Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 4

「Welcome back, Reika ojou-sama」

When it’s around the time school ends, the Kishouin family’s driver always comes to pick up.
It’s also to avoid the risk of crimes like kidnapping but also because there’s the materials for school and culture lessons(*as to be well-cultivated), then she goes to private lessons right after.

The life of a rich family’s daughter is busier than you could expect.
The schedule after school is almost full with private lessons.
In difference of the kids going in public elementary school nearby, the students’ houses are all dispersedly scattered and as they are also busy with private educations, so after school, we just part away with a 「good bye」. (*she says “gokigen-yo”, a very polite way of greeting)

Well then, today’s lesson is flower arrangement and piano.

「I’m back」

Ah—, it’s exhausting. As I thought, learning various things is very hard.
Piano is kinda fun but the flower arrangement is just…
Well, that is since my awful sense comes out how it is.
Even today, my work that I’ve arranged randomly has been overevaluated.
The teacher didn’t even know that it was something done and asked me how I would make this livelier, but with my already poor art sense I can’t do anything, you know?

At the end, the teacher ,saying 「wouldn’t it be better to put this here?」, pull out one by one and rearranged, making it in the result, a work where we could not see even traces of my own.
I’m sorry for being such bad student, Sensei. (*teacher)

When I came out to the living room after changing from my uniform, my onii-sama(*big brother) just came home.

「Welcome back, onii-sama!」

「I’m back, Reika」

Yes. I didn’t know either but Kishouin Reika had an older brother.
To begin with, Kishouin Reika was just a character who only came out as the villain, so there was no deep description of her home ground nor its inner side like the protagonist or the Emperor.
To the point, her parents only appear first when it came to the engagement episode.
Readers probably wouldn’t want to know about Reika’s circumstances either.
Ah, the tears…

「Onii-sama, are you back from after school club activities today as well?」
「yeah, it is so」

Kishouin Takateru, the older brother, is 13 years old which is 7 years older than Reika. Actually, he’s in 2nd year of Suiran Middle School.
He is in the archery club and always have activities several times a week.

it’s weird to say it myself but this Takateru onii-sama here is so gentle and an honest person you couldn’t believe he’s Reika’s sibling.

「Doesn’t private tutor come after dinner today? So would you mind being my talk partner until the dinner’s ready, please?」

I really love my onii-sama.
It was because there was a presence called “older brother” from whom I could be spoilt, since I had only a little sister in my previous life (? should I already confirm as it? it’s also kind of confusing and so).

「It’s fine. Then what shall we talk about? Did something happen today?」

When he tapped on his next place while saying that, I quickly sat next to my onii-sama like a little puppy rushing toward its owner.

「I had piano and flower arrangement lesson today」

I happily told him about how the piano lesson was fun and the flower arrangement that I had a little failed.

As my brother spoke how he didn’t do well in his club activities, I said

「Try to hit this fan with your arrow~」
while I fluttery waved the magazine folded like a fan.

Then he have been a bit surprised and said
「Nasu no Yoichi*? Reika is small but already knows well even hard things like that」

Ara? I don’t know to where is the limit of knowledge for a 1st elementary grader.

After eating the dinner with the family, since onii-sama went back in his room with the private tutor to study, I spent a pleasurable moment with my parents in the living room.

「how was the school, Reika」

「Yes, it’s really enjoyable」

「Reika-san, how was the Pivoine?」

「They are all nice people so there’s a lot of points to learn from」

After becoming an elementary schooler, my mother changed my honorific from 「-chan」to 「-san」.
As I was her own daughter, there was no need for honorifics but is the high society all like this?

Because mother, as a native of Kyoto and didn’t go to Suiran, she did take Suiran, especially the Pivoine, as extraordinary.
She said to be very proud of her daughter being a Suiran’s student and even more, a member of the Pivoine.
Whenever there’s something about the Pivoine, she makes such a happy expression like now.

「Talking about the Pivoine, have you become close to Masaya-kun of the Kaburagi family by the way?」


Father was looking me with eyes full of expectation.

「No, not in particular. He seems to be not be interested by anyone other than some particular friends」

Having said that, father definitely made a deceived expression.

Father, it seems that you are plotting to have a close relationship with the Kaburagi family by connections but…
I don’t know if Reika did not give up on the Emperor even if she had been disregarded countless times by him was because of receiving her father’s influence.
Of course, the temperament Reika had been inborn with which is obviously a big factor.

But father! An excessive ambition destroys oneself!!

No, really, we will be ruined.
So please, start already by stopping the fraud management.


Nasu no Yoichi(那須 与一) : he’s considered as the best archer in the japanese history, like Robin Hood in England. What Reika was saying is refering to the battle of Yashima when the white army of Minamoto Yoshitsune’s camp(where Nasu no Yoichi belong to) was in the coast while the ennemy, the Heike’s red army was trying to land. Then a boat from the Heike came, with a girl full of accessories and a rod with the Heike army’s general’s fan was on the tip. The red army was provoking the white army as saying to try hitting the fan and Yoshitsune called Nasu no Yoichi who was know as “the famous archer who can hit 2 birds flying out of 3”. Yoichi entered in the water on his horse while there was a strong sea breeze and the boat was waving, he shot the fan that was 100 steps(步 = step = around 1.386m per step) far and hit it.

Translator’s note

I’ve re-edited the other chapters to make it closer to the original as I had trouble with using text edit on wordpress.
although it might look harder to read…

and in exactly one month(16th January), it’s my birthday, yay~

and I’ll start working on a very lewd(very very very very very very very very very very very lewd) novel. HUEHUE. look forward it plz.

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Proofreaders : Zenneth, Rakuten06

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  1. Truth

    There is no such thing as pure evil, and the Father was the real mastermind/culprit the whole time!! Sucks for her family in original YouDolce then. But thanks for the chapter!
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    1. FlameStrike

      XD this is an innocent and pure shoujo novel! How could it be lewd? Hahaha well tbh I don’t know anything about the plot in the future, but that’s the impression I get.

      The chapters are short but interesting. I am a bit curious about how much Reika is holding back though. Since in her old life she probably learned a lot of things, her progression should be faster than normal. Her Onii-sama mentioned it briefly, but I wonder if it’ll be touched upon more. Reika could be a child prodigy if she wanted! Though she’d run out of surplus knowledge eventually haha. With her environment the way it is, I can see how she’d turn into a spoiled arrogant rich kid. Stay true to your motto reincarnated Reika! And find away to over turn all those loser flags the original Reika would have raised.

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    Keep up the good work!
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    that is since my awful sense comes out how it is. > reword? sense comes out of it
    he’s in 2nd of Suiran Middle School. > 2nd year
    He seems to be not be interested by anyone > seems to not be interesting
    Father, it seems that you are comploting > plotting
    Reika had been inborn which is obviously a big factor. > with

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