[Edited][Must Read!] Lots of problem + about the ads

Hey guys, KCDS here…

So the site is going through a lot of problems due to me trying to fix all the problems here and there with the very limited ressources I have.

Please bear with this for a while as I’m trying my best to get things solved…

About the intrusive and redirecting ads, I think it should be better now but please write here as comment if problems still occur (write which device you use to access our site as well).
By the way, we did not put any ads that should redirect to another site. We only have ad banners.
If problem occurs, it must be those malicious ad companies that secretly put malicious codes to have a site redirect although it should not (that’s what I heard…).

EDIT: seems I get also when I click on a post for the first time, a redirect page comes out (srv.revdepo.c*m). I did a quick research on google and something very close to it: https://malwaretips.com/blogs/srv-clickfuse-com-removal/

So then it seems that (from what I understood) srv.revdepo or srv.clickfuse are malwares that are installed secretely in your pc or any other device. So yeah, I can’t really help it. You could still try to remove those by following the cleaning tutorials in that link above.

EDIT 2: For now, I’m trying to change ad network (using now propellerad and revenuehits) to something that could be better and less intrusive…anyway, I’m looking, I’m looking…

Thank you

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  1. sucahyo

    It seems that you use ads from clksite.com. It seems to be part of RevenueHits Ad Network.

    I try to lookup and there are people that have problem with revenue hits ads popup, even when they only include banner.

    My suggestion:
    make sure that you disable popup ads in your revenuehits setting.

    People with similar problem:
    Chloe Wise said:
    Thanks Peggy,
    But I’m talking about these annoying pop-ups.
    When I’m just opening my blog, then up from the head and footer and i can’t close them.
    Didn’t find any HTML gadget, but it was there on my layout. It seems they are hacking my blog design too.
    Thank you

    PeggyK said:
    Yes, I’m talking about the annoying popups too. Try removing all RevenueHits code from every post.

    The popups don’t happen on your blog pages that don’t have a RevenueHits banner.

    For example this page:I don’t see any popups on that page.

    My guess is that the banner code includes code that generates the popups.

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