FFF-Class Trashero

FFF-Class Trashero

Author :  Farnar / 파르나르

Translated Synopsis

Make way for the Great Hero brimming with personality and dreams!

Illustration pages

Chapter 1: It Should Have Been the Epilogue…?
Chapter 2: With My Instructor’s Qualification On the Line
Chapter 3: Begin Self-Study!
Chapter 4: Show Me the Money
Chapter 5: I’ve Got Eighth-Grader Syndrome!?
Chapter 6: Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong!
Chapter 7: Black Market rhymes with…
Chapter 8: Kiss of Death
Chapter 9: Soar higher, my EXP!
Chapter 10: Everybody All Together, Cheers!
Chapter 11: Mercenary work? Why even bother?
Chapter 12: Master Mollang
Chapter 13: By the power of friendship!
Chapter 14: Dancing with an Orc
Chapter 15: Chaooooooo…!
Chapter 16: What the hell did I just see?
Chapter 17: Practice like it’s real!
Chapter 18: Hero-Long-Legs
Chapter 19: My hand slipped. Sorry!
Chapter 20: Guardian Hero of Love
Chapter 21: I want to go home. Plz!
Chapter 22: Come on in. First time having a friend, right?
Chapter 23: This hero will do it free of charge!
Chapter 24: My dear friend!
Chapter 25: To where there’s good water! Go! Go!
Chapter 26: Heading to the inn to catch a mermaid~𝅘𝅥𝅮
Chapter 27: The Saintess and the occupational Hero
Chapter 28: Ulluuuuu…!
Chapter 29: Waaah! Alex…!
Chapter 30: What in the world is this adventure
Chapter 31: This Hero doesn’t bite!
Chapter 32: The price of reputation
Chapter 33: Defective goods obtained!
Chapter 34: Highly rating Holy Sword 2!
Chapter 35: Wanna be secret friends?
Chapter 36: A fantasy adventure that ends in one day
Chapter 37: Alumni Festival
Chapter 38: A southeastern wind! A southeastern wind is blowing!
Chapter 39: Fire in the hole…!
Chapter 40: I’ve got 11 years of Hero-ing under my belt!
Chapter 41: The boss’ daughter
Chapter 42: O Hero! Please take care of my daugh… Kegh?!
Chapter 43: The Elf King praises humans!
Chapter 44: Oh! My dear saint!
Chapter 45: How much for you?
Chapter 46: Follow me, plz
Chapter 47: Overflowing with holiness!
Chapter 48: Chaos! Chaos! More chaos!
Chapter 49: Little Chaooo~! 
Chapter 50: Unirrrrrr~!
Chapter 51: Festival closing ceremony
Chapter 52: Where is this? Who am I?
Chapter 53: Kind village residents
Chapter 54: Simply a Hero!
Chapter 55: The mightiest Holy Sword
Chapter 56: The strongest Archmage
Chapter 57: This Sage is safe!
Chapter 58: No! You darned golem!
Chapter 59: Who are you?
Chapter 60: Welcome, dear graduate!
Chapter 61: The Hero of Origin
Chapter 62: Mr. Witness! Please help!
Chapter 63: For the sake of hopes and dreams
Chapter 64: No drinking and adventuring!
Chapter 65: The Ice Princess who was happy
Chapter 66: This Hero’s career record is already…
Chapter 67: Dreams★ will come true
Chapter 68: Captain Fantasy
Chapter 69: You mustn’t seek encounters! ⑱
Chapter 70: Daughter and father
Chapter 71: Triple
Chapter 72: The lecture on fantasy this Hero speaks of
Chapter 73: Speed! More speed!
Chapter 74: Split & Copy & Paste
Chapter 75: An alien in fantasy? Huh?
Chapter 76: ‘Cause you’re my woman!
Chapter 77: Two Heroes!
Chapter 78: Bye fantasy! Hello Earth!
Chapter 79: In the middle of the Pacific Ocean
Chapter 80: False power
Chapter 81: I even have a graduation cert!
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