Lookism chapter 74

Chapter 74

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12 Replies to “Lookism chapter 74”

  1. Excited

    I have never been fast in these kind of things… I was about to sleep when my phone vibrated. I checked it immediately and saw there’s an update… And whoosh!! There I go….. Goodbye early sleeping schedule… It was worth it… Can’t wait for the next update. Nice work Author.

  2. Mr.Haiku

    Thank’s alot for the update!
    I still really miss the day’s where you released every week atleast 1 chapter …
    Please do that again if you want money.

  3. Alice

    I want that kind of man (Jin sung) in my life……like he’s so freakin Loyal to her😍😍😍 if guys like that in my life were only like the guys in Lookism

  4. funtomsblackrabbit

    I’ve been waiting for the next chapter for quite I while, I wonder if there is any way that I can read it raw at least. One of my favorite series, yet takes so long to get a new chapter.

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