Link the Orc – Chapter 1: Link (1)


I’m confused. Through my blurry vision, everything was shaking like there’s an earthquake taking place, as well as an annoying tinnitus stuck in my ears. I have no idea what kind of place this is and what is happening now.


I hear noises coming from afar but I only hear it faintly due to the tinnitus in my ears. It sounded like bellows…was I somewhere I would heard such bellows? I raised my hands and held my head. I thought my sight shaking would become a bit better if I held my head hard…


Suddenly, pain assaulted the right side of my head. I did not immediately feel it as I was so confused and it only hit me when I reached my hands to my head. But as the pain coursed through, my mind cleared a bit and I more or less came to gradually understand the surroundings.

“Just what is-”

What appeared before my eyes, which had just started to recover its sight, was quite a shock. It was a battle between humans and green monsters. Hundreds of humans and orcs were fighting in a muddled mess. A green monster… that must be an orc.

…Huh? How did I know that that monster was an orc? Hmm… Well, I guess I knew because it looked like one. Anyway, each orc had a different equipment, compared to the humans who had the same sword, shield, and armor for everybody. Basically, it’s a fight between barbaric orc warriors and human soldiers.

But…what am I doing here in middle of such a battlefield? I’m fairly certain I was in my home…Huh? What was I doing? I don’t remember at all. Was I really at home?…I don’t know. I just don’t know anything at all.

The hands holding my head were sticky. When I brought my hands down and looked, they were full of blood. It seems my mind was confused because something hit my head…
The hands holding my head felt wet.

“Seems…I was hit by a sling.”

I found a stone covered in blood. I remembered there was something that could shoot a stone as big as half a fist among the enemy’s weapons. But looks like I’m slowly recovering. I now see a bit better and the tinnitus became weaker and weaker, so the sounds from the surrounding could be heard even if it was only noise, same as when I had the tinnitus.

Rest…Let’s rest a bit. My memory started to come back gradually. Actually, instead of coming back, it’d be more accurate to say that a memory was filling an empty space…I guess that’s about the same. There’s no way a memory I never had was created, right?

“Kuhoo…Yeah. It was so.”

There was a reason I was here and got attacked. I was one of the involved party in the war that is happening right here, and I fell down from the shot on my head from the enemy’s surprise attack. What I could remember well so far was that I felt a shock to my head when I was walking but looking at my actual state and the fight that is happening in front of me, that should be correct.

I took the weapon on the ground. The fighting instinct that was asleep for a little moment due to the loss of memory woke up once again. Yes. I am a warrior. A warrior beating a powerful foe and winning the honor.

One step…two steps…three steps…

I faltered a bit at the beginning, but I slowly regained my balance and then worked straight toward the battlefield. The more steps I made, the more strength came back and the more speed I had. And I ran. As my strength came back to my body, I couldn’t hold myself from making a war cry.


I’m a warrior, the brave orc race’s warrior who breaks his foe’s head with his axe!



Hansang woke up with a scream.

“Huff. Huff.”

Hansang sweating cold sweats looked around him in daze. It was his own room. It was not the meadow where hundreds of humans and orcs were fighting.

“Just what the…”

Even now, he could feel that realistic sensation on the palm of his two hands. The sensation of holding an axe and splitting a human’s head. The sensation that instead of cutting, it was more like breaking into two with the dull axe’s blade. These sensations were enjoyments in the dream but for Hansang in reality, it was just horrible.

He was so shocked that his whole body was covered in sweat.

“Damn. What kind of dream can feel this real?”

He took the phone on the night table beside his bed and checked the time. 3:04 am. There was still 4 hours left until 7 am, the time he has to wake up.


He had to go back to sleep but he couldn’t easily get back to it when that horrible sensation came back in his mind again. Hansang thought about it for a little moment, but then he finally got back to sleep. Due to Hansang’s job, it would be really dangerous if he were to fall asleep during work. That’s why Hansang always slept for more than 7 hours before his work.

The dream was very strange but his sleep couldn’t be given up for only such a thing.

Hansang buried his head in his pillow and closed his eyes.

TL Note

Oh well…I’ll try to do some chapters when I’ll feel like to, I guess?

This is a project I took just for fun and for myself. But yeah, I hope nobody declares war on me by snitching the project, this time.

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki
Proofreaders : Saihikawa, Daily

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