Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 20

The mail Aira-sama has sent came on Saturday night.
This is the arrangement of our several talk we’ve exchanged and that I’ve noted in a bullet list.

・Yurie-sama is angry at the Emperor’s excessive behavior who was watching over all her actions and even going to interfere the male students who were approaching to Yurie-sama by ordering middle school students.
・She’s also angry at his violent behavior when he kicked on the other school student who confessed to her.
・She’s going to forgive him if he understands why she’s angry and reflects on his actions.
・In the case he reflects on his actions, he must swear that he will respect Yurie-sama’s opinion and do not disturb her nor put excessive surveillance on her.

And this is the most important point.

・Do not involve others for Yurie-sama.

This is of course about myself as well.

In fact, when Aira-sama told Yurie-sama that Kaburagi has forced me to be the spy, she said she was sorry for me.

And Aira-sama suggested me to say that we’ve met early in the Monday morning when I told her that I lied to Kaburagi that I had no mobile phone.
As expected of Aira-sama.


I went to school in high spirits after I got this spy activity report.
I was taking things too lightly by thinking that I could give the report at lunch time or after school in the salon but I was forgetting that guy’s impatient personality.

It was that Kaburagi came to my classroom not long after I’ve arrived at school.

My classmates were turbulent, especially, I could clearly feel the girls’ eyes burning with jealousy and envy.
Anyway, it’s because that the Kaburagi Masaya who is uninterested by girls and doesn’t even pay attention to them coming to see a female student (me) by himself to another classroom.

Why are you doing this….

「Hey, so how was it?」

Are you asking me suddenly without even greeting?

「Good morning, Kaburagi-sama. Here is no good so let’s talk during lunch time」

As for others to not realize I’m shaken, I talk to him in a calm attitude.
Please, don’t say anything unnecessary here.
Because this stalker is an idiot and it’s dangerous as you don’t know what he’ll say.
Ah, what should I do if my classmates find out that I’m his errand girl?
My standing would tumble down!

「No, speak now. Can’t wait.」


When will you get that Yurie-sama got angry to that lack of self-control?
You might never ever be forgiven if so?

「Understood. Since I can’t tell you here, let’s go somewhere else」

Anyway, we must go somewhere unexposed to ears. If Kaburagi says “errand girl” here, I’m done.
And others’ glare are just too scary.

「Okay, then follow me」

He’s arrogant as usual─.
When we left the classroom, I heard the screams of the girls saying 「What is that─!」from behind us.
My peaceful days seem to have ended.
Ahh, my head hurts….


「Now, say the result」

Since there was no time to go to the salon, we came in a corner of a corridor.
Of course, with a single glare of the Emperor, although being the school beginning time when a lot of people pass through, people were already gone from the corner of the corridor.
Although I painfully feel all the attentions I’m receiving from afar.

「I understand」
I took out the folded report from the pocket.
To begin with─ is it normal to think you would be able to see the result right on the morning when it was said 「I’ll go ask on Monday」?
Is he really an idiot without any thought or does he think that whoever it is has to follow his command as the top priority?
If it’s the latter, I’d come to hate him even more~.

Stalker Kaburagi is reading the report like he’s devouring it.
……I wonder if we should say that he’s as usual as always or─.
I thought warmingly “it’s bittersweet~how unfortunate~” when I was watching the elementary schoolboy who lives and die for his first love as a 3rd party but after getting involved myself in, he’s now just an annoying stalker for me.

「…If I reflect on the things written down here and swear that I won’t do anymore things to Yurie like watching over, she’ll be forgiving me?」
「That’s what it is written」

Kaburagi was lost in thought.

「So when is that?」

What is this dude saying?

「So if you reflect on…」
「I reflected on. I did a lot. And I swear I’ll respect Yurie. Look, I did as Yurie asked so. Today? Tomorrow? Or right now?」


What a pain.
Was the Emperor such a pain in his childhood?
There’s people who make a fuss saying “he’s so cool, it’s nice!” from his always cold expression and bored look, and I also have thought he didn’t look childish as he looked cold for an elementary schooler but this, what’s cool? This is just an idiot.
I’ve been completely fooled.


At that moment, Enjo Shusuke came here.

「What are you doing in a place like this with Kishouin-san?」

Ah─, more trouble came.

「Oh Shusuke! Look, this spy has done good job!」
「Eh. Kishouin-san, you already asked to Aira? You work fast─」

Enjo looked from the side into the report Kaburagi was holding.

「Hmm, I see. Well, there’s nothing different from what I thought, no?」
「And now, I was telling to this girl that I’ve reflected on and will accept Yurie’s conditions too. Then will Yurie forgive me now?」

What a simpleton~.

「What a fool you are~, Masaya」

Uwa, I thought for the moment that my inner voice leaked out.

「Shusuke, you bastard. Are you trying to seek a fight?」
「Hey, reflecting reflecting. Don’t you know Yurie’s also angry because of your hot-tempered character?」
「There’s nothing such written on it!」
「Haven’t you been told to read between the lines during during grammar class? Look here, that you kicked another middle school’s student. Yurie is angry of your bad-tempered behavior. Alright?」

Kaburagi got silent like mortifying.

「Anyway, she won’t believe you only by telling her you’ve reflected on. You must show by behaving」
「Then what should I do?」
「Right~. Kishouin-san, have you got any good idea?」

Why me?
Since I went to look on Yurie-sama’s thoughts like I was ordered, won’t you free me already from this role?
And since your dependable best friend came, you shouldn’t have anymore business with me.
I mean, I don’t want to get involved anymore.

Just at that time, the chime for the beginning of the lesson rang.

「My. I have to go back to the class. Then」

Hurry, hurry.

「Wait, spy」

Kaburagi stopped me.

「Give any idea or plan you too. I’ll give you time until the lunch break」


Why should I do that?!
Putting a stratagem, that’s not a work for a spy, no?
Just forgive me already….

Enjo made a wry smile.
No, it was you who started with it.
Really, this is the worst….


As the teacher came right after I arrived in the class, I could avoid my classmates’ inquiry for a while.
Until the end of the first lesson though.
The relation with Kaburagi….how should I lie about it?
Honestly, I can’t tell I’m his errand girl even if my life is at stake.
Would it do if I plainly say 「I gave him a favor he asked」? Though I’d be troubled if they ask the content of the favor.
Ah, somehow to begin a week like this, it’s so unlucky.

Translator’s note

Sorry for the late like always.

orz, I feel like dying. But the good news is that I found a new korean translator to work with and she’s got good language knowledge. Hope she stays with us for a long time.

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Proofreader : Zenneth

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    1. chocopanda123

      I was thinking the samething. I feel like she is going to try and stop the heroine because she knows what a horrible personality he has.

      1. k

        like she gonna pretend to be and obnocoius bitch falling in love with that guy just to stop the manga heroine from interacting with him, but even forced marriage couldn’t stop it?

    1. Sefirosu

      And that Enjo is definitely not his best friend, he is just the Emperor (lol) yes-man. Heck, he even push the all hard job to Reika-chan.

  2. marc

    somehow this is getting irritating
    not only masaya but
    the protagonist also
    why can’t she flat out reject his orders
    after five more chapters and if this situation persist
    i think i’m gonna stop reading this series

      1. Tetsuki

        Not true. She doesn’t really care about status. Only pretents for her parents.

        And I agree. If this continues like this I will drop it too. I could still take her naivness. And the story was still interesting. But it is turning really boring. The protagonist seems to be a scared cat aswell. There is a farily similar story and the protagonist is naive aswell. But at least she is firm to her believes.

        The appropiate action would to at least slap him ones. If he doesn’t even know that he is taking adventage of other. What kind of freaks are his parents… and it’s been years but nothing compared to the “original” Manga has changed.

        1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

          1. We know that in the manga YouDolce, Reika’s family is ruined by the Kaburagi family. How? the Kaburagi has so much influence and money that they can even ruin Reika’s family.

          2. Reika, our protagonist, doesn’t care about status. BUT she cares about the possible bad end that could happen to her and her family if she goes against Masaya and get him angry.
          So she kind of has a fear of him cuz of that.
          This is a spoiler but the question of bad ending won’t come too much later on, this is mostly at the beginning of the novel when Reika still has sly position in the ground and relationships. She’ll build her ground as the story goes.

          3. years…but it is only the beginning of the novel :l

          4. I won’t stop you from dropping but welp. You may come back when there’ll be more chapters and decide to read in row. But this’ll take time.

          5. Reika is justice.

      2. GOD

        she has no reason to fear him after all right now he is a KID his parents wont ruin a family because of some children s fight

        also i predict masaya’s parents to be nice and understanding. why?(THIS IS SOMETHING I AM ASSUMING) cause in that manga masaya’s parents did not appose his love for the common girl(mc from manga) and even supported him when he called off the engagement

        next lets assume masaya’s parents are bad guys that will do whatever there kid wants them to do OR he is going to use his influence in school to make the mc suffer without letting his parents know of his dispicable actions.EVEN THEN shusuke and yurie will side with our mc and corner him cause everyone knows she is the victim and masaya is at fault.

        all our mc has to do is seek help from yurie in case he does try doing somthing and masaya will be on his nee begging for her forgiveness.

        also our mc does not have fight him she just have to say NO to his selfish actions and she is free.she is the one who has the advantage right now not masaya mind you.

        and my last point is our mc is a REINCARNATED person in other words she suppose to be mature, smart, and composed when times calls for it why is she so afraid of a kid.

        i am afraid i am of the same opinion as the others in this matter if the story continues as it is i as well will drop this

        i loved the story at the start but now its seems its becoming like those lame harem story’s that relay on misunderstanding and lack of communication to endlessly drag on the story

        1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

          Reika is afraid of the later consequences in the futur(like in high school and later) and not only about now.

          She’s supposed to be mature, smart and composed? Where does it say that EVERT reincarnated person should be like that? I think you’re too much into OP reincarnating novels.
          Reika is not our OP cool, composed and mature reincarnating person who shows off his modern knowledge and such. We are not even in the fantasy world.

          Why she doesn’t fight against him? like said, she doesn’t want to build up a bad relationship with Masaya. in the beginning of the novel, Reika of the manga is ruined far far later *after high school*. Well, Reika of now is like a scared cat but not without any reason.

          Lame harem story? where?
          Misunderstanding? where?
          Lack of communication? where?

          You should read Nisekoi if you haven’t read it yet to talk about those 3 points.
          Feels like seeing somebody crying Hax whenever he gets shoot down in FPS games.

      3. GOD

        ok i guess i did not convey my thoughts that well as i thought i did so allow me apologies first

        next when i meant mature and all i did not meant all that op stuff what i meant is that before she died in her previous life she was an adult so she should not be this scared of a small kid that it affect her ability to make decision, like when masaya asked what yurie meant she should have used that opportunity to make him aware of his wrong doing(like how he treats people around him)

        future problems?but she does not have to make a enemy out of him like i said earlier just tell him the truth about his personality after all he him self asked her about how he should be reflecting on his action.all it will take is a little bit of courage and susuke should support her in this matter as well so she wont be in that big of a trouble even if masaya gets mad.

        ok next about that harem stuff you really didnot have to take that literally lol what i meant by that is i dislike stories that relay on things like lack of communication or misunderstanding to progress the story i DID NOT say that this is one of them just that last few chapters kinda felt like the problem she was facing could easily be solved if can have good talk with masaya.

        for example did she really have to be a spy for him she new why yurie was mad why not tell him then and there that would be easier then actually going through all this next she got really scared when masaya asked her about this matter in chapter as well this is what i meant by lack of communication playing its part.

        not like i dont understand mc;s circumstances i assume in the future she will act more brave after making her position a bit stronger in the society and the story will get better and better but nonetheless i was just venting cause last few chapters the mc felt kinda annoying more annoying then masaya lol

    1. Anon7

      Think about it, kids social life/circles can be quite messy & right now she is dealing with the most famous & the richest & most influential one.

      One wrong move & she (and even her friends & family) can be greatly affected & even be ruined socially that can even reach out far into their futures.

      The irrational youth that he is right now is just too much trouble.

  3. Vivec

    Poor MC. How long until she snaps and tells Kaburagi to fuck off? I want this to happen, and I want to see the description of shock and horror from Kaburagi when it does.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  4. libraryrocker

    Thanks so much for all your hard work! I just finished my paper and final so I know what a relief it is when you get the monkey off your back! Please take care of your health!l

  5. koblat

    aahhh… thanks for the chap
    kaburagi reminds me of a certain character from a shoujomanga/taiwanesedrama/koreandrama..,. yep he’s that guy deffinitely..

  6. kreyto

    Hooray REIKA-SAMA!!! Ah, something about this novel just soothes my heart regardless of the content lol! Reika-sama is cuteness. Cuteness is justice! I do hope Masaya gets his just desserts though. How dare he bully Reika! Grrr

    For bringing us more Reika love, thank you Kobato! I hope you feel better.

  7. kobatochandaisuki Post author

    1. the ruin of Reika’s family have come much later in the manga

    2. How would Yurie stop Masaya?

    3. ofc Reika now isn’t the same as the Reika in the manga but still, Reika is afraid that if she goes against Masaya, it’ll still have a negative impact later and possibly her ruin (all for the futur!!). And the first impression is important so Reika is trying her best to build a safe foundation as for her safety in the near future.
    You’ve seen that Masaya here is a hot-tempered idiot, so Reika is even more afraid of the incertitude about this Masaya that she doesn’t know (since she only knows the cool Masaya, high schooler, from the manga)

    4. Reika is scared of the fatality. Even if she’s safe now, she doesn’t know what could happen.
    Her biggest worries are Masaya and her father for now but I can tell you that the more she grows and the more the story goes, she won’t be too much afaid of those problems as she’ll become kinda like friend with Masaya later in the high school. Welp, too much spoiler.
    Anyway, Reika-sama is now trying her best as to avoid her possible fatality and if you don’t like this, you can stop reading (the easiest solution ever).

  8. kobatochandaisuki Post author

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    AND You should still be thankful to wordpress that I can’t forbid you from entering here.
    I’m enough busy and tired so I don’t have time to argue more with idiots like you.
    Yeah, the real idiot here is you. You didn’t know your position, so be the penalty(still too light tho).
    Welp. F**k you sincerly and thank you.

    P.S : if this makes you stop reading Kenkyo, I won’t feel sad at all. Really.
    P.S 2 : if you thought I was a nice idiot, welp, I’m not. Call me Dictator.

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    Thanks for translating! Gonna put a live bookmark on this.

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    well hoping again to a new chapter of this Wn… and thanks for the translation you have done KCD :3

    1. Lying_Lyre

      Not hating, just was reading all of the chapters and then I got to this one and rapidly clicked the next button before reliving the next chapter was out yet. Just exaggerated a story I thought was funny.

      1. koblat

        i have a feeling that you just dumping some frustration here… you really don’t need to explain bout your comment… sigh*
        sorry for bad english

  13. HUahaha?

    hmm… could it be… that emperor brad would…
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