Coder Lee YongHo Glossary

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Lee YongHo(♂): Main Character. After a lightning strike, he gains the ability so see bugs and their solution
Kang SungGyu(♂): MC’s senior at college and former president of the Software Union Circle (SUC). Looks after MC a lot
Ji SuMin(♀): MC’s Junior at college. A tsundere(?)
Choi HyeJin(♀): Another of MC’s Junior at college.
Kim WonHo(♂): Assistant manager at Mirae IT
Jeon HyunShik(♂): Professor at Seon Min University
An ByungHoon(♂): Manager at Mirae IT
No JunWoo(♂): Assistant manager at KO Telecom
Kim ManHo(♂): Director at Mirae IT and Kim WonHo’s father
Go JinSung(♂): Vice-president of KO Telecom
Jeong JinYong(♂): CEO of Shinseki Group
Jeong JinHoon(♂)President of Shinseki Inc. Jeong JinYong’s useless second son
Jeong DanBi(♀): Team leader for the PS System project in Shinseki Inc. Graduated from KEIST, department of computer science. Jeong JinYong’s daughter Peerless beauty
Son SeokHo(♂): Head researcher of Jeong DanBi’s team and her right hand man. YongHo’s mentor(?). Good guy
Heo JiHoon(♂): Management personnel of Jeong DanBi’s team. Bad guy

Companies & Places

Mt. Jiri: The place where MC gets hit by lightning and gains the bug window ability.
Gangnam: Literally means river-south. It refers to the south of the Han river, and houses are really expensive there.
Koogle: Parody of Google
                  Grome: Parody of Chrome
                  Indroid: Parody of android
Eclipse: Open source tool for programming
Seon Min University: MC’s university, considered 3rd rate.
Stack Overfly: Parody of Stack Overflow
Mirae Information Technology: MC’s commuting company during his intern days.
Heavensoft: A big company in Korea, does not exist in RL, and is not important in the story.
KO Telecommunications: A telecommunication company. MC works on a project related to this company in Mirae IT.
Eaver: Parody of Naver, a Korean search engine.
GethubParody of Github, an open source project management tool.
Shinseki: Parody of Shinsegye, a department store in Korea. (Shinseki means new era while Shinsegye means new world)
KEIST: Parody of KAIST, a top-tier engineering uninversity in Korea.
Onnurisoft: The company MC commutes to before being scouted by Jeong DanBi.
NetFlax: Parody of NetFlix

Background knowledge (mostly about programming)

Tomcat: A type of server
SVN(Subversion)Source version management tool. Think cloud storage for codes. Nowadays GIT is more frequently used.
Committing: Act of uploading a source onto an SVN, or any other type of server
RDBMS(Relational Databse Management System)
SQL(Structured Query Language)Coding language used in RDBMS
JDKJava Development Kit, the basic environment for program developing using the Java language
WBSWork Breakdown Structure. Think blueprint for a program.
Evaluation Score:
Java Server Page. Website components created with Java
ANTJava project build tool. Basically, makes codes into programs
ETL: Acronym of ‘Extraction, Transformation, Loading’. A program to extract, transform and load data
Unix Permissions: written as ‘-rwxrwxrwx’ with ‘-‘ replacing something a user doesn’t have. r is read, w is write, x is execute. the first 3 is for the user(creator), second 3 belongs to the ‘group’ which the user belongs to, and the last 3 is others
Unit Tests: Tests of a program in units.
Integrated Tests: Tests of a program as a whole.
Access Controllers in Java:
1. public – can be accessed by any class(think file)
2. protected – can be accessed by any class that inherits (is an extension of) the class
3. package (default) – can be accessed by any class that is in the same directory (folder)
4. private – cannot be accessed outside the class and only be accessed within the class itself.

The Bug Window and its abilities

(will be updated around chapter 47)


CSAT(College Scholastic Ability Test): College entrance examination in South Korea.
TOEIC: English ability test in South Korea. Important when getting a job.
lakulakufold-able bed. Usually placed a lot in clubrooms for its members to use it as an emergency
sunbae: Korean equivalent of senpai.
Hyung: Korean equivalent of aniki
Gab, Eul, Byung, Jung: Basically, a series with implied hierarchy, with gab being the most powerful, and Jung being the least powerful. It is part of a 10-character series. Gab = client, Eul = contractor, Byung = outsourcing company, Jung = freelancers
Micro Unit Apartments: Tiny room-dormitory. mostly used by exam students
SaramOutParody of SaramIn, a job-seeking website in Korea.

I will be using CEO and Chairman interchangeably.
1 USD is around 1150 KRW