Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 7

The trip was fun.
I played a lot in the blue sea right in front of the hotel.
The room was of course a suite room, I lodge in the bedroom near the living room with onii-sama.

My parents were only sunbathing on the beach or to the esthetic and didn’t go in the sea at all.
I can’t believe it. We came to the sea and not going in, just what did they come here for!

At times like this, it’s perfect to have a elder brother or sister.
It’s also the most suitable protector and partner to play with.
I asked incessantly my onii-sama since the morning and went either to swim clinging to onii-sama’s shoulder like a water demon or to go snorkeling.

Although honestly, I think that since onii-sama whose already a 2nd year in middle school, he’d find it boring to play with his little sister.
It’d be good, like Kaburagi Masaya, to be able to call a close friend and play with, but then I’d become a loner so let’s say that it can’t be helped.
Swimming while being too excited, I almost drowned in the deep water and onii-sama saved me in a hurry. It became a good memory.

By the way, mother became like The Scream by Edvard Munch when she saw me who turned all black despite having put sunscreen on.

Without time to enjoy the fun after the trip, I was immediately brought to have more lessons to prepare for the piano recital, to have concentration lesson, receive other cultivating lesson or to participate in the relatives’ party, then thanks to the full schedule and having busy days, without knowing, the summer party’s date was on the verge.

「Reika, are you all ready?」
Onii-sama who was done preparing first came to pick me up.

Since today’s the first time, Onii-sama who was a member of the Pivoine in the middle school decided to escort me.
I feel secure.

「It’s a cute dress. It really suits you. Is that flower a real one?」

Onii-sama is really good at complementing.
This shabet green coloured flare dress was the one I immediately fell for at first glance at the shop and bought it.
It has a summer feeling so it’s really cute.

It was before going to the trip when I bought this dress, so I thought 「Somehow it feels like a fragile maiden? Ufufu」with the white skin, but since I got all tanned despite me it’s a little different from the image I had at first but isn’t it good since we can feel the childful cheerness?
Let’s ignore the fact that mother who came with me to buy the dress looked a bit disappointed by this.
The hair got cared in a hair salon and there’s white flowers instead of accessories.
Ahh, I feel like a princess.

Girls are cheerful when they get all dolled up.
I already can’t stop my heart from beating so fast.
Going to the party with my favorite dress!
But since laughing like this doesn’t look like an oujo-sama, let’s be careful.
However, my cheek doesn’t move like I want. Grin-grin.

「Then shall we go now」

Since the Kishouin family’s car will bring us to the hotel where the party is, it’s fine to put on sandals with low heels.
Ah, I’m thrilled—.

「Hey, hey, onii-sama. Could you tell me about the summer party?」
「Again? I already told you the last time too. And we’ll be arriving soon so see it yourself」
Onii-sama had a wry smile but I want to hear.
Although I’m sorry for onii-sama who has to repeat the same story over and over.

The party is in the hall of the 1st floor in the hotel built in the city center. It’s said it is fine to enjoy the party since it’s connected to a private garden.
In the garden, there’s a really beautiful arch made of rambling roses.
Onii-sama said 「It’s a garden that Reika would certainly like」.
The party starts in the evening but since the day goes down slowly at summer, we can enjoy both the sunset and the nocturnal view.

「I’ll definitely go to the garden!」
「Yes yes」

We can eat standing up as the cuisine is in the buffet style but as there’s also tables and chairs, people who wants to eat dinner properly can eat seated down.
However, since most of the participants’ purpose is socializing, there isn’t much people doing so.
Even though it’s the finest dishes made in the super luxury hotel, what a waste.
In my previous life, I didn’t even eat breakfast when I was going to buffet and eat full loads.
Come to think of it, I often went to dessert buffet with friends. Every time I went, I tried to conquer all the menus and to never achieve even once.

……I wonder if everyone’s fine.


Hah! No, no. I’ve entered in my own world again.
I mustn’t think too deep uselessly.

「I’m looking forward, onii-sama」

Because I am now, Kishouin Reika.


Translator’s note

Heil Reika-sama! I will follow Reika-sama forever!

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Editor : Zenneth

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  1. Mirriam Grave

    It is a pleasure every time I find a new chapter in my daily commute through my bookmarks. It makes that day seem great. Actually, I am pretty sure IT MAKES that day great. Once again. Thank you for all your dedication and work!

  2. Mirriam Grave

    Before I forget, I did apply Kobato-chan. Hope I pass the requirements to assist you even a bit.

    And somehow I am first in my previous post. A rather glorious day indeed. For I am the first to thank you for the latest chapter. Ah, one must enjoy the little things, for if you keep doing so, before you notice, those little things would have accumulated to make one fantastic day.

  3. FlameStrike

    Reika-sama sure does like to fawn over her onii-sama. Am I reading Mahouka? An enjoyable chapter as usual. Onii-sama seems like he’s being set up as an important character though. I wonder how he’ll effect the future. In the manga-world poor onii-sama wasn’t even mentioned! Maybe Reika and him didn’t get along well in that world. I can’t imagine this onii-sama staying quiet if Reika was hurt like in the manga story, but then again in the manga she kind of deserved it.

  4. Truth

    Wow, that’s one great oni-sama. Somehow, I won’t be surprised if there’s a run-in with the Emperor, but I wonder if Reika’s face when thinking of her past life’s friends will give her that mysterious, lonely, and much-more-than-meets-the-eyes look, attracting certain characters.

  5. deathmetalbunny

    I love Reika’s bro com. it really makes you wonder why he wasn’t in the manga. Well there’s always the probability that old reika was just so spoiled that they never got a chance to be close. He’s the oldest and male to boot so with him there reika would have had a lot of being spoiled brat freedom while he would be locked down into the whole heir to the family life. With the added age gap it would be easy for them to be quite alienated from each other.

    Then again he would have graduated when she got to high school. So even if he was the “good” brother he wouldn’t be able to do to much. He may have even been off to take collage off in another country for all we know.

    I will be damn hurt if he ever tors into a BBEG in the story. And it is not because I have a big bro who is also totally great in every way and share the exact same age gap as Reika….

  6. SlumberKnight

    Will Reika meet “The Emperor”? Will there be love at first sight? .0. can’t wait to see
    Sugestions suggestions 😀

    The room was of course a suit room, > suite
    went either to swim clung to onii-sama’s shoulder > clinging
    or to participate to the relatives’ party, > participate in
    I feel secured. > feel secure/ felt secured
    who came with to buy the dress > came with me
    fine to put sandals with low heels. > put on
    We can eat stood up as the > standing up
    eat dinner properly can eat sitten. > seated down

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