Kenkyo on break for a while…

Hello people, it’s KobatoChanDaiSuki, founder of this group and a fellow translator.

I write this to say that I’ll be taking a break for an undetermined period of time for “Kenkyo, Kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu!”.
I’m not going to abandon it, just that I need a break to restore my mental and motivation.

To explain, let’s first start with a boring story. When the scanlating group “Trinity BAKumA” was going to disband, I talked with them to take the “Gokukoku no Brynhildr”. I translated one chapter but meh, there was others who came in and translated like they’d feel like to. That time, I said nothing and just dropped it after only one.

“Kakegurui”, a gambling manga was done up to chapter 2 by us. Since our members were busy or lazy, it took times. But some hours before we were done with the chapter 3, BAM , Kawa Scan released it before us. I tried to talk with Dinara, leader of Kawa Scan to ask why he did that(stealing our project) and maybe find a consensus. The result was : he/she told me that we were slow(I agree on this), that our translation and editing was no good. I felt terribly enraged. But what could I do? nothing. So I told my group members that we were dropping it.

After that, I started to translate novels as I had time to spend and I still liked translating. I wanted to produce something, to do something. So I translated “Kenkyo, Kenjitsu”. It was a success. People came to read!! People enjoyed reading Kenkyo!
I also loved Kenkyo Kenjitsu and shared it with everyone, I loved it.
But then I became anxious as the chapter 73 to 77 were TLed by Oniichanyamete.I don’t blame him, let’s don’t blame him.
But honestly, I felt somewhat NTRed once again. I totally understand that he came to love Kenkyo as well, how Reika-sama is awesome. I appreciate that he came to love Kenkyo. However, my fragile mental (yes, I have a really low SAN for many various and personal reasons like depression, etc) couldn’t support it, nor my heart. So yes, I may be complaining a bit too much but it can’t be helped.

I’m sorry again, I’ll be and I hope to be back on work for Kenkyo very very soon, I’ll just be on break on kenkyo(but probably going to continue other stuffs…maybe), just for the time my mental strengh and motivation comes back…


P.S : I clearly say, I will be back on it, won’t delete nor drop it.

P.S 2 : I’ll respect the codes of TL’ers even if I get trampled all over. Vive l’Ordre.

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  1. morph

    Ok, I hope you can recover your fragile mental and can translate this serie again. I appreciate your translation for this unexpected addictive novel.

    And I guess next time the other should try to communicate with you first before translation like the shield novel with alot of translators.

    Well, my selfish self hope for more chapters from you soon haha 🙂

  2. Iseeu

    NTR NTR NTR *flies anti-NTR flag in protest*

    On that note, I am someone who rather read things in chronological order than read ahead due to multiple translators. We will always love you, and hopefully this bane of the world known as the internet has increased your trauma resistance and tolerance to the point where you give no f***s. ty for the translation, and we hope you will have a relatively happy 2015.

    1. heheheheeee

      maybe working on something else would help? showing that you’ve chosen to do oh i don’t know, something like Ore to Kanojo ga Geboku de Dorei de Shuujuu Keiyaku might smooth things over. i know for a fact that no one is translating it right now.

          1. oniichanyamete

            oh, okay. um, of course not. i’m not lacking in things to try tl-ing, which you seem to be implying. i wanted to tl kenkyo kenjitsu for fun because it’s my absolute most favourite series, not because i randomly picked it up, which you seem to be misunderstanding.

          2. heheheheeee

            i wasn’t trying to imply anything, i was just requesting a tl for the LN. but thanks anyway. if you haven’t read the story yet, i recommend it. maybe you will change your mind after

  3. Mirriam Grave

    I do agree that I despise NTR. It is the one thing I truly disagree with no matter what. And I have read A LOT of bad things.

    Side note. It is hard for many people to understand that normally it is one translator per series.
    The way that Shieldbro or Slave Lab translations works is abnormal. A nice treat. But still incredibly abnormal.

    Kobato-chan. I do hope you regain your strength with this hiatus.

  4. Apathy

    Though there was some lack of communication, it’s easy to see that there was no ill intent and all as both sides have valid & understandable points.

    We’ve all been brought together by this fun series after all, we’ll get through this! ‘Till Then, I wish you all good health.

    1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

      what’s worst is that I’ve helped them for a webtoon (Gaussian Blur) when they asked me. I’ve done a few chapters until when I had to go for a trip in Korea&Japan for 2 weeks and Dinara(their leader) found another guy to work on it :l

    2. oniichanyamete

      i thought they sounded familiar… but Tokyo Ghoul was a mess anyway. like 5 different little groups jumped in and tl-ed like 5~7 chapters each for some reason. THS still did their own, quality version most of the way tho.

      1. suzuha

        i read their tokyo ghoul release, indeed their tokyo ghoul is a mess, it’s clear, but if we compared the kakegurui and tokyo ghoul translation, both are done by different translator… Kakegurui’s pretty well done

  5. knowngni

    Sometimes we need a break and do focus on something else.
    Of course there’s that other project…. but not sure if you are in the mood for lewd stuff.

    Sometimes we can talk it through as if we were civilized people or even more as if we were friends.

    I’d still say take a few days, Get some coffee, relax and read some stuff or catch up on anime/manga/other WN. Not for translating just for fun. (I’ve spent the last 2 days staring at the beach from my hotel room on a business trip. Lots of coffee, munchies and the internet (anime/manga/ln) and a massive backlog on my HD helps me relax.)

    Looking at Oniichanyamete’s replies, He’s really sorry and didn’t have bad intentions.

  6. Unknown

    Being NTR 2 times(let’s not count Oniichanyamete since he really didn’t mean it), I understand how you feels. I absolutely despise NTR. That’s why just take a break for as long as you want until you recover. The fact that you do translated the novel for us is already a grateful thing enough that you don’t have to keep doing it when you’re not feeling well. Actually you can just rage quit like the others but you don’t and only taking a break to recover, that’s something very admireable and greatful for us Free readers to know that eventually you will still keep doing it for us. Once again, let me say this: Just rest for as long as you want and when you feel better you can either continue to do it or you don’t is entirely depend on your choice, but since you already said that you will then I and all of us will trust your words.(Sr since English isn’t my native language and I’m not good at writing so I may have ramblings too many stuffs)

  7. Loco15


    Man, I’m getting tired of seeing this things happening in LN/WN’s translations. And the worst thing is that the guys who do it normally don’t mean any harm, and more than that, they wish to help either the original translator or want to feed the leechers. But shit hits the fan because nobody thinks “oh, I should tell them/him about what I’m doing before posting”. People, seriously, the internet was literally made for storing and exchanging data/information betwen two or more distant points. Yes, it was originally only intended for the military, but the point is that it was made for EXCHANGING INFORMATION. I had homework on this today so I probably know a bit of what I’m talking about.

    I’m not mad with anybody in particular nor will I say something like “people should just get their heads out their ass”. I’m just impressed by humanity apparent lack in ability to process their ideas in proper order when it’s about something they’re happy and or excited about. I mean, I can only see this as something in the level of going to the bathroom, sitting in the toilet, take a crap, and AFTER THAT decide to put down their pants so that they don’t get crap in them.

    If I really had to point to someone that did something they shouldn’t, it would be oniichanyamete. But even then, I know he is just a pure hearted translator that after being exposed to Reika-sama totally OP cuteness had his heart overflowing with fluffiness energy and was more excited than a four year old girl when their dad gives them a shoulder ride while she is eating chocolate and watching a parade. And with all this he decided that he wanted to give back some of that fluffiness and cuteness to the comunity, and here we are. This is like when a child loves her mother so much that they decide to give her some flowers as a present carrying an angelic smile, not knowing that she is allergic to them. The end result is bad, but you can’t get mad at them because they did it with all the naivety and good intentions of the world, and they didn’t really did something wrong, one or both parties were unfortunate. This is why I’m ranting here; because there is this thing that I don’t like and keeps messing things up but I can’t even get mad at anybody for it.


    I hope you get emotionally better soon Kobatochandaisuki. If it helps you in some way I think you choose the right path, you have one of the most positive comment sections I have ever seen; There is no hate, there is no pointless discussions, there is no spoilers, there is no “next chapter when?” comments, when there is a shipping discussion it doesn’t turn into a holy war but into a funny time making guesses, you have people who are understanding and that can get mildly concerned about you or your well being, and most comment are mostly possitive. Also, this WN is one of the most relaxing inducing things I have finded 🙂

    May Reika cuteness heals you of your affliction, and you come back with renowned strength and maybe a new determination.

  8. Chilu

    Hello, I’ve just discovered Kenkyo yesterday and I thank you for introducing to this story which is very cute. I understand why you need a break, I also had some bad memories when I was a member of a scanlation team. I hope you will soon recover.

  9. antman

    ugh, gokukoku… ;_;
    not read it anymore since raw around chapter 100 released when tinity bakuma officially disbanded.

    well, be strong kobatochan, these things often happens.

    I want to read cuteness of Reika in english… >_<

    1. LunarisDream

      That makes me kinda salty since I’ve taken over the series. Did you drop it because of the story or the group disbanding?

      Sorry to hear about the takeovers, KCD. Perhaps you could consider making a joint effort w/ the groups that chose to release faster? Looks like they have the manpower/organization (I mean no offense by this) to do so, and two heads are better than one, unless bridges were burned. I don’t think it’s something you should take personally; they’re not saying “hey fuck you we want to screw you over”, but rather benefit the readers w/ faster releases.

      Actually, I just took a look at the group history on Batoto and it seems like you did do that already and that the problem is from people taking over your projects w/o permission over and over. The harsh but best way to conquer this is to improve the speed and quality of your own releases to preemptively deter poaching. But due to obligations IRL as well as other interests, this isn’t always possible. I haven’t had this happen to me yet but I don’t have a lot to do; just TL and TS a single weekly series from pre-cleaned scans. But I have had similar experiences, including depression, and my heart goes out to you on that.

      I wish you all the best, and thanks for all you’ve done. Look forward to seeing your return.

      1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

        I don’t think our quality is that bad. It’s true we lacked speed for Kakegurui but one does not simply take a project without talking with the group who originally was working on if not the group is disband or dropped the project. It’s about Etiquette and a certain respect between co-translators/scanlators. And Kawa Scan is one group that is stealing many projects because they were popular(I did not know before I dug in about them). And scanlators are human! we/they are not doing this as their work, we are not even paid for. And also between fellow scanlators/translators, there must be a certain Etiquette, otherwise everbody do whatever they want and it creates chaos.

        But yes, what could I do? You can’t win if you are being nice and clean.
        However, I’ll stay the way I am : trying to respect other’s works(if not trolls or assholes), being nice to co-translators and readers, bring new and nice stuffs to the public.

        Thank you

      2. antman

        hm… maybe because the group disbanded, since I was part of the group.
        somehow the things happened back then affected me and I lost interest to read it.

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