Late in projects…

Dear readers,

We are getting late in every of our projects due to checking, fixing and re-checking. We are trying to improve greatly all of our scripts and works so it definitely takes a lot of time.

We sincerly apologize for this and hope you will enjoy with our perfected works when they’ll come out!

Thank you for your support,


6 Replies to “Late in projects…”

  1. Anon

    Did you upload the chapter anywhere or are you waiting for a few more chapters before uploading a batch?
    I’m surprised the stupid mods on batoto haven’t banned the manga yet since they hate lolis.

        1. dakarah Post author

          Oh I see…well, as the nekogurui chapters are really short, I reunite and upload download links every 5 chapters so that people will have more than…2 or 3 pages to read. I don’t think readers would be pleased to download for such trivial number of pages… but if there’s quite a number of people who desires download links at every chapter, I’ll do it.

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