Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 8

There was already quite a number of people gathered in the party hall.


Impressed, I unconsciously let a silly exclamation.

Onee-samas with colorful dresses overflowing the hall, fluttering and swaying, its colorfulness coupling with the large flowers decorating the hall here and there, it was like being in a sea of flowers.
And onii-samas wearing tuxedos, of course not as much as onee-samas, are also splendid and nice.

Wa─, this is the Pivoine’s summer party I was yearning for.
It all looks like shining and sparkling!

In the first place, because most of the participants are Suiran’s students, there is a youthful atmosphere.
Until now, as the daughter of the Kishouin family, I sometimes went to the parties but since they were the ones for the likes of uncles and aunties (*oji-samas & oba-samas) of the high society, it just gives more fatigues and isn’t fun at all.
I decline as much as possible under the pretext of still being a child.
Though my parents looks like they want to take me along.

「Reika? Are you okay?」
Oh my. Was my mouth open?
In a hurry, I put back my mask that was going to come off.

「I’m fine, onii-sama. But please, I’d like you to stay beside me」
I hold the arm more tightly that was supposed to holding the partner’s hand and escort it.
I’m sorry if there’s wrinkles on the jacket’s sleeve.
But I’m pretty sure I’d become lost as soon as I get distracted and get off guard.

「Look, onii-sama. It’s all dazzling and sparkling」
「Isn’t it just the reflection of the chandelier? They’ve probably calculated the lighting」
Please don’t pour cold water on a maiden’s dream.

The party begun, the participants started to chat with drinks in the hands, so I immediately asked onii-sama to go to see the roses arch.

「I want to see it by all means before the day falls! It’s onii-sama who recommended me, no?」
「Yes yes」

I went out in the terrace with onii-sama’s escort, it was there, in the western-style garden with a little white fountain and table sets. The roses arch!
It’s cuter than I thought!
On the arch made of red roses, the white laced ribbon fluttering in the wind was like a wedding veil.
And the bell on the top!
I want to ring it!

「Onii-sama! Is there by any chance, jinx like becoming happy if we ring that bell!?」
「Well, I never heard it but.──Do you want to ring it?」

If there is such a cute bell, anyone will want to ring it!
I wonder if it’s no good. There’s also many people around.
Would I look like a country girl?


Onii-sama took my hand and pulled me to the front of the arch.

「Excuse-me. My sister would like to ring this bell, is it alright?」

Onii-sama asked to the senior in the nearest to the arch.
The senior willingly ceded the place and onii-sama urged me, saying 「here, take it」. But to ring it when there’s so much attention like now, you have some courage─!
Onii-sama, you are so brave─!

Well, since it’s a good opportunity, by grace of courtesy of everyone, shall we ring it ?
But as I was too embarrassed to ring it alone, I made onii-sama join me.
When we two rang the bell, somebody told 「Ara, it’s looks like the wedding’s bride and groom」and onii-sama made a more subtle face. Let’s not mind it.

Girls of the elementary school who were watching, gathered saying that they wanted to ring it as well when they saw me ring the bell merrily.
It’s right, it’s right.
Actually, I’m sure everyone wanted to ring it. Thanks to me who ashamed first by cutting in the vanguard.
I did a good deed.

Returning inside after enjoying the roses arch, there were people dancing the waltz in the middle of the hall!
Party! Waltz!


Onii-sama, like having guessed something, averted his gaze from me and tried to go to the buffet corner.
However, grabbing onii-sama’s arm, I did not move.

「Onii-sama, it’s the waltz」
「I don’t want to」
A straight answer, huh.

As a child of the upper class, I did receive ballroom dancing as well.
Onii-sama too, doesn’t seem to be learning it now but, had learned in the past.
Since we got this much trouble learning it, shouldn’t we take the opportunity and use it? If not, then why did we learn for?
After ringing the bell of the roses arch, seems like my tension became strangely high.
Usually, I wouldn’t be thinking about going dancing on my own as I’m too embarrassed.

「Onii-sama, only one song. please, please.」
Please say okay for the cute little sisters making memories.

Onii-sama made a big sigh and dropped his head.
「Only for one song then」


The waltz played by the orchestra flows through the hall.
One, two, three. One, two, three.
Straightening the back─, don’t lower the arm, alright! One, two, three, one, two, three.

While remembering the teacher’s lesson, I turn around and around.
The chandelier on the ceiling is sparkling.
My favorite dress’ hem is fluttering.
Ahh, this is like a dream.

Translator’s note

The kawaiiness is over 9000!!!!

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Editor : Zenneth

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    1. Mirriam Grave

      It might make quite a unique story if that were the case.

      And to avoid the bad incest tag, instead of the good incest tag. (There are differences in society apparently)

      It could be that he isn’t her real blood brother. Hence why he never showed up in the original series.


      I do like it. So once again, THANK YOU KOBATO-CHAN!

    1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

      She was a commoner so it’s normal that she’s amazed by everything in the high society. Even people in reality are amazed and have childish reaction when they are amazed by something new or/and splendid.(like first time entering the Louvre Museum or historical sites. Yeah, childish adults are more common sense than you could imagine. Far greater.)

      1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

        No need to mind typos, I’m not a grammar nazi. I only ask my proofreaders to be so.

        Welp, I spent about less than 2 hours for this chapter but I think I could have done it much quicker if my english was better and also if I wasn’t so perfectionnist(a failed perfectionnist though).

        Anyway, thank you for reading 🙂

  1. Flamestrike

    Omg cute this is too cute! What is this heartwarming sibling love. I don’t think it will go full incest though. This story doesnt give me that kind of impression. Though if it was told from onii-sama’s view I could imagine him gushing over his too cute sister hahaha. One thing had been bugging me though, did we ever get onii-sama’s name?

  2. deathmetalbunny

    It’s good to see Reika having fun with her new life and enjoying it. To often in reincarnation stories the MC feels the need to constantly point out that they are far older adding their current age on top of their death age. Reika died as a young adult but is still having fun with all the new experiences and taking time to have fun appropriate for her current age. Even grown adults want to have stupid kid like fun every now and again and she honestly is getting that chance and using it well.

    1. FlameStrike

      It might be a difference in situation as well. Reika reincarnated into a rather normal world similar to ours. In many other reincarnation stories the MC is thrown into some fantasy world where they’re on the edge of life and death. In such a world using every bit of knowledge they have is necessary to survive etc.

      This novel does away with all that and lets Reika enjoy her second life. It’s very fresh haha. Also she doesn’t seem to have an inferiority complex about her past life so she doesn’t feel the need to bring it up so much.

      It works for some characters like Rudeus in Mushoku Tensei, where his crappy past life lets him learn from his mistakes to become a more compassionate and understanding person. However sometimes that extra baggage drags the character down. I’m glad Reika is the fun person she is.

  3. Unknown

    Thanks for the chapter. Reika is so cute. Just by reading this, I can already imagine how she behaved inside my head. If this really turn out incest, I fully support it.

  4. SlumberKnight

    So FLUFFY!!!
    Reika is so childish and innocent here, more like her ‘age’ now… C:

    suggestion again~
    I let unconsciously a silly exclamation. > I unconsciously let out a …
    Onee-samas with colorful dress overflowing > dresses
    more tightly that was supposed to held > more tightly than was supposed to use holding
    cold water in a maiden’s dream. > on
    jinx like becoming happy > charm. Jinxes are more negative
    If there is such cute bell, > such a cute bell
    asked to the senior in the nearest to the arch > asked the senior nearest to the arch
    somebody told 「Ara, it’s looks > said
    Thanks to me who ashamed first by > reword, who unashamedly went first
    , like having guessed something, > remove like
    thinking about to go dancing > about going dancing

  5. SlumberKnight

    That is a very nice big brother to have, so patient and tolerant.
    Reika is a fine little sister too.

    I want to see an anime adaptation of this scene now …

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