(Pivoine) is said as because peony means 「charm of the prince」 in the flower language.
…starting from its conception, it is scary in various ways.

Just being a member of the Pivoine attracts both the admiration and fear from the other students.
That can’t be helped either. It’s hard to keep up if you were to get in trouble against the Pivoine.
And there’s also cases where your family gets damaged by its members’ background.
Somebody wise would avoid as much possible to get involved with the Pivoine which you have no gain nor loss to.
Of course, I feel the same.

Well, no, it’s too late for me though. Because I’m a member of it. I’m already deeply anchored in it.
Ah, so frightening. Those kids’ sense of money is already scaring me.
It’s because i’m still used to having five thousand yen a month from my high school days.
Just how much allowance are you giving to an elementary schooler? That’s not an allowance anymore but already a budget for living!
Yeah, including me of course.

Thanks to my family’s power and wealth, I’m comfortably spending my days at school well enough.
No, would it sound too immodest to say “well enough”? In fact, I’m having it extremely easy.
It’s because there’s already a faction despite being only a 1st year.
Those kids are the ones who were clustered nearby Reika in 「You are My dolce」
Were you already been stuck like that together since long ago?

I’ve only been living for 6 years here but the worldly wisdom is something that becomes a habit.
Ah, it’s strangely exhausting. The world of children sure is hard as well.

But if I were to be a little more greedier, I’d like to have friends rather than a faction.

Ara? To think of it, did the character 「Kishouin Reika’s friend」 appear in 「You are My dolce」? Maybe I’m going to have zero friends? Real?
Ah, no… There’s sweat coming from my eyes…(*tears)

The manga starts when the protagonist enrolls in the Suiran High school, so we couldn’t know how Reika has spent her school life till then.
But probably, she was living as she pleased,  looking down on others with her commonly known 「Reika pose」, having her left hand on her waist, covering her mouth with the other hand’s back and laughing loudly. While running after Emperor.

However, the me right now can’t act like that at all. Because the footsteps of the ruin would be coming closer and closer.
And in addition, I don’t have the mental to be sane after laughing like 「Ohhohoho」.
I do know at least what shame is.
Well, about Suiran, there might be quite a lot of students that would act like that even if it’s not Reika…

Translator’s note

Vichyssoise = Vichyssoise is a thick soup made of puréed leeks, onions, potatoes, cream, and chicken stock. It is traditionally served cold but can be eaten hot.

Terrine = is a french force meat loaf similar to a pâté, made with more coarsely chopped ingredients. Terrines are usually served cold or at room temperature. Most terrines contain a large amount of fat as well as pork, although it is often not the main ingredient: Many terrines are made with typical French game meat, like deer and boar (which are generally not eaten any other way in France).
Crepe Suzette = is a French dessert consisting of a crêpe with beurre Suzette, a sauce of caramelized sugar and butter, tangerine or orange juice, zest, and Grand Marnier or orange Curaçao liqueur on top, served flambé.

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Proofreader : Zenneth

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