Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 3

There’s also an exclusive salon for Pivoine in the school.
A room as luxurious as a royal suite in a 5 star hotel and its level is totally over the sense of the classrooms in the school.
And there’s even an exclusive concierge for it.

The Petit Pivoine’s salon is in the elementary school building and as I’m a member of it, I have to at least show up once.
To not do anything after being chosen as an honorable Pivoine can create unnecessary opposition and also make enemies.
Social intercourse and communication is important to form human relationship.

In fact, it’s not like I dislike going to the salon. There’s delicious confectioneries and I can also get information about the school.
If that was all, I would have been able to attend school much more happier.

But there’s “him” there.


Yes, the Kaburagi Masaya-sama who will be as know as the Emperor is.

First, about the Kaburagi family, it’s the family who made their own company into the biggest japanese conglomerate (*Zaibatsu) which is extended all over the world.
And of course, they are also from the lineage of old nobility like the Kishouin family.
Although the Kaburagi family was an upper rank.
Was it said to have someone among their ancestor that was so high and noble that you can’t carelessly mention his name or something?

Somehow, the standing is just so different even from the beginning…

The perfect clan who hasn’t any odd in every field. That is the Kaburagi family.
And the direct heir of the Kaburagi family is Kaburagi Masaya.

The person in question is already starting to show little bit of caliber befitting to succeed the Kaburagi family.
He emits an aura that would make you kneel down automatically although he’s just a 1st year elementary schooler and the moment he leers at weeds (*a metaphor for “commoners”), with his handsome appearance like a blue flame was indeed emperor-like.

Right now, he’s sitting proudly on the salon’s special seat like it was natural for him.
In any way, it seems he has no intention to give the seat to a senpai. Emperor indeed.

Like honey bees around a flower, there’s always people gathering around Kaburagi Masaya.
Even so, he doesn’t show a slight interest at people and sometimes look over the windows like if it was boring.
Just what kind of home education do you have to receive to become a child that looks like he’s fed up with life at only 6 years old?
Is it the royal education*? Do you become like that if you teach them royal education?

If it’s that boring, he could just go play dodge ball or hide-and-seek in the garden right there.
Well, although there’s regrettably no child playing like that in the inner ground of Suiran school at all.

Does this kid even play like children during ordinary times?

A Kaburagi Masaya riding a tricycle while screaming “Kya-” and frolicking around.

Ufufu, I laugh just by imagining it.

While I was thinking so and secretly looked at him from far away, he suddenly turned his head toward me.

Geh, he’s frowning. Did he read my mind?!

Hiiiii, I-I’m sorry!

While acting and saying 「O my, come to think of it, I forgot that I had something to do in the classroom」, turning my eyes from Kaburagi Masaya without hesitation, I left the salon naturally with a soft step.

I-I’m scared. I can’t look back.


「Reika-sama, are you coming back from the Petit Pivoine’s salon?」

A girl classmate talked to me as I came back in the classroom.

「Yes, I’m back after enjoying the tea time」

Another girl came near by and asked while blushing

「Perhaps, was Kaburagi-sama also there?」

「Yes, he was」

「O my!」

Girls started to chatter while scream “kya-kya”

as we were in the different class than Kaburagi Masaya, those kids that weren’t members of Pivoine don’t have much chance to get near him.

「Is Reika-sama close with Kaburagi-sama? What kind of talk do you have in the salon?」

I’m not close nor intend to become close.

「Kaburagi-sama is a reserved person so I didn’t have much chance to talk with him. I happen to be talking more often with a senior onee-sama」

「O my, is it so…」

The girls’ tension went down at once.

Hmmm, sorry. Personally, I would like to give you some good information but my future is also hanging on it…

「I’m sorry, I won’t be able to suit your expectations. Ah, but he was eating chocolates. Perhaps he likes sweet things」

I told them something I discovered while observing him so far to the disappointed girls.
It wasn’t a very important information but would this much be alright?

「Woah, Kaburagi-sama eating chocolate, I would like to see that~」

「Like Kaburagi-sama, I do like a lot of chocolate!」

「If he likes chocolate, we should prepare him the finest ones for Valentine’s day!」

Oh~oh~, it responded better than I expected.
For now, as they are happy, this is an OK.
But to already prepare for the Valentine’s day, isn’t it a bit too early?

「Why are you trying to hear about Kaburagi-sama from Reika-sama?」

「Right, that is rude」

Ah, Kishouin Reika’s followers number 1 and number 2.

Kazama Serika and Imamura Kikuno.

In the YouDolce, they ran after Emperor after totally falling for him with Reika but to be fans since the elementary school days, I didn’t expect this much.

They look like they are getting angry for me but in truth, it’s just that they don’t like the fact I’m telling about Kaburagi Masaya that they admire with other children fairly.
They mean to have the information first as they are having roles of followers.

「It’s my fault as I recklessly brought the matter about Kaburagi-sama. Serika-san, Kikuno-san. I’m sorry.」

「Y-you don’t have to apologize, it’s fine!」

「It’s not something Reika-sama has to apologize!」

The two started to get in a panic so I answered with a smile.
Either way, you are his fans so I wish you all to have a cheerful discussion about your idol (Kaburagi Masaya) in peace.
But then to you two, I’ll let you know what the chocolates brand Kaburagi Masaya ate.


Royal education : 帝王教, refers to education originally given to royal families to be able to succed and become a proper king/queen. it doesn’t refer to a theme or subject in particular but it includes studies such as ideologies, martial arts/self defence, human arts, economy, leardership, manners, etc. It is also given to nobilities/elite class as to become a good leader.

Translator’s note

I finished translating yesterday night but then I had to go so I left the proofreader do his job. huehuehue. I hope you all have fun reading Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! and enter the Reikalism and worship our Reika-sama very soon. You will discover her awesomeness in not very very long time. anyway, I’m going back to translating like a beast.

P.S : no, I’m not machine translating at all. I only use online dictionnaries at most (because I’m not fluent at english, I sometimes have some troubles with the vocabulary.)

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Editor : Zenneth

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    Thank you very very very very much for going through the trouble of translating this marvelous story into a language that is not your own. I wish I had level of commitment that people like yourself, and Yoraikun, Ziru, etc, have. Sadly, I have neither the time, nor the ability. Which only further boosts my respect for you all.

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    I can’t wait to find out where the story goes and how it strays from the Dolce manga plot haha.

    I’m thinking Reika’s new attitude will somehow attract TEH EMPARAH. He might even end up falling for her, causing Reika to panic and do all sorts of things haha. TEH EMPARAH sounds like a noble snob though. I bet in the original shoujo manga Female Protagonist ends up reforming him or something. That’s how the typical shouja manga plot usually goes.

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