Lookism chapter 11

kcds c11 bp

Ah, Park Hyung Suk, bless his naive little heart  😀

His first big gathering with his bright and shiny new friends is in full swing now. Chapter 11, enjoy  🙂



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15 Replies to “Lookism chapter 11”

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  2. Izaya Zayoi

    656 followers on batoto and only one writes comment’s … mate’s help them with boosting their moral!!!! or give them money anyway~
    neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed moreeeeeeeeee * 3*

  3. C

    This is my favourite webtoon/comic/manga/manhua/anything at the moment. I really hope that the next chapter is coming soon. I’ve been skimming the Korean version but it’s not the same as understanding it. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanh

    Thanks for translating ! I read this manhwa in korean version last week by accident ans still waiting for next chapter, chapter 30 realeased till now. I reallly really love it, best manhwa i read read about school life without vampire or much supernatural, charaters is also very cute. It was been some months since this chapter update. Maybe you are busy but i hope you wont drop it T_T

    1. kobatochandaisuki

      Thank you for reading Lookism.
      As you may have guessed, I’m busy (I have my finals) so I couldn’t work on it at all.
      I deeply apologise for this matter and will be back with the next chapter ASAP.

  5. Shelly Summers

    Really loving this series and thanks for you hard work in making it available so we can all enjoy it! 🙂

  6. lilmos

    cant wait for next chapter, the last chapter is just agitated me so much, why he stay there for to long, he even drink alcohol
    just get the hell out of there asap

  7. blackfantasies_

    hello is there other links to download Lookism? Cuz I started recently and the only ones I couldn’t download was Ch 1 to 11…


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