Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 6

At the end, I’ll attend the cram school starting on July after the summer vacations.
It was so because we had to adjust the schedule with the other lessons.
There’s two more months left until July but I don’t have any intention to complain.
I already feel very thankful that it was approved and they’d also find it weird if I were to ask to shift the date earlier.

Ah, I’m looking forward to it.

But the summer vacation comes before that!
It seems they do not give plain homeworks like writing Morning Glory observation diary in the elementary school for riches.
Me, I did quite like to grow Morning Glories. Tsk.

「Where does Reika-sama intend to go during the summer vacation?」

Maybe was it because the summer vacation was only in a few weeks, the whole school’s atmosphere was quite hyped.
Reika’s follower 1 and 2, Kazami Serika and Imamura Kikuno seemed to be as well looking forward to the summer vacation.
Of course it’s the same for me!

「I’m going to Tahiti with my family」

「Oh my, that’s nice!」

After all, the summer is obviously with the sea!
Since I also brought a new swimsuit , let’s show them the spirit of the Japanese Kappa!*

「For me, I decided to go to our summer house on the first day of the vacation. And the next will be to Hawaii」

When Serika said so, Kikuno who heard said

「We’ve also decided to go to Hawaii! Maybe we could meet there!」

「Eh, really?!」

To the unexpected coincidence, the two had shining eyes and started to check their respective schedule and location.

When I looked around the class, the other children were cheerfully looking at their own travel schedules.
It’s really true that we say a travel is the most fun until we go.
I can’t wait so much I’m looking forward it.
However, the travel destinations I hear are mostly overseas. Seems like there’s no one in this school going to Chiba or Kanagawa prefecture sea sides.
The former me only went to common places.
A-ah, I miss the roasted corn I ate in Boso. sob.

「By the way, have you heard it? Kaburagi-sama will be going to the Mediterranean」

「It’s said that he’ll be staying only in the Kaburagi group’s hotel during the whole summer vacation. To not be able to see him for one month, it’s terrible」

Kikuno replied with an expression of joy to the talk about Emperor but also with sadness for the fact of not being able to meet him.

「Enjō-sama is probably also going with him. Ahh, I would like to go to the Mediterranean with the two.」

Although the class is different, they sure know well the informations about Kaburagi. As expected of the fan network.
Impressed, I said 「you two know well in detail」, then got replied that it was something natural to know.
Is it so?

Whatever. So Enjō is travelling with Emperor, huh?
The two sure did get along well even in the past.

Enjō Shusuke is the character who appears in 「You are My dolce」 as the Emperor’s childhood friend and who supports the relation between the protagonist and Emperor.
He’s one of the very few person that can talk as equal with Emperor and he also advised Emperor when the protagonist and Emperor had a discrepancy.

Different from the cold intimidating Emperor, Enjō who mediates between Emperor and the other in a soft smile, was a soothing character and one of the most popular character among the readers .

However, to the ones he judges that they are harmful to Emperor, his friend, he was very severe. There were times when he was more fearful than the Emperor himself.
Of course, Kishouin Reika who was seen as an enemy, also got treated mercilessly.

Even now those two have the same relation as in the manga as they are always together whenever they are in the Petit Pivoine’s salon or happen to meet in the corridor.
It’s said that they went to the same preschool, is that true?

For my case, if it’s only about the face, Enjō was more to my taste.
In the coloured illustration, he was like a prince with honey blond hair.
When I met Enjō Shusuke for the first time after enrolling to elementary school and saw that his hair was black, I was surprised and said “Was it dyed! So it wasn’t a natural blond!”

It’s so, there’s no way his hair would be blond when he isn’t a half.
I was wondering with a little grin whether that hair would become red or become black to honey blond as an image change, and how would people react to it if so. And I’m looking forward to it.

Come to think of it, wasn’t dyeing prohibited at school?

In Pivoine, there’s always a party organised during the summer vacation.
Although the main party is the Pivoine and us, the Little Pivoine, were only just an extra.
But since we’ve got invited as well, everybody in the salon were talking about the party coming soon.
The girls were consulting each other about the dresses.

And I’m also very excited about the party.
Because, doesn’t it sound like fun?!

In the sparkling hall, onee-samas in beautiful dresses with onii-samas escorting them.
The people dancing round and round the waltz in the middle of the hall.
It’ll be fun even if it’s just watching it!

The summer party was drawn splendidly in the manga too.
Although the protagonist will be bullied by Kishouin Reika and her faction….

Ah, I remembered about something unpleasant.

Anyway, let’s change my mind and think about enjoyable things.
Since I heard Kaburagi Masaya won’t be in Japan this summer, I will fully enjoy it!


Kappa :

Translator’s note

Sorry for the late, I didn’t really had the mood to translate these days.

I didn’t know but Kenkyo Kenjitsu was ranked 2nd of-all-time in the Ncode’s popularity, just below Mushoku Tensei…It’s a real popular WN(web novel) in Japan at least. (and I know why it’s so popular. it’s just awesome. you’ll discover it sooner or later as I translate)

Thank you for reading.

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Proofreader : Zenneth

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