Lookism chapter 62

Chapter 62

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19 Replies to “Lookism chapter 62”

  1. david

    Yesterday I discovered this manhwa and I am already up to date!
    I love it so much that I couldnt stop from reading it 🙂
    Thank you for all the hard work of translating this manhwa, if it wasn’t from u i will have never discovered it.
    Thanks to all the staff and keep it up ^^

    1. Sarah 혜민

      Lookism is actually from Naver’s Webtoons. So it’s not exactly called a manhwa, but a webcomic. Just wanted to let you know. 😊 You can check out the Webtoons app for more webcomics, but imo it’d be tough to find one as good as Lookism.

  2. May

    Thank you! Really appreciate all the hard work you guys do so all us English readers can enjoy Lookism as well. It’s often a thankless job, and I’m glad you guys are still translating.

    And Jaeyeol is such a sweetie. He is just too adorable haha. My bae.

    Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

  3. xoxo

    I very like this manhwa!
    This manhwa is very good and interesting
    And Park Taejoon, i admire you.
    Your draw is great.
    I still wait for the next chapter..
    Keep fighting~~

  4. 415

    Great chapter once again, are your download files attached with the music that occasionally comes with the chapter like it is with Batoto?


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