Reincarnator Glossary

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World information

The Abyss – A world where strength rules and every species fight for survival. Before entering the Abyss, species are each put in a separate buffer zone, the Otherworld, where they learn to adapt to the Abyss. The more knowledge about the Abyss is spread among the species, the faster the spread of the Abyss which will in turn cause the time in the Otherworld to shorten.

The Otherworld – A world where the humanity will learn to adapt to the Abyss before sharing the same world as the other intelligent species. It is divided in separate zones, including the Tutorial where new adventurers go in their first three months without interference from more experienced adventurers.

The Tutorial – Where adventurers go in their first three months. It is divided in two areas, the first being in a group of 100. The first stage lasts 2 weeks and they are expected to survive and overcome the challenge of the Carnivorous Beast. The second comprising of around 10000 adventurers. The second tutorial stage is composed of numerous floating islands that link to each other and act as steps upward. The Final Dungeon is at the end of the second tutorial stage. During this time period of the tutorial stage people are consistently encouraged by the fairy,  sometimes forced, to kill or sacrifice each other in order to survive.

The fairy – Fairies are annoying little flies that represent the authority governing the Tutorial stage. They seem to take fun in the adventurers’ plight while pretending to do that for their own good. Adventurers have learned to dread the bad news that will happen when a fairy starts to talk.

The Otherworld’s Moon – Every night at midnight, the moon opens its eye and all scavenged food is burned down. It is also possible to see the aura of every other adventurers even through walls during the next six hours, making it impossible to hide from others. The only currently known way to preserve food is the Selfish Wealthy Man’s Foor Jar, obtained in the first part of the tutorial by Hansoo, that stores several days’ worth of food.

Ranks – Each adventurer has their stats between 0 and 100. Past 100 for the basic stage and from 0.01% to 99.99% for Colorless and beyond, the rank for said stat increases and the power of said stat is improved substantially. Currently known ranks are: Basic, Colorless, Red, Orange, Yellow and so on to Purple (More may exist). Some areas like the Red Zone require to have at least one stat of said rank to enter. Conversely, people of too high rank can’t enter those areas.

Artifacts – Equipment that help adventurers by providing some benefits. They can provide healing, increase in Stats, have skills, … Most of the artifacts are ranked on colors, following the same system as adventurers, and won’t provide boosts to an adventurer beyond their rank. Some, called growing artifacts, can increase their rank by absorbing runes.

Runes – They provide boosts to the adventurer and can be divided into Stat Runes, Skill Runes, and special runes like the Regenaration Rune.

Stat Runes – They increase stats of the adventurer. They are ranked in colors: basic runes, colorless runes, red runes, orange runes, yellow runes and so forth … The four basic stats of an adventurer are Strength, Stamina, Agility and Perception. The eight general stats of an adventurer are the four basic stats in addition to Physical Resistance, Magical Resistance, Mana and Magic. There are more hidden stats like Luck or Charm that can be obtained by having the corresponding rune.

Skill Runes – Rarely dropped by monsters, allows adventurers to get the corresponding skills. There’s generally no downside to having additional skills, except for Hansoo as he’s limited to seven skills. Skills generally can grow, up to a certain limit.

Traits – Sometimes when humans cross over to the Otherworld, they can awaken a Trait like the protagonist. A common trait is the one of a Lord, allowing to form a clan with communication between members and control. Exceptionnally, people can have two traits.

Final Brigade – Name given to the group of 100 strongest humans in the past incarnation.


Since the names are in Korean and some sound very similar to us, it can be hard to track who’s who.

Previous Incarnation

Kang Hansoo – The main character. Was part of the final four humans to be alive and went back into the past in order to change humanity’s fate. He’s limited to seven skills but can grow them far beyond their original potential. He’s a loner and finds it troublesome to deal with people.
Eres Valentine – One of the four last humans to be alive in the previous incarnation. A very talented Lord and leader that prefers to avoid conflict and is good at uniting people and making allies, even in the Otherworld. She used to be a doctor.
Keldian Magus – One of the four last humans to be alive in the previous incarnation. Extremelly clever and cunning. A talented Magi and Alchemist.
Kim Kangtae – One of the four last humans to be alive in the previous incarnation. Has extraordinary luck, allowing him to consistently get amazing Runes and Artifacts. He obtained a Regenaration Rune from a goblin.
Enbi Arin – Part of the Final Brigade. Used to be a volunteer at a prison when she was transferred along with the rest of the criminals. She got crazy and killed all the criminals in gruesome ways after being abused by them.
Kwang Goonju – Part of the Final Brigade. The only man known to have fought and killed the Carnivorous Beast inside the Altar in the first part of the tutorial. Was known for his artifact <Nurmaha’s Ring> nicknamed [Absolute Ring].
Ralph Lauren – Part of the Final Brigade. Discovered the Final Dungeon in the tutorial area by climbing the walls of the Tower from the outside, used to be a professional rock climber. Gained the trait <Berserk> as his reward.

Current Incarnation

Mihee – A girl who accompanied Hansoo during the first part of the tutorial and his first friend since Hansoo went back in time.
Sangjin – Used to want to stand shoulder to shoulder with Hansoo or surpass him. Acknowledged that he couldn’t and instead asked Hansoo to use him. Works as a cleaner for Hansoo, doing dirty work without damaging Hansoo’s reputation.
Taejin – One of the two Lords who survived Central Island thanks to Hansoo’s help. Has a good relationship with Hansoo.
Sofía Vergara – One of the Seven Departed Souls, the group that keeps Akuma sealed in the Red Zone. Has a trait called Library that helps her find information about whatever she wants, with some lax limits. Was part of the Final Brigade in the previous incarnation. Friend of Camille Rowe.
Tekilon – An Akaron in an Elvenheim’s body and their former King. Joined Hansoo in the Red Zone and goes to the Orange Zone with him in order to save his race.

First part of the tutorial

Sunmi, Gangtae, Jisun – Friends of Mihee and Sangjin. Part of the group of 8 that Hansoo was with before being brought to the Abyss.
Taesoon – Part of the group of 8 that Hansoo was with before being brought to the Abyss. Used to his father’s influence, likes to be in a leader position. He used his father’s influence over Sangjin’s father in order to order him around.

Second part of the tutorial

Hanchul – Part of Hansoo’s first group on the Sky Road, also a member of a clan.
Yerin – The other Lord who survived Central Island. Hers and Taejin’s clans are made of stronger individuals from the clansmen of the other dead Lords. Has a sister named Jimin.
Guktae – Clansman belonging to the Dark Mad Lord’s clan, posing as a Lord in Central Island. His mission was to kill every other Lord in Central Island, even at the cost of his own life.
Hyunwoo – Part of the Dark Mad Lord’s clan, pretends to be in no clan and tries to befriend Hansoo.
Wongyung – The Dark Mad Lord. His goal is to kill every other Lords and adventurers in order to eliminate any potential threats. Very high aptitude as a Lord, allowing him to possess more clansmen and force them to do anything, even suicide.
Changhee – Wongyung’s friend and second in command. She helps him in his objective.
Suhan – Leader of Hansoo’s first group in the Tower, a man with good morals.
Gyungmi – A Lord who doesn’t like using her powers, instead fighting on the front lines with her clansmen. She hates having the ability to give them orders against their will, and doesn’t want to see a single of her comrades die. She obtained a <Sixth Sense> rune which saved her life many times and allows her to feel dangerous situations. At the time she is introduced, she feels content with only 10 clansmen.

Red Zone

Yohan – “Leader” of the men that Hansoo took on his boat to the Red Zone. Has delusions of wanting to have Hansoo as a subordinate.
Camille Rowe – An adventurer that stayed three years in the Red Zone in order to hunt the Calamity Fish, in revenge for her family. She tried by going inside and failed thirteen times, before meeting Hansoo.
Kalz Morenn – Captain of the Shock Troopers of Lighthouse, one of the 6 pillars or major clans of the Red Zone. Before going up, he wants to enjoy the sight of thousands of newcomers with all escape paths blocked being eaten by the Calamity Fish.
Michael Cristopher – Patriarch of Lighthouse, a clan Keldian Magus founded and left behind which is one of the Six Great Pillars. Initially wanted to take advantage of Hansoo but was forced to fight alongside him in the Devouring and Vomiting Root.
Miyamoto Junichi – Founder of Hecarim, one of the 6 Pillars of the Red Zone. He was one of the strongest in the Red Zone in the same time period as Eres, Keldian and Kangtae. He stayed behind for 20 years in order to guard the seal of the Akuma and is the leader of the Seven Departed Souls. One of his two traits allows him to give a fragment of his soul to 7 other people, allowing them to use his battle experience and skills.
Amil Stadan – Captain of the Shock Troopers of Hecarim, one of the Six Pillars. Had a rivalry with Kalz Morenn.
Jukma – Patriarch of Hecarim, his name means “Crimson Horse”. Tried various underhanded means against Hansoo targetting his friends from the tutorial zone.
Baek Jonsang, Kyle Cooper, Arc Mariangt – Members of the seven Departed Souls.

Orange Zone

Ken – Member of the Rerorerore clan. Got captured by Hansoo & co in order to lead them around the Orange Zone. Has a grudge with Amil Stadan and was waiting for him in order to kill him if he left the Red Zone.
Kale Dawson – Member of the Rerorerore clan. Has a grudge with Sofia because he was forced to run away to the Orange Zone after failing to rape her and losing an arm when she was just a first year. Is also running away from Enbi Arin after touching her younger sister in the Orange Zone.

Significant Items

Selfish Wealthy man’s Food Jar – A pouch that can store food, keep it fresh and protect it from the Otherworld’s Moon. The quantity of food the pouch can hold depends on how the mission to obtain it was fulfilled, in the first part of the tutorial. Although its primary mission is to keep food fresh, it acts as a dimensional storage and can store other things.

Maniac’s Cloud Snack – A pack of 20 cigarettes. Each can increase one’s stats by 20% for a few minutes, but not beyond the beginning of the colorless rank.

Arankal’s Bracelet – Allows one to turn invisible, from sight and perception. Hansoo got it in the Underground Dungeon of Central Island. Its effect declines with sharp movements, as thus is hard to use in battles.

Nurmaha’s Ring – A growing artifact, formerly ranked as the ninth most powerful growing artifact in the previous incarnation and nicknamed Invincible Ring. Its colorless power is to cancel something/someone’s active or passive skills on contact, <Power Destruction>. Its red power is to create excessive bleeding and prevent regeneration, <Hemorrage>. Further powers are yet unknown.

Justice of Dekrados / Judgment of Dekrados – A colorless set of a chainscythe and dagger. The chainscythe’s chain has the effect to suppress the mana someone tied up and drain it. The scythe has an explosive attack effect. The dagger can multiply itself into twelve version and be collected again by just holding one of the daggers. The holes on the links of the chain fit perfectly the width of the dagger, allowing to perform a “chainsaw” effect on a large foe by restraining him with the chain, embedding the daggers through the links and rotating the chain. The set effect of using the dagger and the chain together is to reinforce the chain and make the dagger sharper.

Earring of the Seven Siblings – Allows someone to transform into seven different predefined human disguises. It changes not only the face but also the body’s appearance. However, the battle power of someone using it decreases.

Forgotten Sword – A relic found in the Calamity Fish and owned by Gyesoo before being reappropriated by Hansoo. Has a skill, Parallel Cut, that allows it to change shape according to the wielder’s desires.

Ahol’s Breath – A survival artifact that helps underwater and when one’s about to faint. With it someone can survive and breathe underwater or in other liquids as they would on land.

Galadriang’s Relic – Same as Forgotten Sword, except of much higher quality as it belonged to one of the Five Great Tiger generals of the Elvenheims, that along with his troops was cursed to defend the insides of the Calamity Fish. Other relics also belonged to the Five Great Tiger generals: a formless armor, 7 marbles that can be remotely controlled, a chain and a spear.

Thousand Soldier Armor – A strong armor that can eat weapons to grow stronger and provide adequate defense against those weapons. A copy of it, Weapon Eater, was ranked Solo Numbering 6 in the previous life. It is the armour y of the elven king, and can be used to access the Arsenal containing enough weapons and equipment to fully arm millions of people.

Forked Lightning – A homing spear initially powered by a divine stone fragment, that won’t stop until it pierces the heart of its target. Fell into the possession of Hansoo, but he didn’t keep the divine stone fragments with him.


Covenant – Seals a pact. If the target(s) break their commitment, they receive a penalty that is stronger the stronger the owner of the trait is compared to the target. Ranges from injuries to death.

Seven Stars – Trait of Kang Hansoo. Owner is limited to seven skills, but they will progress a lot faster and be able to transcend their conventional limits.

Lord – Allows to form a group, or a clan. All the members have a symbol flickering on their skin when they use it to communicate with other members. The Lord can force others to do things, how much they can depends on the strength of their soul compared to their members’ and the mastery of the trait. If they go to far like ordering someone to commit suicide, the symbol on the target breaks and they are free from its influence. Some Lords are strong enough or mastered the trait enough to be able to order members to commit suicide.

Berserk – Increase strength and battle prowess.  Not much detail given.

Fragments of Seven Souls – Can give fragments of their own soul to up to seven people. Those people can then access the fragment to have access to all of the owner’s fighting ability and skills. Can communicate and transfer memories across dimensions. The owner can control the people holding a fragment if they are considerably stronger.

Library – Acts like an omniscient helper by providing the owner with data about their surroundings or what they want to know. Has some limits regarding things outside of the user’s ability, like zones too dangerous. Indredibly useful as it’s equivalent to an identify skill plus a search skill plus world knowledge plus crystal ball.

Major Monsters

Barb Snake – Guarding the Tutorial’s first hidden piece. Requires the strength of about 20 normal people at that stage to defeat.

Carnivorous Beast – A monster seemingly taken from the movie Alien. Needs to be sacrificed 5 people everyday otherwise will enter a rampage. Is a Colorless beast at a stage where everybody is still in the Basic rank. Guards <Nurmaha’s Ring>.

Rune Eater Snake – In their infancy, rune eater snakes spit out two runes of one’s choosing after eating three runes. Allows to get two uncommon runes by spending three common runes. (Ex: Trading 3 Strength runes for 2 Magic Resistance runes)

Demon Lord – Huge, with only overwhelming strength and regeneration, guards the Demon Lord’s castle in Central Island. Is a weakened version of a further boss Barbatoy. His drop, Demonic Jade Crystal, allows to boost someone’s stats to 99.99% for one day before dropping them back to 0.01%.

Calamity Fish – Result of a failed Genetic Experiment with Demon Biology by the elves. Was supposed to protect the World Tree, instead it feeds on it by gnawing its roots. It’s absolutely gigantic, feeding itself of roots that could be mistaken as pieces of lands. It has hurricanes swirling around its body. One of the five calamities that prevents the World Tree from reviving.

Devouring and Vomiting Root – A monstruosity similar in shape to a Root of the World Tree. Sucks on its toxic waters in order to nourish itself. Took control of a gigantic monster-generating Plant of the Elvenheims, which it supplies with toxic waters and energy from the divine stone framgent. One of the five calamities that prevents the World Tree from reviving.

Ouroboros – A giant snake wrapped around the Trunk of the World Tree, that sucks on its toxic waters as well. Adventurers often use it as an easy way to climb the World Tree. Has billions of 4m-big grasshopper-shaped parasites in its insides to guard itself. One of the five calamities that prevents the World Tree from reviving.

Akuma – An incomplete monster sealed within the World Tree. It is not as powerful as the other calamities but is particularly hostile to humans instead of just being part of the environment. As such it is more dangerous to humankind than other calamities and is guarded by the Seven Departed Souls.

Margoth – A giant dinosaur with the head the size of a stadium, and a protrusion on the head. Due to their huge bodies, they eat every 3 minutes by chomping onto the ground. Adventurers crossing over to the Orange Zone come out from their mouth.

Baladi – Parasites living in the Grados. Their strength is used as an indicator, and correspond to late 6th year adventurers. The next indicator is Margoth-level.