Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 9

After the promised song, when I looked around saying 「Ha~a it was fun」, my gaze crossed with a person who was looking here.
At that moment, I became a stone.

Onii-sama quickly supported me who was going to fall after having legs tangled due to the sudden shock, but rather than that,

Why is Kaburagi Masaya here────!!

Kaburagi Masaya and Enjō Shusuke who were supposed to be gone from Japan to spend the summer vacation in the Mediterranean were right there──.

Since when were you here, since when were you watching.
Weren’t you guys in the Mediterranean.
Because I thought you weren’t in Japan and not coming to the party so I could mix myself among my seniors and do things standing out like dancing!
If I knew you were going to come, I absolutely wouldn’t be standing out like this!


Let’s calm down, calm down.
Let’s put aside the fact that the guy who isn’t supposed to be here is here, but now is how I detach myself from this situation naturally.
First, look away from that evil eye and release from petrification.

Naturally, naturally….
Kiya! I only wanted to divert my eye but my neck turned itself─!
Like this, it looks like I’ve turned my head imperiously! Would he believe that I’m provocating him?!

Can’t be helped. What’s done is done. Let’s leave the place naturally in this state.
Kiya! My knee doesn’t want to bend! I’m walking like a soldier─!

Did the evil eye also attack my brain? Involuntary movements won’t stop.
Ahh, what should I do really.

「Reika, are you listening to me? Reika─」

Anyway, I must flee under cover among the people. Straight to the drink corner with the most people.
It’s not like I’m escaping because I’m anxious of you. It’s just because I’m thirsty due to the dancing.
Yes, it’s just because of that.
Hey you there, could you give me a cup of juice?


The curse of confusion was gone after I’ve been hit on the back strongly.
Ahh, I’ve gone totally crazy.
Onii-sama, thank you for returning my sanity.
To use both petrification and curse of confusion at the same turn, that guy is indeed the last boss.

「What’s wrong? You look strange」

Un, I’m also aware of that.

「Onii-sama, I’ll go to the restroom for a moment」

I want to have time to reset once alone.
I want to shut myself in the restroom and calm down.
Reflecting will come later.

「Are you fine? Do you feel sick? Want me to call somebody to accompany you?」

「No, it’s fine」


Was my behaviour that suspicious? Onii-sama is looking at me anxiously.
I’m sorry, for making you anxious.

「Yo, Takateru」


Let’s flee now since a person who looks to be onii-sama’s friend came.

「Nice to meet you, I’m Reika, the little sister of onii-sama. Onii-sama, it’s fine to go alone so I’ll be gone for a moment」
I bow for greeting, then GO to the outside of the hall quickly!

「The little sister-chan, why is she like that? Seems she’s quite in a hurry」
「Ah, toilet」
Don’t say it!

Rushing in the dressing room and I limp down after entering in a private room.
I’m really tired.
The high tension until a while ago seems like a lie.

…I was surprised.
Why are they here, those guys.
Was it a lie that they were going to stay in the Mediterranean during the summer vacation?
I heard in the Petit Pivoine that those two won’t be participating the summer party.

However, that face.
I was scared─.
He was looking at me with eyes saying “what’s this guy dancing waltz all merry?”
If I knew he was here, I wouldn’t be dancing high-spirited!

「Hey, Masaya-sama was here. Didn’t he say that he wasn’t going to come for sure?」

When I was plunged deeply in thought “what should I do~”, I could hear people who seemed to be older than me chatting.
Are they middle or high school members?

「It’s right. In fact, he was planning to spend the holidays abroad but seems he has come back exactly for Yurie-san’s birthday」
「Oh my, was it so. My little sister was excited since Masaya-sama came. But Yurie-san as opponent, she’d have no chance to win」
「Fufu. We won’t know that yet, you know? Since it’s your little sister, support her. Looks like there’s also quite a lot of rivals?」

The chat was cut off as it seems another person came in, but the mystery is solved with this.
So it was Yurie-sama’s birthday!

Suzushino Yurie-sama who was 4 years older than us was the Emperor and Enjō’s childhood friend, and surprisingly, the Emperor’s first love.
The Yurie-sama in 「You are My dolce」 is a beauty shining with dignity, the woman whose all students were admiring.
Kishouin Reika was also admiring her.
I think Reika also, since she were admiring the right Yurie-sama, should have learnt from her even a little bit, but couldn’t it be helped as she was in the role of the villain? Reika, O poor you…

Emperor loved Yurie-sama till he enrolls the high school but Yurie-sama was looking at the younger him only as a little brother since long ago.
At the end, that love couldn’t be realized and there’s an episode where he releases his frustration at the protagonist but then his interest in the protagonist changed to love and he could overcome the sadness of his first love.

However, Yurie-sama whom a childhood friend and like a big sister was still a special existence, when the autonomous Yurie-sama self-decided to become independent after graduating university and to work in a foreign company even against her parents’ objection, he helps her to convince her parents.
When Yurie-sama became independent, he said 「If there’s anything, call me immediately. I’ll come to help you wherever you are.」 and left the impression that she was a special person for him forever.

Although the protagonist who saw that was worried 「In fact, isn’t he still liking Yurie-san」

For that Yurie-sama’s birthday, he’d come whatever happens. I’m convinced.
Even to the point his expression blooms when he’s talking with Yurie-sama in Petit Pivoine’s salon.
And he’s trying really hard to get her attention and calling her incessantly.

Ah, a first love, sounds bittersweet. But that love will never bear fruit─, what a pity.

I find that me who is grinning and enjoying while listening secretly the story of the two and other’s love relationship, to have a quite bad personality.

Anyway, with this I found why the Kaburagi&Enjō duo is in the party.

Like what I said before, what’s done is done.
The past where I got seen dancing waltz won’t disappear.

……let’s forget.
This, let’s drown it as a dark past in the swamp of my heart. Let’s do that.


Well then, let’s go back since onii-sama would be worrying.
I stayed too long in the restroom. What should I do if I get a disgraceful false charge?
Would it be better if I appeal that my stomach didn’t hurt at all?

Translator’s note

Sorry for the late, I couldn’t finish anything for the 1st January…this chapter was also quite long and tricky to translate so it took me more time than expected. Anyway, happy new year once again!

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Editor : Zenneth

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  1. deathmetalbunny

    I’m starting to hope for the Onii sama route. I’m normally not to into it but with her i’m OK. I’d love it if it were the opposite of the prince’s situation. Not actually siblings and he grew up and fell for her but she only say him as a big brother for the last Reika but current reika would be able to love him back. It could explain why he wasn’t in the story before. She was growing up and falling for other guys and couldn’t see him as a man so he could have left to be his own man so as not to have to go through seeing her with someone else. Especially the fall at the engagement party. It’d be hard to got to the engagement party of a love so he wouldn’t be there to help her.

    1. FlameStrike

      I don’t think their relationship is like that currently. Contrary to what anime and manga show, it’s pretty hard for an Onii-sama to see their kid sister in a romantic light. Especially not if they grew up with them and took care of them. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but yeah. Since Reika is reincarnated she might get ideas, but from the chapters so far it looks like she just adores him as a dependable and cool Onii-sama. Who knows what kind of crazy hijinks could occur in the future though.

      It’s hilarious how much she fears TEH EMPARAH. Now I really want to see them actually interact! Reika might even catch his eye hahahahahahaha.

      ANNNDD we finally have Onii-sama’s name! Takateru if I read that correctly.

      Great read as always. Thanks for the translation!

      1. deathmetalbunny

        I don’t think it’s like that either but it’s fun to think of all the possibilities early on. As things progress the list of possibilities will narrow down so it’s fun to let your imagination go a little wild.

        Honestly I think she’s going to start accidentally triggering prince love flags. While her caution and fear towards the prince will make her brother think he’s bullying her further compounding her situation.

  2. Lygarx

    I bet over the years she will accidentally make the emperor fall in love with her and she will be like go away I am trying to avoid the author’s written role for me as a villain

    1. Ruin

      Relatively sure it’s already happening, it’s what i thought would happen since the first time it showed both of them in the salon lol. She’s probably going to be the only person who tries to stay away from him (probably strenuously) and thus gain him attention then when he notices she wants nothing to do with him it would be like a breath of fresh air when compared to all the others who just want him for his position.
      I’ll admit that the brother route would be just as interesting though so i’d be happy with either.

  3. oniichanyamete

    Thanks for introducing the series to me. I spent all of the free time I had these last few days reading it to the end. It’s now my number one favourite. (:

    It’s a bit of a shame that hiyoko isn’t updating regularly anymore, but I suppose that just means that you have a chance to catch up. Please do your best to translate Reika’s hilarity into English. Good luck!

    1. FlameStrike

      Oh man, I saw your teaser translation of this series on your blog! It was hilariously good as usual hahaha. Though with just ch 73 a lot of the context is lost x.x Reika is funny and cute so I’m grateful for any bit of story I can find. I’m really curious about how her various relationships will develop.

      1. oniichanyamete

        The story is really good in that it builds up a timeline. The chapters (and especially side chapters) will often reference things that happen in the past, so it’s best to read it in order.

        Near the latest chapters, there are even side chapters that have a character narrating for the first time, so they even reference things that happened in the elementary section of the school.

        I just did teaser because I love the series, and wanted to give tl-ing Reika a go.

      2. FlameStrike

        LOL Reika is intimidating? At this point I can’t imagine how that works out. She’s all happily going “Onii-sama!” and ringing bells etc. I can’t wait to see another POV’s view of her.

      3. FlameStrike

        Onii-chan yamete did a one off teaser translation of ch73 for this web novel. It’s buried in his blog somewhere haha. I think his main project is a web novel about a Maou that was reincarnated into a human. It’s also an interesting story!

  4. SlumberKnight

    Thanks for the translations.
    Funny how scared Reika was, sounded like she was quite the gamer and le emperor is quite the last boss. Stun lock ^^
    Lol, that monologue at the end…

    from when were you watching. > where
    Did the evil eye also attacked my brain > attack
    then GO to the outside of the hall quickly! > kinda weird, but I like the capital GO
    I wouldn’t be dancing high-spirited! > dancing in high-spirits (not a good replacement…)
    Oh my, it was so > is that so
    woman whose all students were admiring. > whom
    as a little brother since long. > long ago

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