Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 5

Suiran Elementary school doesn’t make any announcements of the midterm and final examination.
In middle school, only the top 20 in overall score and per subject are announced and one receives his results personally but in elementary school, they don’t inform the results even to the person in question.
There’s a school-report card but it’s only an absolute evaluation so you can’t give much credit to it.

To sum up, you can’t know other students’ academic ability at all.
And you don’t even know where your level is at in the school.
Usually, girls going to Suiran since elementary school are mostly children that after they graduate university, they will either have an arranged marriage or be appointed to an important post through their parents’ connection and find a marriage partner so there’s not many girls that will try to study and maintain an academic achievement.

But I’m different!
Although I’ve not bought the Emperor’s anger yet but if in case the protagonist enrolls in the school and clash with me, swept by the Emperor’s wrath, it is very likely to have the whole family thrown away.
And even more, the pattern “Father’s illegal actions discovered→socially ruined→property confiscation→the ruin of the whole family” has been deep-rooted in my mind.
Ahh, Father, please change your mind. (In the first place, we don’t know if he really did something illegal but maybe it could also have been a false accusation!)

If my house would become ruined, there won’t be a party to marry so I’ll have to earn my own livings.
For only that, I have to study.
Considering the case we wouldn’t be able to pay the tuition fee at Suiran, I’m thinking about to have an academic ability enough to be able to enroll to public universities.
In the future, if possible, I would also like to earn enough, not only for myself but also to be able to support my parents.
This is why I conveyed to my parents my intention to attend a cram school.

「Is there really a need to study that hard for a girl?」

As expected, mother was negative.
Asking me about learning to play the flute or violin, she wanted me to be more devoted towards cultivation(*refinement).
By the way, father entrusted our education to mother so when it came to be like this, he didn’t take any side.

「But mother, I’m really interested in studying」
Hmmm, is this too weak to persuade.

「Won’t there be outstanding students from the extern when I’ll be graduating and get in middle school? It’s because I wouldn’t like falling behind」
Speaking of 「To not to be ashamed as a Pivoine member…」, mother’s eyebrows rose and fluttered.
Mother’s always like that when there is anything about Pivoine.

「You are right. Then we shall call a private tutor」
That’s troublesome! I don’t want a private tutor but rather go to cram school.
Besides academic improvement, in order to fulfill another ambition.

「I want to go to cram school. It’s because I would like to know how are the people attending other schools」
I asked personally.
Since I was stuck in a preschool nearby before enrolling the elementary school, isn’t it fine to at least let me go to cram school?!

「But there’s no need for a daughter of the Kishouin family to get along with the commoner children. And even more, there’s also children going to public elementary school so what if they hurt our lovely Reika-san」
It came out, the elitism.

It means 「choose your friends well」
Because Kishouin Reika from YouDolce picked out friends, she became such a hopeless kid.

「It’s alright mother. It’s merely going for studying. I will properly keep mother’s teachings in mind」
As a former public elementary school graduate, I was a little irritated but let’s endure, endure.

「So, please, mother.」
I ask with the hands in prayer before my chest.
Here, your cute daughter’s begging beam!

「Won’t it be fine」

Ah! A sudden reinforcements from behind!
Onii-sama who was listening to I and mother’s talk came as my ally.

「Since Reika insist to study, what about sending her to the cram school I went during elementary school? As there’s many good teachers there」
The cram school onii-sama went! That’s worth trusting!
How about that, mother. Onii-sama is also recommending, so please answer me the way I expect you to!

Mother looked at us faces for a moment and hah-, left a sigh,
「Alright. Let’s go to subscribe in the cram school tomorrow」

I did it! I did it! I can go to cram school!
「Thank you, mother!」
I couldn’t keep from smiling.
With this, my ambition will come true….

「Onii-sama, thank you for helping me before」
Before going back to my room, I followed onii-sama to the corridor and gave my words of gratitude.
As expected, you are my gentle onii-sama~.

「It was nothing. But you were a bit obstinate about the cram school, is there any other purpose behind?」
Geh. Did it look that obvious?

「Not really. It was because I thought I wouldn’t be able to concentrate much on studying at home~ It’s also because I wanted to befriend with others that are outside of Suiran~」
While wandering my eyes, I somehow managed to make up a lie.

Onii-sama stared at me for a while, but when I pouted my mouth,

「Okay, okay. Then let’s put it that way」
Pom-pom, onii-sama tapped on my head and smiled.
Are you overlooking, onii-sama?

「But hey, Reika」
Onii-sama’s face came close to my ears and whispered

「When people lie, their gaze go to the upper right」

「Then good night」, with a smile, onii-sama left those words and went in his room.

Eh, what was that just now.
No, that’s scary, that 13 years old. How does he know such a thing?
Could it be that the nice and gentle onii-sama , is actually the hidden last boss?
It’s said that one knows the way of how to find lies, in order to be careful when telling a lie himself.

I pray that my onii-sama may forever remain as my heart’s oasis.

Well then, let’s be more careful when telling a lie next time….

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Proofreader : Zenneth

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  1. Unknown

    Didn’t even realize this chapter was out until after finishing “Maou no Hajimekata”. Thanks for the chapter even if it was a bit short. Somehow this novel really interested me, I just can’t figure out why.

    1. Mirriam Grave

      Watch, the Elder sibling will be the true villain of this story, the one who actually caused the family to fall, so that he could get ahead without them. Maybe this time, it shall be Reika and Oniichan as a duo taking down their family….. Or Reika will change Oniichan….. *Shrugs* too little info for now. But I still bet Oniichan was the one who caused the family’s downfall in the original.

      1. FlameStrike

        NOooooooooo that’d be a terrible development! I like this onii-sama character so much haha. Maybe in the story timeline something like that could have happened, but the relationship between the current Reika and her onii-sama (Does he have a name lol?) is so sweet. I hope it won’t get ruined.

  2. Analyse_this

    [And even more, the pattern “Father’s illegal actions undiscovered→socially ]
    Shouldn’t it be “Father’s illegal actions discovered→socially” ?

    Awesome series. Thanks for translating this.

  3. Loco15

    I don’t know why but I’m liking this a lot, it’s like a pink spot in the internet where I can relax and forget about everything

    Thanks a lot for your work Kobatochandaisuki.

  4. deathmetalbunny

    I just found your translations. It was recently added to a list of recommended reads and darn it, it was a good read.

    I’ve been into the reincarnated plot lately and this is a unique twist. I look forward to the next chapter.

    P.S. you are doing a wonderful job. It has a pleasant flow and is easy to read.

    1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

      Thank you for reading 🙂

      Well, I was and am always afraid if my translation is good enough since my english is not fluent. I have troubles with grammar, vocabulary or idioms since I don’t get the subtilities of the english language like a native english speaker would do.

      So I always spend more time checking on dictionnaries than I really spend for translating.(yes I’m kind of perfectionnist but the one that fails a lot too)

      thank you again 🙂

      1. Mirriam Grave

        If you need proofreaders, I can fill the part. I have no knowledge of Japanese, and don’t have too much free time. But as I told Argos when I asked to assist him with editing, my recent promotion has finally cleared some of my schedule, allowing me to do things I only considered before. No one else has really been asking for help from things I can do, but I consider my grasp of the English language to be quite proficient. (My job would be A LOT harder if I wasn’t as eloquent in my conversations as I am.) So if you want to spend less time double checking dictionaries (Spelled with one N BTW.), I am more than willing to help you with proofreading.

        I have reopened my old personal email for these side projects I have decided to take on. Although at the moment, Argos’ original work “NPC” on RoyalRoad is the only such project. I have enough time and drive to add at least three other projects. Well depending on how time consuming each project is. I am not sure if there is a private message system here, haven’t delved too much after I finally figured out how to change the avatar, but I will look around, as I am not willing to post the email in public, despite the fact that it is merely an old one with no real importance, and I do trust the people here for the most part. One must never be irresponsible.

  5. Mirriam Grave

    Side note. I still love how despite her thoughts on the matter of her elder brother knowing about those things, she still takes it in stride and resolves herself to get better at lying. I couldn’t help but laugh at that.
    She hopes that her brother will remain kind and her rest spot. And starts practicing how to lie better. That gap (I believe that is what it is called. Kinda old, and don’t have the most impressive vocabulary when it comes to these things.) of those two lines is a winner for me.

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