Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 21

Like I expected, people gathered around me right at the end of the first lesson.

「What was that just before? Reika-sama!」
The one who put the fire on the fuel was Serika, the Extra A, who was in the same class as me since the first grade.

「You never told us that you were that close with Kaburagi-sama?」
Here is the Extra B, Kikuno, who were in the same class since the first grade.
Because those two are the closest to me in my faction, they’re the first to speak when it comes like this.

「Keep calm please, everybody. Kaburagi-sama and I are not that close」
「But, to say that Kaburagi-sama came to a girl on himself」
「In fact, it’s just that because he asked me for a favor, you know?」
「A favor? What favor are you talking about?」
「I can’t possibly tell y…」

At that moment, a voice came from the classroom’s door.

Kishouin-san, are you there?」

the kids around me started to raise a clamor at Enjo’s appearance.

This guy, why is he here….

「Ah, Kishouin-san, there you are. About the talk you had with Masaya, please come to the Pivoine’s salon after the lunch.」

At his speech, the uproar became louder.
Ah, my peaceful daily life….

「Ah, excuse me Enjo-sama? Is it true that Reika-sama got asked a favor by Kaburagi-sama?」

「Yes. It is right.」

With a scream, the shout rose.

「Can you tell us what the favor he asked is?」
「I’m sorry but I can’t tell you about it. If you do interfere too much, Masaya will get angry, you know? Isn’t it troublesome? Kishouin-san, don’t talk about it as well please.」

Enjo said “then” and left the classroom with a smile.
At the sudden Enjo’s visit, the girls’ excitement didn’t seem to be cooled down yet but they couldn’t ask to me any more as Enjo said Kaburagi Masaya would get angry if they would meddle unnecessarily too much in.

That guy, did he come for during break time just to expressly tell me to come to the salon after lunch?
Or maybe he came to help me as he knew I would be interrogated about my relation with Kaburagi.
But he naturally helped the protagonist inside the manga. So does it mean he already got the basis to bear the same role as in the manga?


Well, that won’t matter, right?
Anyway, the kids who heard that day 「do the spy」wouldn’t say unnecessary things as well so.
In the first place, you guys are the culprits so naturally you should at least help this much!

Lunch time. I didn’t want to go but as I had fear of future troubles if I was to break the promise, I moved my heavy legs and entered the salon.

The Emperor was sat on the VIP place he always sits on.
He looks much healthier than the last week.
It would have been better if he was low spirited like the last time….

「You’re late!」

「Kishouin-san, would you sit first?」
「Enjo-sama, thank you for having to come to help me before.」

Enjo smiled when I told him that.
Hmmm, so it was that.
I won’t thank you in particular though.

「What are you talking about?」
「It’s nothing. Moreover, have you thought about what to do from now on?」
「Right! So what do I have to do if I want to show Yurie that I’m self-reflecting?」

Are you going to borrow other’s power that kingly?

「Shall we listen to Masaya’s opinion first?」
「I think about going to apologise to Yurie everyday until she understand my feelings for her.」

You Stalker!!
This guy, he hasn’t reflected on his action at all, right?

「Masaya, if you do so, she’ll get more angry.」

He’s so stupid it’s original.

「Then what do you think it’d be good, Shusuke!?」
「Something like not calling her until she’s calm down and wait silently to be forgiven.」

Well, that’s too hard for Mr. Stalker for sure.

「Hey Spy! What about you?」

I’d like you to stop calling me like that.

「Kaburagi-sama, my name is Kishouin Reika. Please don’t call me “spy”」

It’s the worst if you were to call me a spy in front of others.

「Yeah, Masaya. She’s helping you so at least call her with her name」

What a bad attitude~.
Well, I knew he was that kind of guy though.

「So? Have you got any good idea?」

He pressed my answer with his chin.

「I think writing her a letter everyday would be good.」

「A letter?」

Yeah, a letter.

In fact, it’d be the best to stay silent for a while like Enjo has said, but that’s impossible for our so great Mr. Stalker.

「About how much you’ve reflected on and what you think about this. Simply said, an apology. Messages are virtual so I think it’s hard to convey your feelings. So that’s why you should send a letter you’ve written yourself. What about writing down your feelings about Yurie-sama? It was said since the old time that it’s a standard to start a relationship with a love letter.」
「Is that so!?」

How about that?

「Write letter by letter with all your heart. And choose a letter paper and an envelope Yurie-sama would like. That kind of things can appeal to Yurie-sama that you’re respecting her thoughts and that you aren’t going to force yours on her. If you’ve got time, you could also give her a small flower bouquet. You musn’t give her a big one even by mistake.」
「Why? If it’s to give her to tell my feelings, it’s better to give a bigger bouquet, right?」
「That is what you call to force your thoughts on somebody. By sending a small bouquet, you can express the younger one’s pure first love. You can appeal to her sentiment」
「W-what? My first love?!」
「Even if you say so now, everybody at school knows about it. Anyway, it’d be better for Kaburagi-sama to go to buy a letter set right after the school today.」

Kaburagi was blushing and gaping his mouth after hearing the word “first love”, but he came back to his senses and

「Alright! I take that idea! Let’s go to buy a letter after school! You two, understood?!」

Eh, what do you mean?

「I’m not going.」
「Huh? Why?」

That’s what I should be saying. Why should I go with you?

「I have a culture refinement lesson after school. And Kaburagi-sama, it’s written on the report. “Do not trouble the others”. If you go with me, Yurie-sama might get angry, you know?」

Kaburagi listened to me silently,

「…I got it. Thanks for the work.」
「Yes, then…good bye.」

I came out of the salon with a smile.

Later on, it was said that the letter plan has succeeded and Yurie-sama forgave Kaburagi.

The mission was done safely in success.
I end being a spy with this work at last and I go back to being a normal girl.
Please do not look for me.

Translator’s note

Sorry for the late, been too busy…

This chapter’s translation might be more off than the usual cuz I’ve only worked with the Korean raw without double-checking with the Japanese raw.

argh…I need slaves to work with me!!!

This project is dropped. Sorry.

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Proofreader : Zenneth

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