Link the Orc – Chapter 2: Link (2)

I quickly observed the battlefield while running. Even if you gave a quick glance, the humans outnumber us orcs by three to one. Humans were a dastardly race that won’t fight in a battle they thought they have no chance of winning, unlike us. They’ve attacked us first because they must have had the confidence of winning. Maybe I could die here.

Should I retreat?

Hmm?! What have I even thought about? Retreat is only for cowards, so how could I have thought about it? It was only a thought, but I felt shame as a brave orc warrior for such an act.


To get rid of the shame and useless thoughts, I bawled. This is unacceptable. This must be due to having my head injured. If not, there’s no way I could think of such a thing. But even if it was a big injury, for me to think so weakly. It’s certain that my head got a big injury. My mind must have been confused due to a huge injury.

After clearing my thoughts and taking a big breath, I yelled strongly.

“I’m the orc warrior Grakkar! Brothers, I’m joining the battle!!”

I have shown a shameful act for a little moment but I’m the one who has the biggest stature in this battalion. It meant that I must lead them as the most powerful warrior. That’s why if they knew that I’m joining the battle, brothers will muster up even more.

I ran to the closest human as my target. I gripped the axe’s handle with my two hands and swung with all my might. The human swordsman who became my target clenched his teeth and raised his shield.


Foolish human! How dare you think that my axe could be blocked by a mere human!



The axe directly hit the shield. The shield half broke and the human fell without being able to stand against the axe’s power. I raised my axe in front of the human who fell. The human tried to raise his shield again but couldn’t. It’s a given. He dared to block my attack in the face so his weak human body should be broken. He must have his arm broken or an injury close to it.

And I split the defenseless human’s head. The sensation of the axe splitting the head spread from my hands to my head. It’s exciting. This is a battle. I ran right away towards another human.

One…I knocked him over by kicking the shield, stepping on the thigh and the face strongly, and running over him. Even a common orc is twice as heavy than a human. And me, who boast a big stature even among the orcs, should be three times heavier. So just stepping hard and running over is critical for the weak humans.

Two…checked over my shoulder the human who was standing blankly with his shield as if he didn’t think the one in front of him would fall so easily. The human urgently tried to block with his shield, but there’s no way a weak and light human can stand my charge without even correcting his stance.

The human with his shield stretched forward flew in the air backward. And this human who couldn’t move from the shock, I ran over his head like the previous one. I stepped with more strength than before and the skull got smashed. The feeling of smashing the head by my feet excited me even more.

This time, unlike the three stupid humans I killed before, the man didn’t try to block with a shield but stretched his sword and stabbed toward my neck.

Yes, he is wiser than the previous humans. For a mere human whose strength is far weaker than an orc, even more to block my attack which is stronger than a common orc with a shield, you’d need at least 5 or 6 humans blocking together.That’s why it’s a wise move for a human who’s alone to at least try to make a scratch to my body if he’s gonna be die anyway.

His attack is quite sharp. It would have been dangerous if it was another brother. If it was. For me, it’s useless. I swung my right arm from the inner side to the outside and sweeped the sword. My arm got cut by the sword but it’s alright. Thanks to my thick and strong skin, the injury isn’t deep.

Because I sweeped the sword hard, the human lost his balance and his body’s right side was exposed in defenseless state. And so I swung my left hand with the axe and cut his neck. The head got detached from the body and flew in the air.

I stopped my advance for a moment and took the human’s head on the ground. It’s a human with rather high rank since he had more emblazoned equipements than the previous ones. I threw the head towards the humans. Humans falling back from fear was quite funny to see.


I spread my two arms and bawled. I could hear brothers’ battle cry as answer from every side. With the blood gushing out from the freshly-cut injury on my right arm, I smeared and rubbed my face.

Yes. This is it. Smearing the hot blood on my face makes it even more kindled. I can feel the heat burning my body. This feeling. It’s certain that the god of war Karok is watching me.

“I will prove my valor to Karok!”

I ran again. I ran past the single or group of two humans that were scattered because the formation collapsed. Scattered humans are weak. I cannot prove myself to Karok by killing such weaklings. My aim is the group of humans still in formation behind those scattered humans.

Humans are stronger the more they are united. If they are stuck closely to each other, shoulder to shoulder, and raise the shields, even an orc can be blocked. Even an orc’s hard and thick skin would be pierced when there’s dozens of swords stabbing from all sides.

That’s why there’s worth. Throw oneself into the strong foe. Orcs are hundreds of thousands. And a common battle is not enough to catch Karok’s eye among the numerous orcs.

I got closer and closer to the group of humans. There were dozens of shields and swords. The closer I got, the stronger the birr was and pressuring me. This feeling pressing my whole body… the feeling of death was getting closer.


My axe fell on the dozens of shields gathered like one and single shield.


The wall of shield trembled and shacked for a moment but soon gathered firmly again. Swords popped out between the wall of shields. They stabbed and cut my body. In an instant, about six injuries were deeply engraved on my body.


Yes. You must do at least this much. It’s dangerous and it hurts but it’s exciting. It’s fun. I could feel the Death coming closer but my Lord is watching where the smell of death is strong. O Karok, watch me. I, your creature, your son, and your warrior, offer you this fierce battle.


Swinging my axe, I threw myself again onto the wall of shields. It was still hard. It seems that it’ll be tough to destroy that strong wall alone. But from my surroundings, the bawling of my brothers could be heard. They were also warriors living to catch Karok’s attention. There’s no brother who avoided our Lord’s attention in fear of death.

Boom! Boom! Klung! Boom!

I could hear the sounds of brothers’ axe hitting the wall of shields. The wall trembled strongly.



Breathing was hard. Four swords were stuck on my body and I had about a hundred of injuries all over me. The blood I shed formed a pool and my arms holding the axe shaked.

I will die. Even the tough orc, and even for me who had this strong body among the orcs, it was hard to survive with this much injuries and loss of blood. But…


A laugh came out. It was fun. The me today was brave.Brothers were brave too, but I was times braver than them. I received most of the human’s swords, smashed most of the human’s shields, and killed the most humans. And I won.

More than 300 humans became corpses and were laid on the grass. Although they were of the weak human race, they were brave and tough. The number of the remaining brothers proved it. Only ten of brothers survived. There were about 100 of us at the beginning and more than 90 brothers died in this battle. And more than half of the remaining brothers will die, including me.

However, nobody felt sorrow nor sad. Rather, they felt happy. They met a powerful foe and won without falling back.


I bawled the cry of victory from the depth of my lungs. The few remaining brothers answered me.

The brother who died first certainly have joined Karok’s side. Because they were also brave. And some of the brothers will soon join Karok’s side as well. I will be one of those. I’ll probably go the closest to Karok. That’s why I’m happy. It’s fun to fight a war in his own life but it’s even happier to join Karok after death.

My legs shook, but I will never fall down on my knees. I will soon join Karok, so I want to meet our Lord proudly. Kneeling down will come later.

“Grakkar! Grakkar!”
“Grakkar! Grakkar!”

Brothers shouted my name repeatedly. Why? Is it because they’ve seen my valor?

“Grakkar, the one chosen by Karok!”

Chosen by Karok? That means…I quickly looked down on my body. Something like a red fog was slowly appearing and surrounding my body.


A laugh came naturally. It seemed like Karok wanted me to stay here and fight more war to entertain him. The red fog became thicker and my body almost couldn’t be seen as it was covered. And…

– You have been blessed by Karok.
You have ranked up from [Orc Warrior] to [Big Orc Warrior].
You obtained the skill “Karok’s sight”.

A voice could be heard. It was Karok’s messenger. When Karok’s blessing is given, his messenger conveys the message in his stead. It’s an honourable mission given to the orcs who got to the closest to our Lord. I will probably get this role later.

I could feel it. I was slowly absorbing the red fog and the swords stuck on my body were pushed out and fell to the ground. The injuries were healed up and my body was slowly getting bigger. A big body is sign of a big strength. I’m getting stronger.

“Gwaaaaaaah! I, the Orc Warrior Grakkar! I have received the Karok’s blessing!”

I made a cry of joy full of excitement. The brothers replied with a cry of congratulation.


– The morning sun is u~p! Waking up from the bed~. (*TL note: a song for children in Korea that feels weird when translated…)

With the clock alarm, Hansang opened his eyes.


An insult came out. There were reasons for it. He made that same fucking dream in succession. Moreover, it started from exactly where it finished the last time.

“What kind of dream is this?”

He could still feel the bliss he felt as an orc even now, after waking up. As if it wasn’t a dream but something that really happened just before in reality.

“It’s the first time I dreamt of something like this.”

Hansang raised his body and got out off his bed. If he had some spare time, he’d be resting until the aftertaste of the dream went away but he had no such time. Hansang slowly got the aftertaste away while preparing to go to work.

Like any men, Hansang finished washing in 5 minutes, quickly wore his clothes, and came out.

“What the…Damn.”

He got surprised seeing the blue, red, or white lights surrounding people’s body.

“Am I seeing weird things because of that strange dream or what…”

Hansang rubbed his eyes and looked at the people again, but the lights surrounding them were still there.

TL Note

Well…this is the last chapter I had in reserve…gotta translate another when I’ll have time and will 😀

This is a project I took just for fun and for myself. But yeah, I hope nobody declares war on me by snitching the project, this time.

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki
Proofreaders : Saihikawa

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