Lookism up to the latest!!

Yes, you won’t believe me. Well, I’m in Korea now and very busy but this is second.

Lookism is now translated up to the latest chapter available!!!!!

Now the only thing left is the editing. Chapters are going at steady pace thanks to the editors! I can’t release them yet cuz I’m travelling and so…but they’ll come! don’t worry.


12 Replies to “Lookism up to the latest!!”

    1. Sindra

      I’VE BEEN READING GOD OF THUNDER ILY <3 thanks for your hard work
      on another note, thanks for your hard work kobato, I can't wait for this manhwa, I absolutely love it

  1. Eri

    Hi, I don’t mean to sound impatient, but around a week or two ago I sent in an application to join your team and never got a reply. I was wondering if you even received my email in the first place haha;; it wouldn’t be the first time that an email’s been lost.

  2. Dylan

    Hi!! I really appreciate you guys translating this webtoon. It’s just to good I am a huge fan now! ! I just wanna say keep up the good work and when will you be returning from Korea? I love you and your team for providing the translation ^^
    Thank you and have a safe trip!

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