Lookism chapter 55

Chapter 55

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14 Replies to “Lookism chapter 55”

  1. Annisa Rakhmadini

    Thank you kobatochan, I hope for your team to be always health, hehehe

    Anyway, umm… Park Tae Jun has another work beside Lookism, named “본격금연권장만화”. I think it has ended with only 10 chapters. From what I get when I read the raw, is this comic also about social problems just like Lookism? Hihii 😀

    In the end, I thank the hardworks you have done once again!

  2. Shironeki

    Not wanna be an asshole here but I’m dying for new chapter kobato-chwan! Please make new chapters the top of your to-do list! Oh and thanks for all the works you’ve done with this series. Really appreciate it!

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